The benefits and harms of anal and what consequences can be – reviews of girls

The benefits and harms of anal and what consequences can be – reviews of girls.

For many centuries about anal sex, the most disputes have been conducted. This only confirms that it has existed since the existence of mankind. For example, in the oldest book of love “Kamasutra”, this type of caresses is dedicated to a whole section, and the ancient Greek philosopher Plato sang it in his writings. Indeed, this is a whole science that only the most experienced lovers are able to comprehend.

Of course, you can read about non -traditional pleasure on the forum, only this is unlikely to help you make the right impression of such exquisite caresses. The fact is that the reviews of girls about such intercourse are more often negative. This is primarily due to the lack of experience and non -compliance with the basic rules of the posterior intercourse.

If everything is done right, the benefits of intercourse in the ass are obvious, and we will certainly dwell on it in more detail. You also have to find out – what is dangerous unconventional contact, if they do without preliminary preparation. It seems that you have a choice – to become an amazing mistress that all men crave or remain hostage of prejudices.

What is anal pleasure, and who can get it

In addition to the usual vaginal relationships, there are also those when some kind of toy such as a strapon, artificial phallus or penis of another partner is introduced into the anus of one partner. This is the notorious non -traditional intimate. He can occur between a man and a woman or between the same -sex lovers. That is, absolutely everything can engage in them. The main thing is to know the basic rules and strictly observe special hygiene.

If you learn to do everything right, you will not have a question – anal contact is dangerous. Rather, you will think about why the rear sex is useful in order to justify these delightful caresses as much as possible. And in fact, the benefits of such caresses are obvious. On this topic we will definitely dwell in more detail. We will discuss what an anal sex with mature women is good, and how even a lady lady of Balzac age can become the most beautiful mistress in the world for her man.

So do not focus too much on reviews about intima in the ass, placed on the forums. If the young lady properly practices non -traditional penetration, the reviews of women ignorant for her will not be a reason to abandon sophisticated caresses and divine orgasms.

Physiology of a woman

You probably know that some men find such affectionate caresses even as a passive partner. This is due to the presence of their prostate gland. Thanks to the thin walls of the rectum, this iron is well massaged with rear contact, and the man is able to experience a powerful orgasm. But what can attract a lady in this case?

In fact, a huge number of nerve endings contains a female ass. There are even more of them than at the notorious point g or clitoris. That is why it is painful with an unprepared member of the ass.

However, if a man manages to excite his ladies well before entering her, all these nerve centers will activate and lead to a powerful orgasm. The rear coytus in the steam room is especially good, since high temperature helps to relax the muscles of the anus. Just do not overdo it, since the load on the heart in this case is large enough.

The woman’s anus has the so -called point K, in which most of the nerve endings are concentrated. It is located on the rear wall of the vagina at a depth of 5-6 cm, and since the wall between the anus and the vagina is thin, then, having anal sex, you get pleasure from it if it is awakened.

You can arouse it using a special system that you will find in our video tutorial “Awakening of point K”. The effect of its excitement is in no way inferior to the effect received by the man when stimulating the prostate. If you arouse it and do everything right, you can experience a completely new type of orgasm. Believe me, this is worth trying!

Next, we will consider why many couples practice intimate in the ass – minuses and pluses of which to this day give rise to so many disputes.

Why do men like it

As it were, everything is clear with men. In their very nature, a passion is laid to subjugate a partner and feel full power over her. Full anal sex with a woman gives them such an opportunity.

According to psychologists, every man subconsciously dreams of entering a female ass to feel like a real dominant.

Now imagine what power you will receive over your partner if you can offer him your ass without fear for her health!

There are other reasons why the lover eagers to enter the ass of his girlfriend.

