Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit

Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit.

, Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit

Dear readers of the anal rubric, in this article we will talk specifically and thoroughly about whether there is Harm of anal sex for women in real. Most men dream of this type of intimacy, because the forbidden fruit is always sweet, and the theme of anal penetration in the porn industry has been lobbying for more than the first decade. To please the partner, and sometimes because of their own curiosity, the girls themselves offer an anal man.

There is nothing surprising and terrible in this – penetration into the anus and active stimulation of the rear vaginal wall can give a woman an unforgettable orgasm and gamut of new shades of pleasure. But is anal sex dangerous for girls? There are many conflicting opinions on this score, so let’s figure out the benefits and harm of “posterior” love together.

A reason for discussions: harm of anal sex for women

In the heads of our fellow citizens, the thought was firmly rooted that anal sex is a consolation for “rear -wheel drive” guys, so they relate to this topic either with disgust, or with surprise or even with a slight fright. Somewhere in the subconscious, a shortcut was glued with information that it is harmful, dangerous, dirty, especially in the absence of sexual experiments in the past.

We agree that the nature of the anus was not invented to put a member or silicone friend of the substitute there. This is probably why this act seems unnatural. But people do a lot by nature in the field of intimate relationships. We have sex not only for the sake of continuing the family, rather, we are driven in everyday life exclusively a craving for enjoying and obtaining new sensations. Here you have bold experiments with anal at heterosexual couples.

We will not deepen into the issues of perception and morality. We are interested The benefits and harm of anal sex for women’s health and psyche. Everyone must decide for himself whether it is worth participating in “non -standard” intimate relationships. If the desire of partners about anal penetration is mutual, it is better for the girl to know about the likely consequences of specific sexual intercourse.

We will not talk about horrors and terrible pain during the first anal sex, because all this can be avoided in proper preparation for anal sex. On this link, our article is about this, read and practice in your life if necessary.

, Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit

Possible consequences of anal sex for a girl

Recall that these consequences arise for several reasons: improper preparation, rude partner, psychological blocks on this subject, the desire to please his man against his desires. It is then that anal sex carries harm and threat to a woman’s health. The infectious harm from the act in the ass is assumed theoretically, and this problem is solved by using the condom, but injuries happen more often.

Anal cracks and tears

No natural moisture for the rectum is provided, so the introduction of the penis is “on dry”. Unfortunately, few are bothering with a lubricant from a pharmacy or a sex shop intended just for anal contacts. In short, from a solid penis inserted into a small hole, you just tear this unfortunate hole. Kakahi are soft, because they sink, and they strive for a way out, and not vice versa) In addition to lubricants, preliminary caresses are needed so that a woman gets excited. Never practice the situation “inserted the tail inadvertently” – this is a mockery and frank sabotage. Do not focus on anal sex in porn, because actors work there, and indeed it all happens within the framework of a circus attraction, and you take it as a basis.

Gap of rectum

guts. Its walls are much thinner than the walls of the vagina, so constant friction in rough form causes serious damage. Here is only a scalpel to help you and wishes not to give the end. This is already a clinic, dear.


An increase in hemorrhoidal nodes occurs due to varicose expansion of venous plexus of the rectum, which can bleed, inflamed, and then fall out of the anus. A large hemorrhoid bump brings a strong pain effect and psychological discomfort. The view of this “beauty” is also not very, at least, there will be less and less sex. Rough anal sex without preparation leads to the appearance of hemorrhoids.


As a complication of anal ruptures and hemorrhoids, sphincteritis comes out – an unpleasant thing, we want to tell you. This unusual word implies an inflammation of the sphincter mucosa – a circular cutting muscle around the rectum at the output. In general, it will be fun when, in addition to all the above problems, you will add gas and feces incontinence. You really cannot control these processes. You will just gamble and put in pants like a half -year -old unintelligent. I wonder where that wizard will run away, who so persistently stuffed the reason for the girl in the ass?

Problems with the genitourinary system

When anal sex without protection for people is the norm, cystitis, urethritis, candidiasis and further along the list begin. Even with excellent hygiene, you will not remove bacteria that inhabit the walls of the rectum. They fall on the mucous membranes of the penis, and then they are entered by a woman in the vagina. Do not think that infection from your own rectum is impossible. Anal sex without a condom – a direct path to vaginal infections and infections of the urethra. All women should remember this, especially when a partner, even with a contraceptive, wants to enter the vagina after penetrating the anus.

Blood poisoning through the rectum

You have never heard of this? We will enlighten you. With a far -goed hemorrhoid, this happens. When a huge “bunch” sticks out of your priests, which cannot be removed, not to remove it, plus it is still bleeding forever, the swelling of the buttocks and the anus, the temperature rises, the weakness appears, and hello, the necrosis of hemorrhoids! It is followed by purulent complications or the well -known sepsis.

Malignant neoplasms

With long -term problems with the anus, malignant processes can develop. Fecal masses stagnate, blood loss grow, nodes are infringed – here is oncology. By the way, the rectum cancer is poorly treated.


Well, how the anal sex and anemia are connected, you ask. Directly. Hemorrhoids got out? Bleeds? There are other damage and unpleasant sensations, but you are embarrassed to the doctor? And you know that erythrocytes important for blood are lost from a constantly bleeding cone, which leads to anemia? Now you will know. By the way, it is women who are prone to reducing the blood of the blood due to their physiological characteristics.

