Anal plug: Secrets of a successful purchase

Anal plug: What secrets do you need to know for a successful purchase.

Healthy sexual life without embellishment is a source of positive emotions, class mood and typical self -esteem. How sexologists relate to the use of sexual toys, what benefit can sex with anal traffic? Reviews of experts are unnecessary time confirm the dilapidated truth – the extremes of Pagubna in everything. It is not worth replacing sex extraordinary toys, however, if there is no probability of establishing regular sex life, this is a good choice.

From the fact that the notorious actually worsens the quality of life, sexologists recommend overcoming it a little. Too cool actions increase the likelihood of acquiring a negative skill. The positive application of the anal plug is liberated and gives the likelihood to expand the probability to acquire pleasure.

What is anal traffic jam in our online store for adults

What are used for ? They are made to stretch the anus. Their use brings pleasure to the person who uses them. Enough of the anal traffic jams are used to prepare for sex. Traffic jams are allowed to buy various sizes in girth and length

For example, balls that are occasionally called «Thai balls», These are several balls united by a rope or a cord with a huge ring at a different end (to prevent slipping to the rectum). Occasionally, balls are small at the end, and their size is silent to the base

How to try to get pleasure from anal traffic jam

To achieve an unthinkable orgasm and get a sea of pleasure from sex is allowed by stimulation of the anal zone rich in nervous endings. The physiological structure of the rectum does not provide for natural lubrication, and therefore the anal needs special preparations for the entry of a member or dildo.

The toy is a small object of a drop -shaped shape with a tip that prevents too deep penetration. For special piquancy, toys are decorated with feathers, rhinestones and even fur ponytails.

They perform products from absolutely any material: rubber, latex, silicone or even cyberc, but traffic jams made of metal and gel are especially famous. Due to their smoothness, they glide excellently and heat up rapidly to body temperature.

In order to avoid injury, cliffs and cracks in the rectum, for the first skill, it is more difficult to prefer a small toy. Loor to increase the diameter is allowed using an inflatable model with a vacuum pump.

Vibration things are very popular. Do not confuse them with vibrators made not easy for muscle stretching, but for full -fledged sexual intercourse for the acquisition of orgasm.

The main mission is the stimulation of the sphincter zone and muscle relaxation to prepare them for sexual intercourse. True use of the toy does not cause any health damage and delivers a lot of positive emotions.

With the help of this seemingly unpretentious device, it is allowed to carry out a prostate massage procedure, this will enhance sensuality and help increase male potency, and also become a wonderful prevention of prostatitis.

Before use, wash the product in warm water with soap and dry perfectly. Lubricate the cork itself and the anal hole with a solid lubricant, welcome, on a silicone basis. Such lubricants provide a long result of moisturizing and do not need to frequent updating.

When entering, move as it is allowed more, the muscles will not get used to the feeling of fullness. Show fantasy and be able to enjoy the most brilliant orgasm in your life. Late of contact, do not forget to process the plug with a disinfectant.

Buy anal plug and figure out how it works

Today we will deviate a little from the topic of our site and talk about amazing sex toy, which allows many to know new, previously not experienced sensations. Many have heard more closely about such a variety of sexual satisfaction, but a little who guessed, then this is and how to use it. We will try to cover this adaptation in detail so that you have a distinct idea of this sexy toy, which is considered one of the most famous in our time.

Closely a long time ago, people realized that stimulation of the anus brings pleasure no less than ordinary sexual intercourse. But stimulation in itself is a laborious process and for it it is necessary to make certain body movements.

Everyone probably noted that certain glorious sensations can bring not only stimulation, but a primitive finding of something in the anus, without any movements. The acquisition of pleasure is achieved due to the stretching of the anal muscles, which are one of the erogenous zones of our body.

Considering the above and a cork for anal was invented – a device that is realized in the rectum, stretching the muscles, thereby acting on erogenous zones. The cork is still called a plug, because it performs the function of plucking the anus.

Progress does not stand still and at the moment the eyes scatter from the abundance of models. You can find all types and all sizes and choose something definite for yourself. The main difference in traffic jams is the presence or lack of vibration. Let’s say right away that it is more cool to purchase a plug with vibration – the cost does not much exceed ordinary, and the results and pleasure are much more huge.

There is also a huge number of different types and models, the fantasy of toy developers knows no boundaries. The main thing that the huge selection of varieties gives you the superiority in choosing a model that is suitable for you completely.

The plug is often used during sex, both a man and a woman. This is done to enhance the sensations of pleasure. The feeling of completeness of the anus during sex absolutely changes all the perception. An orgasm with an inserted toy is much brighter, and for men all the more, because it accidentally stimulates the prostate gland, which in itself is suitable and gratifying. This adaptation can diversify your bored sex life, exclusively when both companions use it at the same time.

