How to start anal sex | Anal toys

How to start anal sex.

, How to start anal sex | Anal toys
And I want and pricks, there are more questions than answers, and how to start at all? – All this is about anal sex. More precisely, there is nothing incomprehensible in sex itself, but this is how to approach it correctly … Our guide is for those who just want to try penetrating the back door, but do not understand how to approach.

Psychological training

You need to start with… Feelings of humor. And this is the main point.
Anal sex is a delicate matter. All sorts of situations are possible there, sometimes awkward. For example, even with a clean ass, it is very rare, but all sorts of surprises happen, you understand what I mean?)
These, of course, are not frequent cases (if you prepare correctly), but in general, Without relaxation and sense of humor – nowhere.
And it is better if these are close partners who are at least not shy about each other, and even better if you are good with ordinary sex, then anal sex is excellent.

You should not do this if someone alone wants, and someone else is generally against it, but agrees that "not to lose". Anal sex, like sex in general, is only voluntary. In addition, we are talking about pleasure.
Therefore, the first anal sex is always a partner who likes, who is good with and with whom you want. And trust.

As for the first time you should try alone, such as getting used to it and understand what and where and where – opinions diverge. You can at first, you can do with a guy.
By the way, Do not strive to find out anal sex as soon as possible if you are very young: at 18 full of other fun.
It’s okay if you come to this much later, or do not come at all.
Anal sex is not a daily dish, but a dessert of love.

And yet – no need to rush, From the first timid caresses to full penetration can pass both a couple of hours and several months, The second is more often.
Take your time, do everything a little bit, this is not a marathon race to speed.
The Ministry of Health will not support, But we will still advise: To remove awkwardness and tightness, especially if you are the first to – drink a couple of glasses of wine, help to liberate.

How to start

1. Let’s get with the main thing – with a question that always really worries newcomers.
Priest is such a place full of surprises, and how to avoid them, so as not to blush. In short, preparation for anal sex: whether it is necessary to put an enema and how and in general – aa, what to do?
Here, you know, we will be honest: Not all people have such sex with preliminary training.
Passion is such a thing, it can overtake anywhere, especially if the couple lives together and anal sex practices often and with pleasure. Therefore, as they say, a la still still.
And if the body is healthy, then the rectum in principle is completely emptied during defecation (God, what serious words!) and nothing remains in it, and Member or fingers do not penetrate beyond the rectum.

But these people should know their body well.
Therefore, beginners are still better to do enema, And no need to worry.
An enema is ordinary warm water, better boiled, flooded into a special pear -sprint.
Sophisticated options, like nozzles with a sphincter stretching, we will leave as soon as possible and take something like a classic anal shower, or even Hygienic kit, In addition, he is with two nozzles, very thin and thicker, but washing well inside.

Still, as an alternative, there are microlax ampoulers in pharmacies, just for the rapid cleansing of the intestines.
But to be surely confident, you can’t do without an enema, and it is better to wash it several times., How to start anal sex | Anal toys
2. Stell your grease. It is necessary for it! No, you will not get by lubrication from the vagina, it will not be enough. And the old "Dedovsky" method – spat on the fingers and went – it’s not even funny.
Besides, saliva actually does not have slippery, but only moisturizes slightly. What will we achieve saliva? Moistened skin on the ass, and only.
Therefore, lubrication.

Any can be taken as a lubricant, but better anal.
Vaginal It is also suitable, but in special anal, light relaxing components are usually added to make it more comfortable.

Basic if you are completely newcomers, Take water, not be mistaken.
It approaches everything: to the fingers, condoms, to sex toys from any materials.

But the silicone anal lubricant, for example, cannot be applied to silicone anal traffic jams – there is a risk of spoiling the material, silicone "Not friends" With silicone.
But Silicone Lubrices are good in that they are practically not absorbed and slide longer than water.

In short, the lubricant will come in handy in any case.
You can even take specifically analgesic lubricant or spray with an increased content of anesthetic and relaxing substances.
Because It will hurt a little, in any case, especially the first time.
This is physiology
, And you have to be prepared for this: the muscles of the sphincter work normally only on "exit", But with "entrance" Many have to work hard.

3. It is necessary to prepare the ass for penetration. Start with a light stretching of the sphincter.
In no case should you try to plant a member in full length the first time, and even from a grand scale – this is a number for hardcore porn.
Here you need delicacy and for starters not a thick object, such as a finger, which will need to be well lubricated and introduced very carefully, listening to the sensations.

But better than a finger, there will be an anal plug intended specifically for the initial addiction.
Why is the cork better than the finger. Firstly, the hand can be released, and secondly, the cork can be left inside for a while, getting down.

  • Do not chase the dimensions, take something comfortable for a beginner, Hot Planet has such traffic jams – Unicorn S. There is and Red), she has a narrowed and smoothly expanding to the leg "head", which will stretch the hole neatly and gradually.
    After introduction, the cork It is worth leaving for a while (it is also intended for wearing: for this its thin limiter is very convenient, which just neatly falls into the hollow between the buttocks)
  • By the way, the hot is captivated by one plug, also for beginners – Unicorn Playful S, The idea is the same, but the concept is slightly different: 5 small balls, smoothly connected to each other. With penetration, such a traffic jam gently massages the sphincter, great relaxing it.
    The largest ball is only 3 cm in diameter, this is even less than the average member – She will definitely not cause discomfort.
  • Another great brands: Doc Johnson, States, They always have comfortable toys.
    The choice for anal beginners is tender "Gel" cork or A set of phalluses For addiction, we still do not forget the lubricant)
  • Pipedream, Also a good series of series Basix, The maximum diameter is only 2.2 cm, a little thicker.
  • Traffic from Pornhub – The guys know a lot about anal penetrations, so there are three traffic jams in the set, and they are all not large.
  • Very popular plug: smooth and plastic, also With vibration – The first time it can be very memorable!
  • Ns novelties and their famous "Smiles", It is not clear why they were made sad, pink And black.

In principle, for beginners, it was created This whole section. Everything is relatively small and very large), How to start anal sex | Anal toys
4. …And only then, when the introduction of fingers or anal cork becomes comfortable, you can proceed to the most important. And also gentle and neatly.

Yes, very important!
Despite national myth that "anal can be without a pre" – The Ministry of Health still warns: It is better to put on a condom. Even if you are a traditional couple, ten years in marriage and you know everything about each other.

In the rectum always "its own atmosphere", No matter how many enemas it visits there;And the microflora from the anus should not be transferred to other parts of the body.
By the way, it is for anal sex that all sorts Purns of increased strength.
More friction force should withstand everything. They have a little thicker of the wall (standard condom thickness – 0.06-0.07 mm).

But there are also super -resistant – super -toned, everything is felt in them. Sagami original, Japanese, expensive, but polyurethane and thickness of only 0.02 mm, and withstand any glow of passion.

Although in general it is not particularly important what you will take the Pent, the main thing is that it is.
Be careful, remember our tips And everything will work out!)

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