All about anal traffic jams for wearing

All about anal traffic jams for wearing.

Toys such as anal traffic jams are designed to add diversity to the sex life of both partners. Such stimulants can be conditionally divided into several types or categories, one of which will be traffic jams for wearing. They differ in compact dimensions that allow them to use them for a long time, and also remain invisible to others. Anal traffic jams every day allow the sphincter to get used to the penetration and finding an outsider inside it. This will help to relax the intimate muscle during anal sex. The most comfortable for long -term wearing is the cape of the drop -shaped form with a special restrictive basis. On the one hand, such a form will not allow the plate to plunge into the anus completely, and on the other, it will not allow you to easily jump out with active movements during the day.

With prolonged use, the cork actively stimulates all the internal and external areas of the anal zone, causing unusual and pleasant sensations. While walking, sitting, rest – the impact will be different, which means that the pleasure will be felt differently. It would be a big error to consider anal traffic jams only to a female accessory! With the same (possibly even great) success, men can be used by them. Indeed, unlike the delicate half of humanity, they have a prostate, the stimulation of which causes very powerful pleasant sensations. Regular massage of the prostate area positively affects not only an erectile function, but also the state of health of the body as a whole.

Anal traffic jams are not recommended to wear without a break for more than six hours. Firstly, to the sphincter, like any muscle, it is necessary to relax and recover. Secondly, the question arises of personal hygiene. Well, thirdly, with overly long regular effects, sensations can be dulled, after which it will be necessary to use more stimulants. The sizes of anal cork should be selected experimentally. For beginners, you can recommend starting with products with a length of not more than 6 cm and with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm in a wide part. You should not make the final conclusion about the sensations in the first minutes – you have to listen to your body for a couple of hours, remember? Gradually, the dimensions can be increased by relying on how comfortable you feel. The main thing is to do it gradually.

Anal stimulants are produced from a wide variety of materials, each of which has its own set of qualities. Of the main types of material, you can distinguish: plastic, rubber, medical silicone, metal and glass. The first two are rarely distinguished by quality and are the cheapest. It is not recommended to use plastic and rubber products for a long time. Silicone accessories-perhaps the most balanced in price-quality accessibility. However, the most hygienic, durable and preferred option is anal traffic jams made of metal and glass. Let their apparent rigidity not scare you – a carefully developed anatomical form perfectly copes with the stimulation of the sensitive zones of the anus, while remaining safe. An important issue when using anal traffic jams was, is and will be the choice and use of lubrication! Unlike the vagina, the anus is not adapted to isolate natural lubrication, so this moment can be neglected in any case! It is recommended not to save on lubricants, taking care of comfort and safety with prolonged anal stimulation. However, you should take into account a couple of important points. Water -based lubricants are perfect for any type of sex, including anal. They are hypoallergenic, provide prolonged sliding and pleasant moisture and do not leave traces on clothes. Their main disadvantage regarding the subject of discussion of this article can be considered their volatility – they dry out quickly enough, so that the lubricant will have to be re -allegedly applied.

For anal penetration and stimulation, silicone -based lubricants are more suitable. They differ in a thicker consistency and retain their properties for a much longer time. However, when using silicone lubricants, you should be attentive to spots on things.

It is worth paying attention to lubricants on a hybrid water-silicone basis. As the most modern version of lubricants, they combine the best qualities of both of them.

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