How to use anal toys. How to choose

Anal toys. What are? How to choose? How to use?.

, How to use anal toys. How to choose

Anal toys – These are special devices that can be used to stimulate the anal zone to get satisfaction, and you can use them correctly during the prelude and during sex itself. How to use anal toys, how to get it right and who are suitable you will find out from this article.

For almost all men’s sex, anal sex is the strongest and most common erotic fantasy. And often in pairs where women refuse to conduct such sex experiments in their bed, partners choose to use other ways to realize their needs and desires outside the couple. And all this can be avoided, for this you need to overcome your fears and start using anal toys.

In fact, a huge force is in the hands of a woman, using which, you can attract, choose and hold absolutely any man. Using modern sex toys, you can significantly improve the quality of intimate life. After all, a man in the anus has a prostate gland, properly touching which you will call the most powerful orgasms. And if you can give him this pleasure, then sex with you will remain the best memory in his life.

What anal toy to choose and use

It is very important to choose the toy correctly, this is what will allow you to use it with joy and avoid pain in sex. If you are a beginner in stimulating the anus zone, then we advise you to choose small sex gadgets and learn how to use them correctly.

  1. Anal traffic jams have a diverse diameter and design. It is very easy to choose a model for yourself and use comfort not only during sex.
  2. Anal vibrator. It is convenient to use in pairs, as such vibrators can use a partner’s upcate during paired sex. You can choose based on size, color and additional functions.
  3. Balls for entering an anus. They can have a different diameter, size and various vibration modes. Such balls can be entered into the anus at any time: before sex, during or after it.
  4. Beads – This is a chain of small balls connected by a rigid hitch. The peak of pleasure is achieved with the proper extraction of this chain.
  5. Prostate stimulants. This is the only device that only men can use. If you want to pleasantly surprise your partner, then you can choose a similar stimulator for this.

How to use anal devices correctly

The main thing to remember before using these devices – This is the application of the lubricant. Use «improvised means» In the form of saliva or petroleum jelly, we do not recommend, since this often leads to the occurrence of painful cracks and infections. Therefore, we advise you to use only special lubricants designed for anal sex.

Using the toy for the first time, do not forget that her you need to properly process and disinfect. In the future, this procedure will need to be carried out every time you use your gadget.

Enter any devices in the anus must be correctly – slowly and carefully, turning a little from side to side. Only practice will help to choose the speed of introduction and learn how to use it. The main thing is that there is no strong pain.

It is very important to remember that to stimulate the anus, you should use only those toys that are designed for this purpose, and they should have a stop, handle or thickening at the end.

We also recommend that you properly prepare your intestines and your body before using toys and immediately before sex itself. To do this, you can use a special shower or enema.

, How to use anal toys. How to chooseHow to choose the right anal toys

In order to choose the right models correctly, you must decide on:

  • The size and diameter that will be comfortable for you.
  • The presence of additional functions, such as various vibration modes.
  • The material from which the device is manufactured.

Toys used for anal stimulation can be made of the following materials:

  • Glass. This is a fairly common material that you can choose for its safety and convenience in care.
  • Metal. Anal traffic jams and metal beads are characterized by a certain stiffness. You can use them for a very long time, which is a big advantage. Using metal toys, you can play with the contrast of temperatures. The contact of the anus with cold or warmth will give incredible sensations that can instantly bring to orgasm.
  • Silicon. Silicon is the most hypoallergenic material for sex gadgets, choosing which you will get very pleasant tactile sensations. These toys can be supplemented by vibration and the ability to mechanically expand inside the body. Girls can choose silicone sex gadgets due to the fact that they are often decorated with rhinestones and an erotic tail.

Now you know how to choose, how to use anal toys correctly and you know what to do so that they definitely give you a lot of pleasure and diversify sexual life! All kinds of anal toys you can buy.

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