The primitive wearing of her inside becomes also now. It is easily inserted, and do their daily deeds. Drive a car, go to the store, walk, sit at the computer. An additional surge of excitement will not hurt anyone, exclusively before meeting with your sexual partner. Acting on erogenous zones, the cork warms you up, preparing for sexual intercourse.

For those who have a strapon sex, this probability of anal plug will be fascinating. Everyone understands that the rear passage before he is strap -up, you need to prepare. This intimate toy is engaged in this if it is inserted first before sexual intercourse. In a few hours, she will relax the muscles of the anus and a distant stapon sex will bring one pleasure, without languid training.

Where to start understanding anal traffic jams to purchase

Firstly, this is the size. If you are a beginner and your ass has never accepted anything. Then you should immediately exclude large sizes from your choice. They will suit you in the final too, but you will get tormented with them before. The rectum of every person can accommodate huge dimensions, but this requires training and skill. So we advise you to select small and medium diameters from 2 to 4 centimeters. All that is huge, from 4 to 7 I belong to huge sizes. I really repeat that it is individual and the spaciousness and elasticity of everyone has their own. Marly 7 cm is more closely giants and for such traffic jams you need to have anal sex skill for more than 2 years.

Secondly, you need to choose the necessary. If you are not going to go out with her anywhere and you will use it alone, then we advise you to take it with vibration. You can relax, catch a buzz, restore vibrations, nothing will distract you from your intimate classes.

If you plan to have sex with an inserted traffic jam, then there will be no up to vibration. You need a simple cork, not a huge amount. Many choose traffic jams with different rhinestones. It looks great, your companion will be gloriously amazed when caressing you to find such beauty in your ass. It’s all greater than if he came across an ordinary plastic plug there there.

Basic reviews on the topic – "Buy anal plug"

One of the most famous toys of a sexual disposition is an anal traffic jam. Users reviews about this specific subject come various, but mostly benevolent. We will see the question in more detail, tea even in a tickling sprawl of life is necessary for true and objective information.

I like it to critics either not, but anal sexual intercourse exist, like caresses of the anus. However, the physiological device of the sphincter of the rectum does not provide for a trouble -free and painless invasion from the outside, in the difference from the genital organs of the woman. Nevertheless, the delicate stimulation of the anus delivers pleasure. A lot of nervous endings are focused there, and liberated partners did not want to neglect the likelihood of enjoyment.

It is the anal traffic jam that is used as an aid. Reviews of this toy indicate that later the use of such a sexual accessory, natural pleasure from sexual intercourse becomes more complete, and enjoyment is more brilliant. Due to this simple object, it is allowed to prepare the body for anal-genital contact, stretch and relax the muscles, prevent the likelihood of acquiring an injury and a negative sexual skill.

The variety of choice can make frighteningly. Referes in sex shops confirm that some of the visitors are retreated from the store at the sight of the widest choice. What to focus on when choosing such a specific product as anal plug? Reviews, recommendations of friends and friends, advertising? Apparently, one and the other, plus healthy sense will be needed.

You should not confuse the cork and stimulant: these are different things, they differ in shape and purpose. For friction movements that cause sexual excitement, anal stimulants that have a realistic or abstract phallic form are used. Of course, with a certain tier of the skill, the same movements and for the same purpose are allowed to make the support of the cork, but it is prepared for another goal, namely, to stretch and relax the muscles of the sphincter, to create a sense of full intestine.

What form should be anal plug? The reviews indicate that the cone -shaped form allows you to carefully and slowly enter the product into the anus, slowly and carefully stretching the tightly compressed muscles of the sphincter. It is as a result of this that it is possible to avoid such unpleasant consequences as cracks or cliffs. Figure protrusions, which are equipped with some traffic jams, are necessary to massage the prostate in men or to give some piquancy in sex in women.

For a beginner, the dimensions of anal traffic jams must be minimal. This is the case when hasty will bring nothing, except for damage. In special sets of several products, manufacturers offer several traffic jams of various diameters. Start invariably more excellent with the most tiny and thin.

There are other options, say, inflatable anal plug. Customer reviews about this model are mostly enthusiastic. The probability of little by little to increase the diameter of the cork during the application permits to avoid horror and stress. The largest sizes are chosen by connoisseurs of extreme pleasures, but for this it is necessary to know coolly the probability of your own body.

