Anal sex – can you end inside?

Anal sex – can you end inside?.

, Anal sex – can you end inside?

What will happen if sperm enters the intestines? Is it dangerous for health? How and when it is removed from the body? All answers to questions — about where to end with anal sex.

Where to finish with anal sex

During anal sex, you can cum inside the body or have time to take out and finish on the body of the partner. Of course, the first option causes more pleasant sensations. But is it harmful?

Sperm — This is a safe liquid, consisting of amino acids. It is safe for a person, does not cause a negative reaction when entering the body. Exceptions are possible with individual intolerance, but it is very rare.

Getting into the intestines, it does not harm. And her the amount does not exceed 2 tablespoons, This is very little, less than the volume of the enema used to cleanse the intestines before sex.

, Anal sex – can you end inside?

How to get out sperm from the anus

Ejaculant is a powerful laxative. After entering the body, after 5-10 minutes, the urge will appear to empty the intestines. And everything that got inside will be bred naturally. No washing after sex will not be required. Everything will be displayed quickly and easy.

But it is important not to use anal sex if a person has a constipation. Such an experience will not help get rid of the problem, but can only aggravate it. For problems with the intestines, it is not recommended to practice anal at all.

Safety regulations

You can end inside. But only this is not entirely safe. This practice is relevant between partners who know each other well and trust. After all, together Many infections can be transmitted with sperm. Therefore, it is important for unfamiliar people to use a condom.

It is important to understand that with anal sex, the probability of microtrauma is very high. And through these holes, infection may occur. Only barrier contraceptives help protect against this.

, Anal sex – can you end inside?

There is another danger: with anal without latex Bacteria from the intestines can get into the urethra. And this can easily lead to inflammation. This is very unpleasant, treated for a long time and causes a lot of negative emotions.

Inflammation in the urethra can manifest after the first anal experience, and maybe only after many practices. And it is very difficult to protect against it. And if anal sex without a condom has occurred, it is recommended to empty the bladder so that the stream of urine removes the remnants of the discharge from the uric canal.

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