How to make an anal sex prelude

How to make an anal sex prelude.

Anal sex cannot be done without good preparation. If you do it spontaneously, then you may have very serious problems. Carefully study all methods and start preparation.

Preparation for anal sex: the best prelude

, How to make an anal sex prelude

If you managed to persuade your girlfriend for anal sex, then you must definitely arrange a good prelude to her. First you will need gentle stroking your partner’s buttocks. Carefully monitor the reaction of her body. It is important to ensure that the “buns” completely relax. If they are compressed, then the girl is not quite ready for such adventures yet. Put down the anal hollow with an index finger. Start at the base of the spine. Your chances will increase sharply if the partner tries to roll over on the stomach. Make her clamp your finger between the buttocks. In general, preparation for anal sex can be compared with the loss of virginity. Remember how you prepared your first girl for sex? This skill in the question of anal sex will be very useful to you.

The girl should know what to do with the first anal sex

Inspire your partner that you are a real master in this matter. Do not lie. Just read and train more. At the first stage, you will need jewelry “manual” work. Show the girl that sex “through the back door” is not at all terrible. All your movements should be unusually tender. Before penetration, the finger can be moistened with a special lubricant. “Big guys” let them wait. At first, the head is a little finger! For a girl, he will be as comfortable as possible. When a girl gets used to such encroachments on her anus, it will be possible to go to the index finger.

Opinions of the girls about anal sex: the first impression is important

As in many other areas, the first impression of girls about anal sex is insanely important. That is why you will need maximum caution. Penetrating immediately should not even be a little finger. Gently massage the “surroundings”. Your girlfriend will be very pleasant. A partner can instinctively hint to you that she wants a finger to be introduced inside. For you it will be a real victory. The sphincter muscles in this regard will “tell you”. When you enter your finger, you should not move it back and forth. Let him relax. Girls are very fond of the feeling of fullness of space. After rest, go to circular movements (they must be performed with all your wrist). These manipulations will necessarily be given to the vagina.

Anal discharge

Do not concentrate exclusively on the anus. For example, you can always work simultaneously with both your finger and lips. Anal orgasm – Only part of the game. Brack her breasts or navel. This will help a woman truly relax and begin to enjoy the process. Now she will not concentrate only on what is happening with her anus. If the prelude to the partner appears, then for the very anal sex she will “ripen” much faster. Moreover, a good prelude will show your partner how much you care about her. Of course, the girl will want to answer the same. 

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