Anal cork is made from:

Anal traffic jams are made of silicone, rubber, glass, special solid gel, metal, plastic. All materials differ from each other in varying degrees of density and elasticity, which is investigated and tangled in the case. Thermal conductivity is of significant importance. It is more convenient when the product is rapidly heated to body temperature, say, a metal anal plug. Reviews just indicate this quality, as the right poll.

There should be no seams and grooves from shape on a solid product than cheap plastic models sin. Firstly, it is traumatic, and secondly, it is more difficult to care for such a product. All -lit products are made from silicone and cyber -kozhi, gel devices are approvingly shown in practice – they are smooth and combined with a solid lubricant slope excellently.

1st skill of anal traffic jam

In the first application, it is perhaps better not to trust the partner, but to introduce it selflessly, preferring the smallest diameter. It is certainly necessary to treat the product with an antibacterial agent and dry, use a lubricant on a silicone basis. The sphincter muscles slowly get used to stretching, it is generally not necessary to rush. It is necessary to provide a peaceful convenient atmosphere, take a comfortable pose, only in this case it will be likely to evaluate whether you like it or dislike as a sexual toy anal plug. Reviews of girls who followed the instructions confirm that if everything is done correctly, there is a glorious and exciting feeling. More cancel than everyone to combine the 1st skill with the stimulation of other erogenous zones. This will help to focus on yourself.

Some clients acquire toys for continuous or periodic use in traditional life, that is, later they are dressed and engaged in everyday affairs. Not any anal plug is suitable for this. How to walk with her and which model to prefer? First of all, it is necessary not to get excited with the size and prefer such a form, so that it reliably holds in the body, does not slip out and does not fall out. The fixer is indispensable, the one that does not allow the toy to slip out large in the rectum, opposite the product will be difficult to extract.

What to do with anal traffic after use

After applying, the toy must be strictly washed, even if a condom was used. To do this, it is more difficult to buy a special tool that does not destroy silicone, does not overdry cyber-leather and at the same time reliably disinfects the surface of the product.

There is another recommendation to obtain a lubricant to use a toy such as anal plug. Reviews of women who have tried various options converge mainly – more cancellation not to abuse aromatized means. The too annoying smell of strawberries or chocolate indicates that in the composition of an excess of synthetic flavors, this is a dangerous composition for applying to the mucous membrane. When using one toy for two, it is more cool to use condoms, this allows you to protect against unpleasant consequences.

For many people, even the idea of anal sex is so taboo that toys to stimulate the anus are understood as something shameful and even perverted. However, this is a personal business of the whole person. Until you impose anything else for people and follow the elementary rules of privacy, you have the right to deliver enjoyment by any method.

Anal plug can also serve as a decoration, no matter how embarrassing it may sound. Now there are models where there is a thickening with a huge rhinest. At the same time, it is characterized by modest sizes, the investigative model is suitable for everyday toe or erotic game. Correct reviews about anal traffic with rhinestones prove that many customers are sensual to the sensory side of life without unnecessary complexes.

What doctors say

Do not ignore the judgment of doctors such as proctologists, these experts who are engaged in the health of the rectum, and they are brought to extract diverse third -party objects from there. In addition to the fact that the situation is quite curly and embarrassing (tea is brought to the clinic and somehow explain the essence of the task), it is simply unsafe. Doctors talk about glass jars and bottles, fragile plastic or cracked wooden objects. They are primitively allowed to injure the walls of the rectum, and faulty attempts to extract the subject can lead to terrible results.

Also, proctologists do not recommend using vaginal toys to stimulate the anus. Many of them do not have a limiter, the one that prevents the slipping of the object deep into the intestines, which is consequently more cool not to use them. But anal toys, the form and design of which are developed taking into account physiological features, do not cause any objections among doctors. The main one at the same time follow the rules of hygiene, let it be even an anal plug for wearing. Proceedings reviews are purely neutral.

What gives anal plug

Stimulation of the emotional anal area leads to strong excitement, and gives new sensations during sexual contact. In the modern world, sex industry represents different anal traffic jams made in order to give a fantastic erotic pleasure.

The anal toy slowly and neatly is introduced into the anus, as a result of which gives the highest feeling of fullness, and light stretching from the inside. It is used for intimate games, as well as to prepare for anal sex.

All anal signs differ among themselves: different lengths and diameter, manufacturing material, shape. In addition, they differ in the gender sign (for men or women), as well as the goal – continuous wearing or sexual games.

You need to find out which types and models can be bought, and how they differ? And also find out how to apply and what rules of use exist?

Sex industry does not stand still, and from the variety of models, not only wakes up the desire to experiment and try something new, but also eyes scatter.

The main difference of all these things is the presence or lack of vibrational result. In autonomy from what length or what is its diameter – 7 cm or 8 cm, it is more excellent to purchase with vibration.

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