How to avoid injuries after anal sex?

How to avoid injuries after anal sex?.

Serious injuries from anal sex are relatively rare. However, if you experience internal pain or see blood, you need to see a doctor.

Blood can appear from the swollen vein in the anal region- hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be fragile and prone to bleeding. It can often be felt in the form of a swollen painful bump in the anal region, as well as notice the blood from bleeding hemorrhoids on toilet paper after defecation or on the chair itself.

Pain and bleeding can also occur with a slight rupture of the mucous membrane of the anus, which is called anal crack. Even small cracks can be quite painful because they often cause spasms of opening the anus. They heal slowly, because they are repeatedly annoyed during defecation. With anal cracks, you can also see blood on toilet paper or on the chair itself.

A rare, but serious complication after anal sex is a hole (perforation) in the colon. This dangerous problem requires hospitalization, surgery for recovery and antibiotics to prevent infection. The perforation of the colon usually causes heat, severe pain and pressure in the abdominal cavity. This condition requires immediate medical care.

If your attending physician is not sure what causes you pain, you may need a procedure to look inside the rectum. Small endoscope called “Anoscope”, can allow you to check if there is a crack.

If you have hemorrhoids or a crack, they usually advise the following:

– A warm sitting bath will help to relax the muscles of the sphincter and provide blood flow to the painful area;

– Various creams and ointments can temporarily muffle pain in the anal region. However, do not use them for more than a few days in a row. Your attending physician can tell you how long you can safely continue to use these treatment methods;

– Taking over -the -counter drugs that will help keep the chair soft until hemorrhoids or crack. This will help to avoid repeated injuries and further irritation of the anus during defecation;

– A high fiber diet will keep your chair in a soft state so that it easily passes.

Following these recommendations can help healing hemorrhoids or cracks for several days. In very rare cases, hemorrhoids or cracks are infected, a clot forms inside them, or they do not heal quickly. If this happens, your attending physician may recommend you to undergo a surgical procedure or use another medicine to help heal a crack.

Refrain from anal sex until discomfort and bleeding disappear. Here are a few recommendations that will help prevent anal cracks in the future, when anal sex is resumed: – Talk to the partner that he should act very slowly and softly, and that your word “stop” It was always heard.

– Use a lot of lubricant on a water or silicone basis.

– If you are going to insert your fingers into the anus, your nails must be well trimmed, file and clean.

– Some people like to start anal sex with a finger penetration, which is very slowly moving inside. When pain occurs, you need to stop, wait a bit and inhale. This will relax the internal anal sphincter. As soon as the discomfort stops, you can continue. If stimulation with your finger feels comfortable, you can go to other sex toys or penis.

– If you use the dildo, make sure that it is soft and flexible, not hard. This will help protect you from the perforation of the colon.

– If you still experience pain with anal penetration, you can try to use rectal expanders. This is a set of tools that are becoming more and more. You start by introducing the expander of the smallest diameter into the anus, and when its use is completely comfortable, you can proceed to the next size.

– Consider the possibility of anal sex face down;This can reduce anal pressure.

– Be sure to read the recommendations for safe sex and follow them to avoid infection or transmission of infections, including HIV. For example, condoms must be used for sexual actions in which biological fluids can be involved (including anal sex).

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