Anal plug: what is anal plug and how to use?

Anal plug: what is anal plug and how to use?.

Anal traffic jams are one of the types of toys that can be used to stimulate the anus. To many, anal game and penetration give great pleasure due to the concentration of nerve endings, proximity to the prostate (male zone G) and the female zone G, two very pleasant areas.

Often anal traffic jams have an oblong -shaped romboid shape or mall, which are held by the sphincter muscles in the anus. The muscles are compressed around the toy, and the wide base does not allow the toy to go out or go too deep. They are inserted (do not slide inside and out, like other toys) and provide a feeling of pressure and filling, allowing to stimulate other parts of the body and penetrate them. The sphincter reacts to anal cork by compressing and unclenching, which can give increased pleasure. Anal plugs can even have vibrating functions, be textured or curved to ensure additional stimulation of the prostate and the female zone G, enhancing the orgasm.

Anal traffic jams differ in length, diameter and material, so those who want to try them have many options to study. Those who have less experience in anal stimulation can first consider the possibility of using narrower anal traffic jams before gradually turn to larger toys. The beginning with manual stimulation of the anus can help a person relax, inserting a well -lubricated anal cork, preventing the rupture or irritation of sensitive anal tissue. The use of a condom with anal traffic jam can also help avoid the entering microbes or bacteria into the anus if the toy is used together with a partner (although it is strongly recommended not to use toys together, especially from porous materials).

It is very important to wash and disinfect any sex toy after each use. Although there are many options, it is recommended to use metal and silicone toys, since they easily wash and do not leave bacteria. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, supple, durable and holds heat, which can increase pleasure. To clean silicone or metal toys, you can place them in boiling water for five to ten minutes, place them in a dishwasher or rinse manually with hot water and soap. You can also use special tools to cleanse sex toys.

For those who consider the use of anal traffic jams, discussing options and desires with their partner is an excellent first step. Visiting a sex toys or online store store can also help find the perfect cork that will definitely suit you.

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