8 women about their experience of anal sex

8 women about their experience of anal sex.

"Pleasure passes through radiation through the whole body"

For some women, anal sex is a real cherry on the top of a sexual cake that adds pleasure to this to a pleasant process. However, others relate to this kind of proximity more prosaic – of course, it is worth trying, but the results are not so inspired, therefore, the continuation is most likely not.

If you have not yet decided on your attitude to anal sex, then you may be interested to hear the opinion of other women who have already done this.

“This truly strengthens relations with a partner.

The key to good anal sex is the presence of a partner to whom you completely trust! Which will make sure that you feel good. More lubricant, then start with a little finger, then you can use a cork… After proper preparation, the anal can be amazing! These are very sensual sensations. However, you must both want this. And if your partner is ready to wait and show tact and patience, then the incident will make your relationship truly intimate and trusting.” – Natalia 35 years old.

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