10 rules for applying the anal tail

10 rules for applying the anal tail.

, 10 rules for applying the anal tail
Anal tail is a decorative anal plug with a fur part. Used for role -playing games, perfectly decorates the human body. But for the tail to serve for a long time, you need to use it correctly. There are 10 simple rules for using fur sex toys.

1. Thorough cleansing before the first use

Before the first use, it is important to disinfect a sex toy. It is necessary to process not only the submersible part, but also the fur. Make it medical solutions, for example, Miramistin. It is necessary to remove even invisible pollution from the surface, so that the use is safe. Sex toy in production could be in dust, manufacturers could pick it up. All these traces need to be removed.

2. Care for the submersible part

Since the anal tail is immersed in the anus, the cork can get dirty in grease and natural discharge. The immersion part must be cleaned after each use. It can be washed under running water, and then processed with a special Cliner for intimate goods. It will remove all bacteria from the surface. Suitable for cleansing and soft soap, but it is important to thoroughly wash it off the sex toy.

3. The tail washing

The fur during use may get dirty. Most often in lubricant. You can wash it under running water, and then dry the tail in the open air. It is better to hang it for drying. But once a month or two you need to wash it completely. To do this, a soft soap or shampoo is bred in the water, and a tail fits in the foam for 5-10 minutes. If there are strong pollution, you can go through it in the water with a sponge, but in the direction of the pile. After soapy water, the tail is dipped in clean water, and then wrapped in a towel to remove excess moisture. Dry, hanging. Then the tail can be combed. This type of cleaning is suitable for both natural and artificial fur., 10 rules for applying the anal tail

4. Need a lubricant

When buying anal tail, you need to immediately take care of the lubricant. Immersion in the anus should occur with grease, then the process will be pleasant, not painful. Lubrication protects the skin from injuries, makes sliding smooth and light. For all sex toys is suitable water -based lubricant. It is easily washed off the fur.

5. Correct introduction

Any anal plug must be introduced gradually. Leisurely movement will give strong excitement. If the cork is very large, then before diving the hole can be stretched with your fingers.

6. Correct wearing

Depending on the material, the tail in the body can only be a certain time. Silicone cork up to 6 hours in a row. Glass and metal up to 3 hours in a row. PVC, TPR is better to use no more than 2 hours. Over time, the cork needs to be removed, washed, and take a break in wearing at least 30 minutes. The anal tails are distinguished by the heaviness of the cork. Heavy items should not be used for many hours, they stretch the sphincter. It is better to choose light options for wearing.

7. Ponytail storage

The tail is recommended to be stored in a separate box or a special fabric cover. Dirt and dust should not fall on it. Fur does not tolerate the effects of direct sunlight. And if the tail is not used for several months, it needs to be removed and ventilated. And natural fur also loves mole. Therefore, in a bag for storage, you can put a remedy for moths. But it should not directly contact a sex toy. And after such storage, disinfection of the surface of the anal plug with the tail is required., 10 rules for applying the anal tail

8. Personal application

Anal tail is an individual sex toy. It cannot be transmitted to another person. Bacteria can be preserved on the surface, and this will lead to infection. The tail cannot be cleaned 100%, since the pile can deteriorate from hard products, so it is bought for each person separately.

9. Deformation of sex toys

If there is deformation on the surface of the submersible part, the tail for anal must be thrown away. Cracks, chips can injure the skin, so you need to immediately throw away the product. If the surface of the sex toy changes color, it is worth getting rid of it too. If the tail is cheap, made of poor -quality material, it can “deteriorate”. The presence of rust on metal, incomprehensible spots on PVC or TPR, which are not washed off, indicates the need to change the device.

10. Prohibition for use

It is forbidden to use any sex toys if there are intestinal diseases. With hemorrhoids, the rectal cracks cannot be used anal tail. And if after the past application there is discomfort, it is also worth waiting for the complete restoration of the body before the next use of the anal tail. 10 rules for applying the anal tail will make the game with it bright and fascinating, protect against unpleasant consequences.

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