Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctly

Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctly?.

Anal sex allows you to diversify sexual life and sometimes gives even more pleasure than vaginal. However, not every couple is engaged in them. Why? Because the stereotype is firmly sitting in my head that it is unpleasant, painful and dirty.

How to prepare for anal sex? How to correctly and how often can you deal with it? How to prepare for the first time and how to do everything cleanly and painlessly? Read the answers to the most exciting questions.

Preparation for anal sex includes several stages

  • You must be morally ready for this. The desire to do anal – It must be mutual. No need to agree to this just because your boyfriend wants it. It is unacceptable to have anal sex under the pressure of manipulations. As soon as interest becomes mutual – Thus thoroughly discuss with the partner the boundaries of the permitted that the process leaves behind only pleasant emotions.
  • , Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctlyStudy theory. Before practicing anal sex – You need to know some theoretical aspects that do not show in porn films. This article will be your instructions and a wand-wand when preparing.
  • Stock up with a lubricant. Remember! In no case should you have anal sex without lubrication. This can injure delicate tissues and lead to microcracks. Next, we will tell you which grease is better to use for anal sex.
  • Physically prepare anus for penetration. In order for the process to be clean, you can make an enema. And special sex toothpower will help to relieve stress and relax.
  • Before you try anal with a partner, you can make a mastery alone and understand how much it excites you.

In the process of preparation, it is also important what exactly you will do for the purity of the process.

The easiest – this is to go to the toilet in advance and wash it well before sex. This may be enough to avoid unpleasant situations. However, at the psychological level this will be not enough. To remove the remnants of the discharge and feel more confident –We advise rinse the intestines using an enema or anal shower.

How to make an enema before anal sex

The usual, small pear 200-300 ml is suitable for this. This volume is quite enough to finally remove the remains of feces from the walls of the intestine. You can fill the enema with ordinary warm water or chamomile infusion, which will not only clean, but also relieve irritation and stress.

We recommend lubricate the anus and the tip of the enema with a special lubricant for a comfortable entry. Pouring liquid is most convenient in the pose sideways. So, the angle of entry becomes straight and the solution gets to where you need.

There is nothing wrong with the enema. On the contrary, it will make you more confident in yourself and in a positive outcome of sexual intercourse.

How to have anal sex correctly? A few simple tips

If you suddenly hurt you, you need to stop immediately. It will not work to endure. But get an injury – easily.

Fingers and member stimulation – These are different things. If you have developed everything with your fingers, but the member is not included – Do not try to squeeze it inward by force. Add more lubricant, massage the hole and try again.

Anal sex should be done in condoms. Yes, you can’t get pregnant like that, but get an infection – Easy to. In the anus, a specific microflora, contact with which, causes inflammation of the urethra in men. There are special thick condoms for anal sex that must be purchased.

In case of blood, stop the process. Blood – The indicator of the appearance of a crack.

Compliance with the listed rules will avoid unpleasant and painful consequences during sex.

, Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctlyHow often you can have anal sex

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, because each pair has its own individual characteristics.

Practice anal affection, it is better when a woman is ready for this. T.e, if it is restored in a day, then you can engage in anal at least every day. Do not deny yourself if this type of pleasure brings only positive emotions.

How to painlessly have anal sex for the first time

The first time is always scary, especially when you do not know what you can expect. You need to understand that the stimulation of the anus – it does not hurt if everything is done neatly and slowly.

To make the member easily enter – you need to get excited and relax the muscles of the sphincter. Any anal games begin with external stimulation.

To prepare anal hole, you can use special sex toys or just fingers. First you should moisten the anus and hand or toy. If necessary, the lubricant can be added along the way.

First stage – This is stimulation with one finger. Small the finger into the hole smoothly and slowly, gradually passing two sphincters. As soon as you feel that there is no discomfort and voltage, you can connect a few more fingers. Their number can reach 3-4, depending on the diameter of the penis, which will then go inside.

When the anus is sufficiently developed and relaxed, you can start sex. In this case, you need to add a lubricant. Sudden movements are prohibited. Having immersed the head, you need to wait until the girl gets used to it. Only after that, it is recommended to start progressive movements.

We do not recommend taking out a member at the very beginning. This can provoke anal compression. Will have to develop a hole again.

In what position is better to have anal sex so that there is no pain

Knee -elbow pose. Passive partner knelt down, while resting on the elbow. The other is attached from behind. In this position, the angle of entry will be correct, which will relieve pain.

Lying on the back, raising his legs. The girl lies on her back and raises her legs, forming an angle of 90 degrees. Under the ass, you need to put a pillow so that it is more convenient for a man to enter.

Sideways. The most convenient pose for the first anal – This is on the side. So you can control the level and angle of entry.

Non -traditional sex can be done in any convenient position. However, at the first time, you should be neat and not try to realize all the pose of the Kamasutra. And to improve sensations, we advise using the right lubricant and good condoms.

Which gel lubricant is better suited for anal sex

, Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctlyFor a comfortable and painless act, we recommend that we order a special erotic lubricant from us in a sex shop.

ANAL SILICON ANAL GEL On a silicone basis, it perfectly moisturizes, has a small consumption and is absorbed for a long time, which allows you to use it in the shower or in the bath. Lubrication is in contact with condoms well and does not cause allergies.

Which cream lubricant is better suited for anal sex

We advise you to dwell on options with an antiseptic in the composition. This will reduce the pain syndrome and allow you to distract from unpleasant sensations. From our catalog, we can offer a cream – ACC Cremanal grease with a natural painkille.

Which condoms are better suited for anal sex

, Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctlyOkamoto Skinless Skin Super Lubricative condoms. These are high -quality, strong contraceptives with the drive. Their advantage – a double layer of abundant intolemic lubrication, which prevents the appearance of microcracks and contributes to the ideal entry.

We have already said that to engage in anal in an unexplored state – forbidden. One of the most effective ways to excite – This is an erotic massage. It is best to do it using massage oil.

Which oil is better for anal sex

, Anal sex. How to prepare, how to do it correctlyMassage oil green tea series Organics from Shunga – natural, hypoallergenic oil with delicate silk structure and pleasant smell. Easy, exciting massage, coupled with aromatic oil, will make the proximity even more pleasant, and the orgasm is brighter and more saturated.

We have listed only a few best products that are ideal for anal proximity.

View and buy even more special lubricants, oils And condoms for anal sex You can in our online store. We have a large selection of high -quality products with which your sex will become many times better.

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