Anal pump: What is anal to the same and how to use?

Anal pump: What is anal to the same and how to use?.

Anal pump (hereinafter by AP) is a special vacuum device that serves to expand the anus, as well as to give the external sphincter the shape of the labia (anal rose).Anal rose is a controlled anal prolapse (rectum loss).

The use of the pump can be sufficiently traumatic, so this device should be approached with special caution and preparation. Do not use AP if you have problems with the pelvic organs, hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum.

Vacuum pumping provides an increase in blood circulation to various parts of the body where you place the source of vacuum. Pumps are not recommended for people who have never had anal sex.

Inexperienced use of anal devices can be an obstacle to an attempt to use AP, since you should already understand your body’s reaction to anal stimulation and be prepared to completely control the situation.

It is worth noting that such a practice can cause hemorrhoids, as well as weaken the internal and external sphincter.

But if you are ready for a similar experiment, then preparing for it is easy enough. First of all, before using AP, it is necessary to shave hair in the anus zone. This will allow the vacuum cylinder to have a good seal between the anus and the cylinder.

Next, you need to apply a little lubricant to the edge of the vacuum flask. Firstly, this will help create a sealed seal between the cylinder and the skin. Secondly, this will prevent the appearance of pain. After that, you should place and hold the vacuum cylinder over the anus. Turn on the vacuum pump (or tighten the piston) with your free hand to remove air from the cylinder. When the anus is already slightly sucked, you can leave the flask for a while. Thanks to this, the anus will take a little swell and increase in size.

Should always follow the instructions.

If the pump is inflated when used, it is necessary to carefully monitor this. If you do not calculate the force, it can burst. Anal pump can be replaced with vacuum pump for nipples, which has the ability to regulate absorption by turning the handle.

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