It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?.

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

It is no secret that the forbidden fruit is always sweet, for this reason there is hardly one man who would not dream of trying with his beloved non -traditional sex, for example, the penetration of “behind”. But questions always arise, and more often the fair sex! What to do if a girl hurts anal sex? And if he is practiced for the first time? What poses are better to choose for anal penetration? What feelings will be? Will there be an orgasm? How to prepare? What kind of sensations will be after?

A heap of thoughts overcomes, the search for information on thematic forums begins, and there you will find many horror stories – mainly from “crooked” students who simply do not know, how to have anal sex correctly, Alas. Yes, such sexual intercourse cannot be called usual, but it is not worth it because of someone’s prejudice to consider it a perversion and, moreover, deny yourself this pleasure. Diversity in intimate life is the best fastening mechanism of your relationship and marriage.

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

The main reasons why it hurts to have anal sex

Girls who have at least once tried penetration into the anus, and even those who have this type of sex with permitted regularity can be honest: it hurts, especially for the first time. And only a skilled lover can reduce the pain threshold of newly surging sensations, minimizing the injuries of both physical and sincere. To understand why it hurts during anal sex, you should deal with psychology and physiology.

Psychological obstacles

For many, even in our modern world The topic of sexual pleasures is something forbidden. Moms stubbornly put their daughters into the heads of thought that sex is a dirt that can only endure for a man. Sex only after the wedding! Sex only to continue the genus! Sex is a sin! Dogmas, stereotypes … They force us to perceive something new hostile. Anal sex? No! Only gays or dirty prostitutes are engaged in this! What is far to go if men themselves consider the practice of anal and screamed with his wife humiliation of her as a mother, and go to the same “night fairies” for this. Dear residents of the 21st century, throw out all these prejudices from your bright heads, etch these cockroaches forever and live happily!

The women themselves have another trouble or even fear. Sorry for my French, but they Afraid of picking up a partner penis. Of course, if you immediately, without preparation, “went along unknown paths”, then the probability of getting to the “weld steam locomotive” is great. But we are all adults, smart, read the corresponding material and we know that without enema, lubrication, development of the sphincter – nowhere! But more on that later)

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

It is precisely such psychological obstacles that prevent anal sex and experience an orgasm from this. It is they who give pain! You are afraid, strain, getting in strain with you and, of course, resists) in fact, girls may well like the sensations from anal. You can read about the rest of the troubles in the article about preparing for the first anal sex – there are a lot of them.

By the way, you know that the first 8-10 cm of the rectum is not a feces repository? If the act of defecation is committed, the woman was thoroughly washed, then the appearance of feces on the penis is excluded!

Physiological causes

Nature has come up with an ass to derive life products from our body. For mating, another organ was invented – vagina. When excited from the vagina, lubrication is released, with which the member easily enters, without damaging the mucous membranes. This device is not provided in the priest, so if a man wants to “dry”, as if “by chance” (yes, yes, there are such “smart” people, well, like a hole in a hole), slip there with a ram – it will be violence. And it will be very painful! An uninvited guest, as they say … If without jokes, then this can cause serious injuries to the girl – a torn sphincter, you know, smacks of an appeal to surgery. Only special lubricants and accurate introduction of the penis “by millimeter per hour”!

Another important role is played by then, What pose was chosen for anal sex, for the first time especially. In an incorrectly selected position, it can be painful not only of the file part, but also by internal reproductive organs. The anus is much already vaginal, so here you have to be extremely careful.

How to prepare for anal sex, so that it is not

Fear of pain and unbearable discomfort do not allow the sexual fantasies of millions of people, and the lack of training is expressed by unpleasant sensations. When asked whether it is painful to have anal sex, you can answer definitely. But the chances of success are increasing if both partners approach the preparation reasonably. For complete and less painful penetration into the anus of a woman, several rules must be observed.

  • We try for a day Exclude heavy food From your diet. Products of dairy and bloating fall under the ban. You do not want to restrain the onslaught of gases when a man tries to make you pleasantly?
  • A few hours before intercourse, it is necessary empty the intestines and after wash well after. For especially disgusting, you can make an enema.
  • Before penetration is mandatory Use grease For anal sex. It should be enough for the penis to enter not “dry”.
  • You can’t immediately “drive” the lady for the entire length, in any case. The penis is introduced slowly, centimeter per minute. Do not immediately take a high pace and roll amplitude. This is a very bad thought. The first acquaintance with the booty should take place carefully) it is possible that the girl will not let you go to the ends. It’s OK. Everything will come over time.
  • It is better to introduce a member at the peak of excitation partners, do not forget about the stimulation of the clitoris. However, she can do this herself. The combination of anal with the masturbation of the clitoris can bring the lady to orgasm, and not only the clitoral, but also anal. Although, most likely, these sensations will not be the first time.