  1. The rectum is much more tightly covered by the penis than the vagina. This is one of the reasons why men practice unconventional sex with mature women. Neat intercourse into the anus of mature partners allows them to survive the same sensations as in their youth.
  2. Penetrating from behind, the partner can last a long time to intimacy, without tired. The dense girth of the penis with the walls of the rectum and the sphincter’s muscles allows a man to maintain excitement without resorting to active frictions.
  3. The couple can practice non -traditional intimate after childbirth or during the period of menstruation. It is only important to clearly follow the rules of hygiene.
  4. Since a man does not always intend to become a father, he is well aware of whether it is possible to get pregnant from anal sex. The impossibility of conception with neat intercourse in the ass also shows a man the advantages of such a contact.
  5. Even a partner with a small member is able to feel like a real macho. Erected penis sits tightly in the anus and feels like a real giant.
  6. Another important point is an incredible sense of proximity of partners during such caresses. The woman completely trusts her beloved, and this arouses great tenderness in him. If a man knows the basic techniques of non -traditional intercourse, he will be able to give his beloved unique sensations.

There is one important warning for you. Many men believe that sex in the ass during pregnancy will not harm a woman and the unborn child. This is not quite. Next, we will consider what is the danger of such a penetration.

Debunge myths about anal

Fortunately, modern people for the most part were freed from prohibitions and dogmas of the Middle Ages, therefore they no longer perceive sex in the ass as universal evil. And yet, you can read the reviews about non -traditional proximity not quite flattering. Most often, reviews about intercourse in the ass at the women’s forum distort the real picture. They are written by their exalted young ladies who have no idea that such caresses can be pleasure.

Most likely they experienced pain and discomfort during the rear contact. Instead of understanding the reasons for such sensations, these losers chose to declare their failure on the whole Internet. You understand that this is cowardice multiplied by stupidity! Do not be like them.

Learn to manage these sensations and enjoy them with your partner. Moreover, there is nothing complicated in the techniques of the rear sex. As with any other intimate contact, there is the harm and benefit of the posterior penetration. These are two sides of the same medal, and how this medal will turn entirely depends on you and your partner.

The ancients also believed that the disadvantages of the rear contact are especially preparation. However, they always identified that by physical and emotional saturation there are no equal relations. Given our today’s knowledge, we can objectively answer the question – is anal sex useful. Stay with us, and you can verify this.

Anal sex and hemorrhoids

Before talking about the benefits of sex in the anus, we will dwell on the risks associated with it. We have to figure out whether an unconventional sex is allowed with hemorrhoids and whether hemorrhoids arise after the posterior penetration.

What is hemorrhoids and what does it happen to

Hemorrhoids are jokingly called a mysterious disease, because you yourself will not see it yourself and you will not show others.

In fact, the disease is associated with the congestion of venous blood and the expansion of blood vessels, which leads to the occurrence of hemorrhoids and cracks in the anus. Most of all, people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, regularly drinking alcohol and not too useful products, suffer from a disease.

The risk group also includes pregnant women and athletes who raise the severity. That is, anal sex and hemorrhoids have nothing to do with.

Moreover, there are even advantages of intercourse in the ass if hemorrhoids are absent or is in the stage of complete remission. If everything is done carefully and with a large amount of thick lubrication, the harm from non -traditional intima is completely leveled, but the rectum will receive an excellent soft massage that can improve blood circulation in this zone and gradually lead to the disappearance of the disease. The main thing is not to engage in it during the period of exacerbation, with existing cracks and nodes.

Preparation and hygiene rules

You see, you already understood a little what is the benefit of the rear penetration. Then you can finally make sure how useful anal sex is. To make it also safe, you need to know the rules of preparation and the basic principles of hygiene. If you and your partner will clearly follow the rules, you can regularly enjoy delightful non -traditional caresses.

So the most important rules are for you.

  • There is no unexpected anal sex, you need to prepare for anal sex!
  • To clean the intestines as much as possible in a natural way, a few days before sexual contact in the anus, abandon the sweet and large number of vegetables. Your diet should have meat, beans and grain.
  • A couple of hours before the proximity, go to the toilet and carefully rinse the anus using the anal shower of the Seven Creates Smart Wash Torque. Use for this a special gel with Shunga Aphrodisiacs, which will help you configure your ass on an intimate.
  • In no case do not use the enema to cleanse! She will only harm your intestines, because she will wash all the useful microflora from it. You need to clean only some 3-4 cm. This can be done using a special shower and special nozzles. They will help your ass get used to new sensations.
  • For washing it is better to prepare a special solution. To do this, boil water in advance and let it cool well. Then add a spoonful of lemon juice there, pour all this into a pear and take care of a soft cleansing of the intestines, using a comfortable nozzle for you.
  • During caresses and penetration, use a large amount of special lubricant, for example, Pjur Analyse Me or Wicked Jelle.
  • After your experiments, the anus is carefully rinse and grease it with a soft cream with panthenol.
  • Given that preparation in intercourse in the anus requires a lot of effort, it is better not to practice relations in the ass in nature or the rear penetration on the street.

