Anal toys: where to start acquaintance with anal sex?

Anal toys: where to start acquaintance with anal sex?.

Anal sex is a forbidden topic for many, but not for us. Despite many frightening aspects, this type of caresses can bring much pleasure to both men and women. Let’s move on immediately from words to deed. It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or a guy, if you are just starting to get acquainted with the new world of sensations, then take care of three things: hygienic shower, lubricant and toy.

Hygienic shower will get rid of the unpleasant consequences of using the toy. In addition, hygiene is very important in this area and if it is neglected, then the whole impression can be spoiled very easily. The proposed shower options have a small nozzle, which will be under the power of both newcomers and professionals. For the introduction of the tip, do not forget about the lubricant: so you will ease the penetration and will not risk damaging the delicate mucous membrane.

Lubricant. Perhaps the lubricant is the most important in anal sex. Without it, it simply cannot be. The rectum is not able to secrete natural grease, which means that it will be impossible to introduce something inside without additional lubricants and, among other things, is traumatic. Use special anal lubricants. They are more slippery, harder is washed off with water and take care of the skin.

Sex toys. It is worth deciding on the aim: you want to make a surprise for your loved one by showing him a crystal or tail? Or do you want to explore your erogenous zones? There are several types of anal stimulants and each of them is able to give a unique and unique sensation.

Anal chain. The chain of the chain consists in its extraction. Enter the balls one at a time, gradually stimulating the anal zone, not forgetting about the main erogenous parts of the body, and then, like the whole chain will be inside, remove sharply. Nice sensations will not make yourself wait! In addition, the chain has a ball of different diameters – this allows you to prepare for the next stage. Try this accessory with your partner: only one prelude with the participation of this toy will incredibly arouse both of you! For beginners, we recommend using chains not more than 2.5 mm in diameter.

Anal vibrators and phallos This type of toy is created for those who want to bring the sensations as close as possible to realistic. Flexible, elastic, on a suction cup or with vibration – choose you. Remember that the diameter of the toy should not exceed 3 cm. It is better if, when applying, the product has a conical shape to facilitate the introduction.

Prostate massager A toy for men who do not deny themselves pleasure! Special anatomical massagers are designed to accurately stimulate the gland and obtain incredible orgasms. In addition, most prostate massages are universal and with their help you can stimulate the point G in women. Tip: put on a condom to the toy before use. So you will prevent the absorption of smells and extend the life of the accessory. The size should also be selected small: up to 3 – 3.5 cm in diameter.

Anal jewelry. Beautiful crystals or tails are an extremely piquant accessory that loudly hints your partner about intentions! Traffic jams with crystals are very functional: they create the effect of a narrow entrance. If the cork is equipped with vibration, then it can be used as a vibropolis and stimulate the clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zones. The diameter of the anal traffic jam for beginners is recommended within 3 cm.

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