How to have anal sex with pleasure?

How to have anal sex with pleasure?.

Is anal sex taboet? "My anus will remain virgin", – Such and similar statements could often be heard in the past, because many men and women doubtfully belonged to anal games.

All this has changed in recent years. Although this sexual practice may have not yet begun to be perceived as normal as other types of sex, it becomes more and more common. But does anal sex really bring pleasure or is it more unpleasant? We will tell you what anal sex means, how can you enjoy and feel pleasure from anal sex instead of pain, even in the first lesson anal sex.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex means that the penis is introduced into the anus, not the vagina. This is a brief definition. There is also anal sex in an active role (introducing a partner of a penis or toy) (penetration) and passive (the introduction of a penis or toy to a partner) (a feeling of penetration).

Many people find anal sex pleasant and exciting, because on the anal sphincter there are many nerve endings that are stimulated and can reinforce the desire. It is not surprising that some couples also like to use the anus during oral sex, whether it be stimulated with fingers or toy. Penetrating anal sex is, so to speak, the next stage that requires little preparation to provide pleasure and pleasure.

You probably heard that certain sexual practices are behind in some countries. But the original practice "Greek kiss" originated in ancient Greece. This method of stimulating the partner’s anus is also known for the names of anilingus or rimming. The light and delicate movements of the tongue according to the anus of the partner will bring him great pleasure and can cause deep satisfaction.

By the way, about 50 percent of heterosexual couples say that they have anal sex from time to time or regularly.

Why do men like anal sex?

If you are wondering why men love anal sex, we want to assure you: there are many reasons for this. For men who are active in anal sex, anal penetration seems more saturated. The penis is stimulated stronger, because the anus is more tight than the vagina. And this still seems a little vicious, perceived as a taboo, which makes anal sex even more popular. The passive role is also attractive to men, especially due to stimulation of the prostate. This explains why men want anal sex.

What sensations are tested during anal sex? For women, anal sex is often associated with great additional pleasure, but it all depends on how women relate to anal sex. The sphincter has so many nerve endings that even anal orgasm is not excluded with the right approach. A little more than 40 percent of all women in Europe have already tried anal sex. Moreover, an intensive effect may be felt and at the same time intensify the sensation of clitoral orgasm. So, if you openly ask your partner, she would not want to have anal sex, you can get a positive answer and you will not have to think about how to persuade a woman to anal.

What to do before anal sex?

1. Preparation for anal sex

You are wondering how to prepare yourself for anal sex? You do the right thing! Without thorough preparation, anal sex can lead to pain, which will quickly reduce the feeling of pleasure. We decided to just make anal penetration without preparation? A very bad idea, and not only for beginners who have never had anal sex before! But how to prepare for anal sex? Take your time, get ready together and stretch the anal hole. But how to stretch the anus? Use one (or several) fingers or sex toy first. There are special anal traffic jams designed specifically for beginners in anal sex, which can be used with pleasure during sex or prelude. They wanted to know how it is not painful to have anal sex? So, it is such preparation that will allow painless anal stimulation.

2. Using a lubricant

It is very important to use a lubricant for anal sex. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not emit natural lubricant, so without using a lubricant you will feel pain even with the most severe excitement. But which lubricant is better to buy for anal sex? We advise you to choose a lubricant for anal sex, who is intended for him. The choice of anal lubricant depends on the purpose of its use. If you are going to use a lubricant when you penetrate the penis of the partner or together with sex toys, on which you pre-put on a condom, you can use lubricants on a water and silicone basis. But if you are going to use toys without a condom, be sure to make sure that the base of the lubricant is compatible with the material of toys. Some toy materials are not compatible with silicone lubricants, so be careful. For example, silicone toys should not be used with silicone lubricants, because it can negatively affect their material and damage it. So, which lubricant for anal sex to choose – depends on the type of stimulation and your preferences.

3. Open communication

You want to have anal sex, and this may be your first experience or first experience of your partner? Then talk about it! Open communication prevents discomfort and pain with anal sex. Just go to the partner and agree to anal sex is not the best idea that often leads to misunderstanding or lack of desire. So talk about desire and discuss how to buy a sex toy for preparation for anal sex.

4. Additional clitoris stimulation

How to stimulate the clitoris during sex and why? To make anal sex even more pleasant, other erogenous areas should be stimulated. The simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris in combination with anal sex can lead to incredibly pleasant sensations and very vivid orgasms. However, it may happen that penetration into the anus ceases to be pleasant after orgasm. For this reason, you should always communicate during sex.

5. A gradual increase in pace

Good preparation for anal sex is very important. Be sure to start at a slow pace and gradually bring it to an acceptable. To penetrate, the penis should be introduced with slightly high pressure to overcome the sphincter. A delicate approach is especially important here, since otherwise you can injure the sphincter. Start slowly, enter the penis gradually and only then carefully increase the speed.

The most important questions about anal sex

How to clean before anal sex?

Thought about how to clean the intestines before anal sex? Thinking about how to make an enema before anal sex? The use of the anal shower is completely not necessary. Usually in the rectum at the place of introduction of the penis there is no feces. Nevertheless, the presence of some residues is possible, therefore it makes sense to use anal shower depending on their well -being. Please do not accept laxatives and use only the products intended for this. You can buy anal shower in a specialized store, in the assortment of which there are many sex toys – in a sex shop. So, if you wonder how to make an enema before anal sex, first think about whether to do it at all? Only you and your partner depends whether you need an enema before anal sex or not!

What to do before anal sex?

Do not know how to clean before anal? It is best to go to the toilet before sex. With the help of this method, it is usually possible to avoid unpleasant surprises, but one cannot completely exclude the possibility that nothing is left in the anus. Calm down – it’s natural and normal. You can use condoms, and after sex go to the shower. What condoms are needed for anal sex? Anal condoms are ideal for anal sex. Now you know exactly how to prepare for anal without an enema. Noisily air from the rectum comes out? And this is also normal, since with anal penetration the air is pushed into the anus, and after that it needs to go out.

You can easily move from vaginal sex to anal. But please never do this the opposite, otherwise there is a risk of infection! Bacteria live in the anus, which have no place in the vagina. And what should you also know: if you have diarrhea or other problems with the intestines, you should avoid anal penetration!

What anal poses are most convenient?

For anal sex, there are three main positions.

Classical, of course, is the pose "Like a dog" (or doggi-old) when a woman stands on all fours. This provides very deep penetration, and the partner can control the depth, speed and intensity of stimulation. In this position, you can also stimulate the clitoris or other erogenous zones of the passive part, so anal sex is also especially pleasant and intense experience for it. However, depending on the size of the penis or strapon, this position can quickly become painful due to the possibility of deep penetration. This position definitely requires a lot of trust, so the married couples especially like it.

In the position of the spoon, the active part is behind the passive and carefully penetrates the anus. It is not so easy to achieve very deep penetration, and the very location of the bodies in this position prevents quick and strong tremors. In general, the pose is very tender and allows you to touch a partner in order to maintain an excitement at a high level. This pose for the first anal sex is especially perfect.

The third main pose for anal sex is the position of a rider when a woman is on top. In this position, a woman is much more active than in all other poses, and determines the pace, rhythm, as well as how deep penetration occurs.

At present, anal sex has largely lost its taboo. However, not everyone can be prepared for this adventure. But if you decide, take the necessary time to prepare for anal sex.

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