    You can learn more about preparation from the video lesson “Love anal sex by 100%”

And these are the rules for your partner.

  • Before the member is in the anus of a woman, use all your knowledge in preliminary caresses. The partner should not only be heated, but be on the verge of orgasm. To do this, take her a session of soft erotic massage using Shunga massage oil. You both will surely like his sweet aroma of tropical fruits. Caress the clitoris, buttocks, anus and chest of your girlfriend. This will help her relax and tune in the right way.
  • Give her full cunnilingus. To do this masterfully, watch our video course “Kunnilingus techniques”. He will help you become the most skilled and desired lover.
  • Do not forget about Annilingus, that is, the affection of the anus with your favorite language. This will help her relax and trust you completely.
  • After you pre -warm it, make anus caresses with your fingers or using a small diameter toys – Christmas trees, vibrators, balls or beads. Try to arouse point K, which is located in the vagina of a partner at a depth of 3-5 cm from the entrance. This will help a woman experience an orgasm. Before use, toys must be treated with a special wedge like Fun Factory Toy Cleaner.
  • You can try to introduce a member only after your beloved is well heated, and the resistance of the muscles of the anus will disappear completely.
  • Never forget about a special lubricant! There should be a lot of it! It can be a thick lubricant Pjur Analyse Me or Pjur Back Door. A special spray Wicked Jelle, which contains Aloe-Vera and Panthenol, will help to relax the partner’s anus. In no case do not use tools with relaxing and analgesic effects – ice -core, benzocaine, etc., Since a woman should feel what is happening with her body, and if she does not feel, then there may be damage to the anus. In addition, the sensitivity in general decreases.
  • You can only enter the partner in the back in condom! This is the rule, and your safety depends on it! Since rectal bacteria fall into the urethics of a man and can develop various diseases, for example, urethritis or prostatitis.
  • Movements should be slow and smooth. In ancient Chinese treatises, they are compared with the movement of a drop of rain flowing along a sheet of wood. Constantly control your girlfriend’s sensations, follow her breathing. Pauses here are also very important.
  • If you want to enter the vagina of a girlfriend after the anus, be sure to change a condom to a new! This is the rule on which the health of your beloved depends.
  • You can find out in more detail by watching the video tutorial “Give her anal orgasm”.

How to do it correctly so that there is no hemorrhoids

So, we partially examined why anal sex is useful, and this also applies to the prevention of hemorrhoids.

So that hemorrhoids do not happen during the proximity in the ass, you need to clearly learn several prohibitions:

  • there can be no accidental penetration into the anus
  • If you feel discomfort in the anus, the posterior penetration must be excluded until completely restored the walls of the rectum
  • If you noticed blood during a trip to the toilet, refuse the rear sex
  • If you have a tendency to hemorrhoids, but at this time it is not expressed, you need to act extremely carefully, using a large amount of special thick lubrication
  • at the slightest discomfort, stop the experiment, agree on this with the partner in advance.

Is it possible to engage in anal with hemorrhoids

Given the previous prohibitions, you can unequivocally answer the question – is it possible to engage in non -traditional intimacy with hemorrhoids. Do it strictly forbidden! In your anus there is a huge number of bacteria participating in the digestion of food. When injuring intestinal walls, they can enter the bloodstream and lead to severe inflammatory processes. Therefore, until the exacerbation passes, the harm of the posterior relations for your health is obvious. You must understand: if you and your partner practice anal sex, harm or benefit, it will bring you – it depends only on you.