SPPP or sexually transmitted diseases

Is it possible to become infected with HIV through anal sex? Easily! Even easier than through a vaginal act, and all because the walls in the intestine are thin and damage is easier. Do not like to protect yourself with anal sex? Then risk further. You can also grab a bouquet in the form of a condy, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis C and t.D.

Suppression of immunity

Sperm has a certain composition with which the vagina is combined, but the priest is not friends. If you have anal sex often and without protection, and your partner ends up, have risks to reduce immunity, at least the local for sure. Some sperm components are very poorly perceived by the rectum and are almost not excreted from there.

, Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit

How to minimize the harm of anal sex

Read passions and hid the ass? No need. Relax. If you want to have anal sex or have already drawn into these joys, just read how to love without consequences.

Thorough preparation of the body and reason – the key to painless penetration in the ass without risks and consequences. Most pairs forget that anal should be prepared longer than for oral and vaginal coitus. You can’t do without auxiliary funds. Get these intim-towars if your plans have regular anal games:

  • Condoms for anal – they are less dense and are well in contact with a water -based lubricant;
  • lubricants with anesthesia effect – Do not overdo it with pain relief, otherwise the girl will not be able to adequately perceive her real sensations;
  • Anal stimulant – sleeve, cork, balls, phallus and any other item for stretching the sphincter.

Without this attributes, love in the ass becomes dangerous. Preparing the anus for the penetration of the penis is simply necessary! If you or your man – the holder of the penis is more than 12 cm, take the preparation very carefully.

Why do we need intimacy-Tovars when doing anal

  • Condoms They will protect a man from possible infection from the rectum infections, as well as protect the girl from their transfer to her partner to the vagina. The contraceptive works as a psychological stabilizer for women, because one of the fears of the lady in front of anal is to embarrass after penetration in the ass. Simply put, the girls do not want to get the penis of their boys)
  • Lubrication (lubricant) Need to protect a woman from physical injuries during anal sex. This substance is anesthetized, and at the same time softens the penetration of a member into the anus. Plus the psychological effect – the girl knows that it will not hurt. Placebo effect? Well, let.
  • Anal stimulants are needed to develop an anus. Modern traffic jams, bushings, vibrators are created in shape for the physiological structure of the anus. Of course, you can develop your ass with your fingers, but not all women will go for it because of psychological troubles with its contents. Sex toys solve this problem.

, Harm of anal sex for women: what is dangerous and is there any benefit

In such a simple way, we kill two birds with one stone – we tune your beloved physically and morally. This is the key to success during anal sex. Pay attention to the fact that the quality of intim-tovars for anal love should not just be good, but the best.

Want to use high -quality and hypoallergenic anal toys of anatomical shape? Go to the largest virtual sex shop in the Anal Stimulars section and choose your size and needs. Fluffy corrugations-huts, fallos bushings, anal massagers and chains, inflatable anal traffic jams, finger stimulants and other toys for erotic fun! Anonymously, quickly, without unnecessary questions.

Basic errors during anal sex: how to avoid

So that the anal sex does not harm your beloved, follow the following rules.

  • Guy you can’t enter the penis too quickly In the anus. We penetrate carefully, focusing on the girl’s sensations.
  • Necessarily We use grease.
  • We relax the sphincter 100% is tunes psychologically and physically.
  • We monitor the frequency and intensity of frictions. If a man’s movements are sharp and aggressive, anal sex can be dangerous for a woman.
  • With a large cock Enter it in the ass even more accurate and not for the entire length. Otherwise, you can injure the rectum.

When microcracks appear and other unpleasant consequences of anal sex, we must turn to a proctologist. Any anal damage should be treated immediately so that they do not go into hemorrhoids and its complications. After all, we do not want to get sepsis or start oncological processes?

Is it harmful to have anal sex if, with regular intercourse, there is a risk? The answer is obvious. No matter how voluptuous and alluring this process seem to remain in the first place. In the absence of contraindications for anal sex and the presence of mutual desire to engage in them The adequate frequency of such carnal pleasures is considered once a week, naturally, subject to all precautions.

Are there any benefits from anal sex for a woman

If you have anal sex with tenderness, carefully, then for a woman such an intimate can even be useful. We already wrote that there is not only clitoral, but also Vaginal orgasm. You can get the second option (and it is brighter at times) just with the help of anal. We wrote about orgasms in the articles “How to experience a vaginal orgasm” or “Several options for bringing to amazing orgasm”, so read and okultoury)

Another plusk in the karma of anal sex – Variety of bed life of a couple, which lives together for a long time. A good sex strengthens marriage and relationships, helps to solve many household issues without screaming and panic. So we do not push off the thought of anal sex, but just do it correctly!

Well, about the fact that children are not conceived through the ass, we also wrote. It is impossible to get pregnant from anal sex! Of course, there is a small percentage of probability theory that sperm will flow from a priest to another hole, but this is a story from some kind of fiction for adults. Therefore, anal – Option of safe (in terms of unnecessary slats) sex.

Dear lovers of bedding, we told everything we know. Now your turn) Write your stories in the comments, tell us about personal experience, give advice to each other. We are waiting for dialogue!

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