Do not be alarmed if at first there is a feeling of “something stuck” there-it will pass in a couple of minutes. The main thing is to relax.

The ideal option for beginners is to develop a sphincter long before the act. This can be done with your finger, slightly massaging the anus and entering there a little. But it is much more interesting to use special sexy toys, such as anal traffic jams, balls, phalluses. We have seductive traffic jams in our sex shop that can be used with double benefits: the preparation of the sphincter for intercourse and seduction of a man!

Exclude risks or your anal arsenal

If you are seriously tuned to anal sex and plan to engage in it in the future, then some intimacy-tovars will help you, in addition to anal stimulants. This:

  • special -purpose contraceptives;
  • lubricant with an analgesic effect;
  • intimate cosmetics for the body;
  • Sex toys.

Such a small arsenal will make the first anal sex painless, because the woman will be quite excited and prepared as much as possible.  And this is the key to success while making love. Think about what else is particularly exciting your lady, from which she is delighted. In overcoming psychological barriers, all means are good! It can be preliminary caresses of particularly sensitive zones, rectal holes, joint viewing of porno-rollers “Anal Sex”-all that will arouse you two.

By the way, few representatives of the stronger sex are able to admit that they like caresses of the anus. However, this is a fact. If there is complete trust between partners, there is nothing shameful in such behavior. On the contrary, a woman will highly appreciate the readiness of a man to open up to her completely. Mutual anal caresses are very close. After them, the young lady perceives the lover as a very close, dear person who can be trusted 100%.

What are the best poses for anal sex with a girl: the most comfortable and painless

Doctors and sex guru believe that The best poses for a girl in anal sex, especially for beginners, those that minimize pain and do not injure the body. And it is right. Perhaps they are not so piquant, but the main thing is not to harm.

The pose is “on the stomach”

A woman lies on her stomach, ideally a pillow is placed under her hips to lift the ass. It turns out half “Doggi-Stayl”. The man is on top. The member is introduced from such an angle to set the direction into the navel zone. Thus, you eliminate the penis enters the walls of the rectum. Everything will turn out more or less physiologically, so to speak.

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

Pose “Spoon” or “on the side”

The well -known pose in which both partners lie on one side. The girl presses her legs to his stomach, almost repeating the pose of the embryo. The man is located behind and repeats her bends with his body. During the entry, do not raise her leg – this will increase the pain. The legs should be together. Partner or girl cares a clitoris, breasts, to relax as much as possible and get additional pleasure.

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

“Woman from above”

Also unforgettable classic. The man lies, completely relaxing and his legs spread a little. The woman sits on top, slightly back the torso back and leaning her hands in his hips. She herself can regulate the angle of entry, and the amplitude of movement, and speed.

, It hurts to have anal sex girl: what to do?

To distract from primary sensations with anal penetration, women sensitive to breast caresses can switch to new stimuli, for example, to a high from vibroostimulation of the nipples or clitoris if the second starts you more!

Pain after anal sexual intercourse – a signal for a visit to a doctor

Discomfort after anal sex in a woman for several hours, most likely, a sign of an injury. Cracks and hemorrhoids are far from the most pleasant reckoning for pleasure. Often, pain after anal sex occurs in men. The reason for this lies in the absence of a contraceptive when penetrating. Escherichia sticks of conditionally pathogenic microflora, falling into the urethra, cause inflammation. Therefore, we observe hygiene. You can replace anal sex with vaginal only after taking a shower or replacing a rubber fuse)

You can draw one conclusion: it hurts to have anal sex – this is natural. But the more partners know how to reduce discomfort, the less unpleasant sensations and consequences will arise in both a woman and a man. Do not forget about condoms, lubrication and hygiene. Remember health first.

You have questions, or you want to share your experience, give advice? Write everything that you think is important and useful! Comments are open to all. We publish all your thoughts. We are read by several thousand people, so we share the secret, exchange experience and make each other’s life easier, easier and more pleasant! Feel free, here all your own)

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