Is it possible to get pregnant from such sex

You and your partner are probably interested in whether it is possible to get pregnant with non -traditional intima. Perhaps one of the strongest arguments in favor of sex in the anus is considered the inability to get pregnant from him, of course, if lovers are not completely stupid.

The probability of sperm entering the vagina is possible only if the partner’s member of the partner after a seven ejaculation in the ass suddenly wants to penetrate the vagina of a woman.

There is also a small probability that sperm will suddenly flow out of the rectal passage and will fall into the vagina. As you understand that this happens, you need to dare well. Therefore, when asked whether it is possible to get pregnant during penetration in the ass, the answer is unequivocal – the probability of this is approximately 1/100% when using a condom.

By the way, this is the main reason why anal sex in Islam is common despite its strict ban. They most often sin by young unmarried girls, satisfying the passion for their lover. So they retain innocence and do not worry about a possible pregnancy.

Is it possible to do this during pregnancy

Despite the many positive aspects of intimacy in the ass, you should know that anal sex during pregnancy is very dangerous. It’s all about a significant load on the abdominal cavity in this type of intercourse. It is especially dangerous to engage in them if there is a threat of miscarriage or pregnancy is sufficiently difficult.

In this case, the consequences of non -traditional penetration can be completely unpredictable. If you want to get an answer to your question – whether it is possible to engage in posterior intimacy during pregnancy, it will be this: when you have everything in order with health, and pregnancy is smooth, you can do non -traditional intimacy with your man, but extremely carefully and extremely rarely.

Before practicing sex in the ass during pregnancy, you must definitely consult a gynecologist!

The benefits for a woman and the reasons be sure to try

So, you already know that women’s reviews about anal sex do not always reflect the real picture. Now you have to find out in more detail what is useful for intercourse in the ass and why we persistently advise you to learn how to do it correctly. It’s not only about the special pleasure or incredible proximity of partners during such caresses. The main benefit of intimacy in the ass is the “male” hormone testosterone, which is actively produced in the body of a woman only during her exercises in the ass. The secret is that frictions in the rectal passage actively stimulate the work of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for the development of this hormone.

You will probably ask – what does testosterone have to do with it, and why is it needed to be young? This is what the Great Simromye Truth lies in this. It is this hormone that is responsible for female libido and orgasms. That is, if a lady regularly practices an unconventional sex, she becomes more sensual, orgasmic, which means that it is desirable for men. That’s why among the ladies practicing the rear sex, there are plenty of mature women. These skills know a lot about love and in this way support their sensuality at the level.

Of course, you should know that there are 72 thousand nerve endings in the rectum. Just imagine, this is even 9 times more than in the clitoris! So, if you and your partner do everything right, follow the most important stages of hygiene and preliminary preparation, an orgasm of incredible power awaits you.

Is there any harm

Surely you are afraid when you think about the rear sex: is it harmful, will there be any terrible unpleasant consequences. Therefore, you certainly need to know how the intercourse in the ass is harmful in order to protect yourself and the partner.

I will have to repeat it right away – unconventional proximity with a pregnant woman is unacceptable without a doctor’s permission. He can bring real harm to a woman and the unborn child.

Despite the fact that the harm that the prepared penetration into the anus is completely far -fetched, there are moments that must be taken into account.

  • Non -traditional penetration without a condom, in addition, with an unfamiliar partner, can lead to infection with sexually transmitted and infectious diseases.

A huge number of bacteria are in the rectum that can lead to inflammatory processes even when in contact with a permanent partner. When using a condom, this danger is completely leveled.

  • Too intense frictions or unprepared intercourse into a rectal passing can lead to cracks and subsequent hemorrhoids.

Preliminary preparation, which is mentioned above, will relieve such negative consequences. If a woman is well excited and is on the verge of orgasm, the muscles of her sphincter are completely relaxed, therefore, with a gradual introduction of a penis there and a large amount of lubrication of the rectum wall will not be injured.

  • Healthy healthy sexual contacts in the ass is too frequent.

So that the question does not arise – whether it is harmful to engage in demolition in the ass, you need to remember that such experiments can be carried out no more than 3 times a month.

