22 tips for anal sex without pain. How to prepare and have anal sex to get

22 tips for anal sex without pain.

, 22 tips for anal sex without pain. How to prepare and have anal sex to get

Anal sex – This is a difficult topic for discussion: for some women this type of sex – taboo, others seem to be a kind of perversion, others have a negative painful experience completely. And yet, there are women who like anal sex, and therefore they regularly engage in them. And you can get to the number of these lucky ones, just following our advice.

1. Do not hurry

The key to the fact that anal sex will bring you pleasure is a long and high -quality prelude. You must be strongly excited before moving on to sexual intercourse. Moreover, before anal sex, it is advisable to experience one or more orgasms. So you will be relaxed both mentally and physically, which will allow you to minimize the possible negative from anal sex.

2. Wine and romance

Also, for relaxation, it will not hurt you to drink a glass of red wine (but no more!). Cozy twilight and romantic atmosphere will also help to tune in to a playful wave.

3. Do not be embarrassed

There is nothing strange or abnormal in anal sex and anal masturbation. This lesson can be a little non -hygienic and unusual, but it is not a perversion. Just get used to this thought and do not be embarrassed when it comes time to whine.

4. Hygiene and napkins

Perhaps you have to encounter pollution during anal joys. Therefore, hold the napkins at hand (dry or wet, not containing alcohol). Or use the secret of porn actresses: clean the intestines in advance.

5. New sensations

To relax the anus sphincter, massage the skin around. Combine such massage with masturbation, and you guarantee the sensation from it will like.

, 22 tips for anal sex without pain. How to prepare and have anal sex to get

6. Not all and not at once

First, your partner should learn to massage your anus, and you – feel comfortable at the same time. Only when you can not be shy in the presence of a partner and relax, you can proceed to a deeper stimulation.

7. Start with smaller diameter

Before letting a partner into a new place, set this territory using an object with a diameter less than that of a penis. It can be a finger or a special anal plug. Thus, you can get used to unusual sensations and facilitate the task for your partner.

8. Stell your lubricant

Since in the rectum, unlike the vagina, lubrication does not stand out, you will need a high -quality lubricant. The best choice – This is a water -based lubricant, since this type of lubricant is compatible with both condoms and adult toys.

9. You will need a condom…

Even if your pair with vaginal sex is not protected in any way, with anal, use the cond without fail! First of all, this is necessary for the health of a man, because microorganisms live in the rectum, which can lead to infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

10. …And not one

If you want to switch between anal and vaginal sex, do not forget to change the condom every time it happens «switching». This is all due to the same inhabitants of the intestines, whose presence is extremely undesirable in the vagina.

eleven. Clean hands…

Do not forget about the cleanliness of the fingers with such «switching». And in order not to constantly run to the bathroom, for anal stimulation, use medical latex glove.

, 22 tips for anal sex without pain. How to prepare and have anal sex to get

12. …And clean toys

It is also advisable to put on anal toys on anal toys. However, for some toys (for example, for anal beads) this is impossible, so such stimulants cannot be shared with others. And, of course, do not forget to wash or clean a sex toys with a special tool every time after use.

13. Under control

The first anal sex will be painless if you keep the process under control. Your partner must obey you implicitly, and you – Give the command to stop when you are unpleasant.

14. Request stop

Sex should bring pleasure, not pain. Remember that you can interrupt the process at any time, if it hurts you, and postpone anal sex until the next time.

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