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With the problem of pain during anal sex and after it are faced with many. Sensations can be sharp or barely noticeable, but always cause discomfort. Why does the pain occur with anal, how to avoid it? What if the body hurts after the process? There are simple tips that will help to avoid such sensations.

What is the pain of anal?

Conditionally, all pain can be divided into 2 large categories. They are seriously different, and each has its own approach and methods of avoiding.

  • Pain during anal sex. Often related to incorrect actions. She is a signal that something is going wrong, a stop is needed. If there is blood, you need to stop. In other cases, freeze and wait, if the pain passes, you can continue, but much harder and with a lot of lubricant.
  • Pain after anal. Sometimes occurs immediately after the process, sometimes after a few hours. Can pursue a person constantly or manifest only while going to the toilet. The sensations are different: pulling, pulsating, burning, itching, etc. These experiences indicate an injury, and in some situations you need to consult a doctor in order to completely eliminate the consequences.

You can cope with any pain, but it must not be drowned, but to eliminate the cause.

Why does the pain happen during anal?

There can be a lot of causes of pain in the anus area, but there are the most common. It is important to exclude them so that sex gives only pleasant experiences.

  • Little lubricant. The lubricant can dry, and then contact becomes painful. Movements injure the skin, and this is unpleasant. It is important to ensure that the gel is enough, and if it evaporates, add it constantly.
  • Incorrect lubrication. If you use saliva, petroleum jelly or other improvised means, there may also be pain. They are not intended for such contact, can cause inflammation when the body enters. And in the process they do not always provide smooth sliding and protection, therefore there are terrible sensations. Always use high -quality lubricant created specifically for sex, it is affordable for everyone.
  • Anus is poorly prepared. The stretching was not carried out correctly, the anus is not stretched, so any attempt to penetrate causes pain. The hole must be expanded by introducing fingers or sex toys. Smooth and gradually an increase is necessary that the member later comes in smoothly and accurately. This stage of preparation does not need to be missed, and sometimes it leaves a few experiments so that contact happens without negativity.
  • Strong voltage of the host. If a person is afraid, it is very difficult for him to relax. And even if the ass is already “stretched out”, a sphinct occurs during the immersion of the penis, the sphincters are compressed. And this is a huge resistance of the body that causes terrible sensations. Distrust, fear, doubts cause such cramps. And sometimes reflexes work. In such a situation, it is important for a person to get used to anal caresses. Anal traffic jams help, they are used during the prelude, often worn inside, so that it is not scary and painful. You can insert a sleeve for every sex, it will only serve as a complement to ordinary caresses. At the same time, you do not need to encroach on the anus. In 1-2 weeks, the subject inside will no longer cause such an intense reaction, it will be familiar.

, Anal sex | Does it hurt? Sensations | If anal hurts
In addition to pain, there may also be another unpleasant sensation in the process – the urge to defecate. It seems to a person that he wants to go to the toilet, and this distracts from receiving pleasure. This is a reflex reaction of the body on the subject in the anus, it will pass after 5-10 anal experiments.

Why does the pain happen after anal

If the anus hurts after anal sex, then there was an injury. It can be minimal, and this is not dangerous for health, but it can be significant. What violation options cause burning, itching and difficulties with defecation?

  • Cracks. Are often found, thin skin with intense movements is injured. If 1-2 days an anus is felt when you sit down, it’s not scary. But if there is constant itching or pain, this is a sign of severe damage. It is worth buying a healing ointment in a pharmacy.
  • Gaps. If the pain is very sharp, it is difficult to go to the toilet, and the sensations are constant, it can be a large crack or break.Healing takes time and special medicines. Sometimes the surgeon sews up the fabric, so the consultation is necessary. It is perfect to go to the proctologist, but if he is not nearby, any surgeon will be able to make a diagnosis.
  • Infection. If the infection has fallen into cracks, the inflammatory process begins. The pain on the first day is almost invisible, but then increases, becomes intrusive. This is a sign of infection. The faster you visit a specialist, the better. Sensations will intensify, so you do not need to postpone treatment. This is not always a sexual infection, just something from the feces can get into a mini wound, and this can already cause infection. Treated quickly, but only after consulting with a doctor.

What to do with pain after anal? Observe if it intensifies over time, go to the hospital. If it decreases, just wait, small wounds will drag on themselves. At the same time, it is important to abandon anal sex if there is discomfort after the last time. There should be a complete recovery to try anal again.