  • The enema washed out the microflora from the intestines, which can lead to constipation or dysbiosis.

We have already said above that the enema in preparation for rectal caresses is strictly prohibited! It needs to be replaced with a delicate anal shower.

  • You can never continue frictions if they cause a feeling of pain or discomfort.

You need to agree with the partner in advance that he will stop at your first signal.

  • The cause of pain may be incorrectly selected pose.

For beginners, the pose is most suitable when a woman lies on her side, and a man behind her. With some experience, you can try the knee-elbow pose. Never forget about the use of special thick lubrication!

What to do to make it useful

You and I have already examined whether pregnant women can have anal sex, and established that there will definitely be no benefits from such experiments. But the answer to the question – whether it is possible to have sex in the anus after childbirth – will be completely different. This is not only possible, but also necessary. A neat massage of the adrenal glands with such contact will rather restore the hormonal background of the woman. In addition, this is a worthy alternative to vaginal penetration, which can harm in the first months after childbirth. Of course, such intimate is possible only in the absence of hemorrhoids and cracks.

To understand what the rear sex is good and what is the benefit of it, talk to your partner. You will understand what pleasure such caresses give him and how much they are able to bring your pair closer.

Special techniques will fully help to enjoy the rear intimacy.

Exciting techniques:

“Sick” – putting two index fingers from above and below the rectal entrance, we make with both fingers slightly stretching movements. Further, the fingers begin to lightly tickle the entrance slightly.

“Circular movement”- pressing the index and middle fingers, we drive around the holes in the pope, stimulating the muscles of the vagina and relaxing the anus.

“Double pleasure” – a woman falls on her back. We put one finger into her back hole, and with the other hand we enter the vagina and guess the finger right up to rest at the point “g”. Fingers make simultaneous movements in the anus, pressing down we stimulate point “a” in the vagina, and bending the finger up – point “g”. Moving at the same time and pressing fingers create a very strong vaginal stimulation. At the same time, we rest the index finger on the clitoris and, moving our hand, periodically press on the clitoris.

Relax techniques:

Massage is done using a warm towel.

  1. “Boat”- folding two hands together with a boat we draw a soft movement of the boat up between the woman’s buttocks. Palms should be well lubricated so that the movements are pleasant and the hands really slide.
  2. “Skate” – putting the palms between the buttocks and tightly pressed one to the other, slowly put the hands in turn forward. The movement of the palms resembles the movement of the legs of the skater.
  3. “Trembling palm” – putting the palm between the buttocks on the rectum, we move the palm with the palm of the wave, so that the waves from this movement diverge from all female buttocks.

They will help your partner relax you and prepare your ass to penetrate.

In any case, you will have to wait with the introduction of a member in the ass. First you need to develop the entrance to the anus with the help of language and fingers. At this stage, do not forget about the lubrication of Pjur Back Door. You can enter a member only at the peak of the excitation of a woman, after the beloved ass stops completely, and the largest finger or vibrator will enter there freely. During the affection of the rectal entrance, you also should not forget about the clitoris and other erogenous zones.

To understand how to benefit from non -traditional caresses, watch the video tutorial “Love anal sex by 100%”. He will help you carefully understand this topic. For a man, the lesson “Give her anal orgasm” will be useful.

Reviews of women from the forum about anal sex

Now you know how beautiful non -traditional intimate caresses are. No matter how popular anal sex, “pros” and “against” this type of caresses will always exist simply because there are too many hypocrisy in the world. Judge yourself.

Viktorialand: Honestly, I tried it, but it became very, very painful and we stopped…..Here…Although some girls say that funny sensations, but I don’t know…

Bitch: we have never tried and in the near future we are not going! After all, everyone has different things, and I’m afraid of pain! 

Suzy: I don’t understand how you can make yourself do something through pain. Well this is how not to love yourself. To those who do not hurt, there are no questions. But this is not for me.

It is important to understand – if you decide to try the first sex in the ass, the forum is not an adviser to you. There most often you will find negative reviews about this and certainly will not get any useful tips. We suggest you perfectly master this practice in order to become a delightful mistress for his man.

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