6 poses for anal sex. From newcomers to professionals anal

6 poses for anal sex. From newcomers to professionals anal.

, 6 poses for anal sex. From newcomers to professionals anal

According to statistics, anal sex is rare even with the one who practices it. What can we say about pairs that are just thinking about new sensations. The first thing that bothers the Amators is poses. Which side to approach the partner, how to reduce her fears and experiences? Thanks to skillfully selected poses, anal sex will become a real reward for efforts on a sexual front. "Kamasutra" and experienced practitioners suggest how to start experiments and go up to a more difficult level.

Anal sex for "teapots"

  • Sexual games advise to start penetrating the anus with a small training, namely with fingers caresses. When partners are sufficiently excited, you can proceed to direct anal intercourse.
  • The very first pose for those who are just starting to master new territories should be a pose with a minimum penetration of the penis. A woman lies on her stomach and only slightly spreads her legs. A man, using a sufficient amount of lubrication, carefully enters it and begins to perform leisurely frictions. Than such a pose is good? The woman is relaxed, her partner leads the process, suspended, when necessary, she slains the pressure.
  • Another pose that is suitable for beginners – On the side. A woman herself can free the buttocks if necessary, control frictions. The man penetrates shallowly, then he moves back a little, penetrating even deeper during the subsequent push. Pose "On the side" good and what makes it possible for partners to caress each other freely. Such dense contact will bring a lot of pleasant moments to the couple.

Poses for lovers with minimal experience

If the partners have already had anal sex, except for the two of the above poses, you can master several new.

  • One of them, which is considered the most popular, is a knee-elbow position. The partner gets on his knees and rests on the elbow. The man carefully plants her on a member and begins to move slowly. Such a pose requires a certain level of trust in the partner. A woman who is engaged in anal for the first time, she can bring significant discomfort, since it is quite difficult to quickly free herself from her lover’s arms.
  • For those who liked the love joys of this plan, another option is suitable. A woman lies on her back, puts her legs on her shoulders to a partner. A man penetrates it, begins to make frictions, gradually gaining pace. The pose is well known, but also requiring experience. With an habit, it can be too painful, so you should not start a acquaintance with the world of anal pleasures.

, 6 poses for anal sex. From newcomers to professionals anal

For real anal sex aces

Over time, anal sex becomes familiar. When the standard poses have already fed up, it’s time to switch to a level above.

  • Advanced couples advanced in this business advise to try anal sex standing. A woman occupies a position near the wall or any horizontal surface, the man approaches from behind and enters her. It would seem easy to why this pose is in the section for experienced? The fact is that love making in a standing position require endurance and complete relaxation. This is available only to those who have already gotten anal sex.
  • The second pose for a good night – "woman on Top". It will be difficult for beginners to find the right angle of intercourse, for those who know the intricacies of anal sex, this will not be difficult. There are several options here. A man lies on his back, stretching his legs straight or bending them at her knees and pulling them to her, a woman squatting and introduces a penis into the anus. In the second version, the partner sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair. The woman sits at a successful angle and makes frictions herself. A partner can turn to his lover with both the face and back.

If you choose the right pose, anal sex will quickly become one of the vapor’s favorite activities.

The main thing is to rush events and study the technique of skill gradually, the level of level. Everything is purely individual, so someone should start with poses for newcomers, and more advanced poses will be happy with someone.

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