Useful accessories to eliminate pain in anal experiments

To give anal sex orgasms, you need proper preparation. And there are special accessories that make what is more pleasant. Their use is recommended for beginner and experienced users to avoid cracks and tears, to prevent any unpleasant sensation.

  • Anal lubricants. Luburbicants are created to protect the skin. They are safe for humans, can get inside without causing negative consequences. With them, the skin is easier to stretch, all objects are introduced smoothly. Lubrices for anal are on water and silicone -based water and silicone. To make it more pleasant to have fun, many lubricants have a pleasant aroma, interrupting the smell of the body.
  • The lubricants are painkillers. Special lubricants helping to relax. They do not reduce sensations, but allow you to feel the receiving side of themselves much better. The pain is not completely removed, the control is maintained, but the passage of sphincters is very easy. Special components in the composition begin to act 5-10 after application, so it is better to use lubrication in advance.
  • Anal traffic jams. Special sex toys that prepare anus. The cone -shaped shape gradually expands the passage. When performing progressive movements, it will be possible to develop a hole to the desired size. Sometimes several bushings are used: they start with minimal, then take the model larger, and the last largest cork. The diameter can be from 1 cm. It is convenient to buy a set of stimulants of different diameters.
  • Anus stimulants. Devices imitating the phallus with a limiter at the base. Massage the anus, allow you to experience all the charms of anal penetration. Often have a small circle. You can first give pleasure to a small sex toy, and then go to the introduction of the penis. This is also a great solution for anal masturbation. The presence of vibration will only increase pleasure.

Sex toys and intimate cosmetics for anal sex is very useful. The more correctly the preparation is carried out, the more pleasant sexual intercourse. And with such objects the initial stage passes perfectly, and this prevents pain.

When anal is dangerous and precisely causing pain

There are contraindications for anal sex. If you ignore them, such contact will bring only pain, not pleasure. It is important to know about situations where you need to abandon such practice.

  • Intestinal diseases, including hemorrhoids. Any diseases are a contraindication. A strong misconception is that people think that such contact “accelerates blood” and saves from hemorrhoids. After such an experience, it only gets worse.
  • Inflammation of the urine system. Any problems in this area must be treated, and until complete healing it is not necessary to practice anal.
  • Constipation and diarrhea. This is also evidence that the intestines work incorrectly, and physical stimulation can only worsen the situation.
  • Anal cracks and tears. If injuries have already happened, repeating sex is prohibited until complete healing. You need to wait until the body is completely restored.

It is worth having anal sex only in those days when the host partner feels good when there are no problems with the chair. Good health helps to relax., Anal sex | Does it hurt? Sensations | If anal hurts

Questions about pain in anal sex

Experiencing the anus can carry some discomfort, but this is not a sharp pain, but smooth, bordering with pleasure. This is a feeling that excites, not tormenting. The presence of a sharp pain is a signal that something is done incorrectly, a sign about the necessary stop. Therefore, there should not be pain.No, anal sex is not its cause. But if there is a predisposition, if there are “knots” in the area of sphincters, anal can worsen the condition. That is why to do such types of sex with intestinal disease is prohibited.After anal sex, the pain is felt in the anus area. Inside, pain can be very rare, since there are almost no sensitive endings inside the intestines. If suddenly something is rarely ill, you need to see a doctor. Internal injuries cannot be diagnosed independently, they need to be excluded.Blood occurs with deep cracks or breaks. And the pain may indicate the occurrence of small wounds that do not bleed. If unpleasant sensations appear, do not wait for blood, pause. Check if there is enough lubrication. If it does not hurt at a stop, you should try to continue. But if the pain is manifested again, you need to stop experience.Any coercion is violence. A person in the right to manage his body. You have the right to refuse without even indicating the reason. Physical and moral coercion to such actions is prohibited, violation can be punishable by the Criminal Code.There is no correct answer. Doctors claim that such contact is not dangerous for health if there are no contraindications. But it is worth agreeing to the act if after last experience there is no pain. If the anus is not burning, inconvenience, tingling, you can practice again. Suppose anal contact several times a week.The difference can be in diameter. If the member is more than the traffic jam, then you just need to devote more time preparation. And the cork also has a very narrow leg, and when the device is inside, the anus does not expand much. Long prelude and a greater expansion will only enjoy.

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