Do I need to make an enema before anal sex? | Informative

Do I need to make an enema before anal sex?.

, Do I need to make an enema before anal sex? | Informative
Anal sex is exciting and interesting, but the type of trace of life can suppress any sexual desire. That is why cute girls have a completely understandable question: how to prepare for intimacy in an anus to overcome the barrier of disgust, to become attractive to a man. How to avoid unpleasant moments associated with anal?

Is an enema necessary?

This is what the girl thinks about anal sex. It is worth noting that in ordinary life an enema is put very rarely. This is mainly necessary to clean the intestines or before medical procedures. Frequent use of an enema can harm the intestinal microflora. Therefore, this procedure is not always required before intimacy. Just prepare correctly.

It is important that after the enema in the anus can there be a little water, and after the member comes in, pressure is created. This can lead to a curiosity unpleasant for a woman. That is why the enema is not required to anal sex. You can easily ruin your mood.

Visiting the toilet in front of anal

If a woman emptied the intestines in the morning, then in the evening she does not need an enema. She can calmly have sex without fear of embarrassment. However, if the intestines are not empty, you should not rape yourself and try to go to the toilet. These days it is advisable to abandon intimacy in the anus and wait for defecation.

There are other situations when it is better to abandon anal. It is worth refraining from anal sex in the case:

  • Constipation.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Dysbiosis.
  • Cracks in the rectum.

Doctors believe that the affection of the anus can worsen well -being, if there are problems. Even increased gas formation can be the reason for the prohibition of experiments. Do not resort to anal sex and severity in the stomach, heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms., Do I need to make an enema before anal sex? | Informative

Frequent enemas can be dangerous

It must also be borne in mind that regular intestinal flushing with an enema can seriously affect the body, disrupt health. Doctors argue that even for therapeutic purposes to such procedures, it is worth resorting no more than 1-2 times within a month, and sometimes less often.

The complications are that too frequent washing of the anus lead to the inability to empty it on their own. The intestines begins to get used to the fact that they help him and stops working, he does not push the contents. And this leads to constipation and leaching of the necessary bacteria, violation of the flora.

That is why you should be careful and acute when using an enema. Avoid its regular use. And if the partner is too squeamish and insists that the woman constantly empty the intestines, it is necessary to talk frankly with him and talk about the unpleasant consequences of such a procedure. It is important for young ladies to know that their health is much more important than the pleasure that they want to bring to a man.

How they prepare for anal sex porn stars

In porn, actresses not only have anal sex, but also practice anal fisting. At the same time, everything looks very aesthetically pleasing, there is no discharge or there is no food residues on the member. How is this the sex actress? Most stars are preparing in advance for such prices. First, there is a light diet. Before shooting scenes with anal, it is not recommended for 2-3 days to eat meat. It is digested for a long time and can “get stuck” in the intestines. As a result, at the time of filming, there may be a desire to “go to the toilet”, but this cannot be allowed.

No need to eat a lot of salad or other vegetables. Not chewed pieces remain in the intestines, a man can easily get the remnants of dinner with a penis, which is not aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, the diet in front of the anal consists of cereals and duffed vegetables.

Before porn shooting, an enema is required. Since in the future there will be an alternation of anal and oral sex, the girl herself will be more comfortable if everything is clean inside. And you can use special candles or micro-clisms that help to empty the intestines. First a medical drug, then a trip to the toilet, and then thorough washing with warm water.

For porn actiris enemas-an obligatory part of the training. But they receive significant amounts, and the risks are justified for them. For an ordinary person, such actions are inconvenient, require a lot of time and effort.

You need to go to the toilet in front of the anal, but it is not necessary to make an enema. If there is embarrassment due to smell or discharge, you can try sex in the bathroom, where everything can be easily washed off. And flavored lubricants also help. A pleasant smell interrupts the amber of the body, improving sensations and allowing you to relax.

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