The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

The best anal lubricants in the TOP 12 for 2017.

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream
Anal sex is impossible without the correct selected intimate lubrication. But today hundreds of lubricants are sold for such experiments. We have compiled a list best lubricants for anal sex. These are options that make the process pleasant, painless and hygienic. The best intimate lubricants for anal are always on sale in our store, and their price will pleasantly surprise you.

Approach to choosing a lubricant lubricant for anal

We took into account several criteria at once to highlight the best anal lubricants. Firstly, the texture. The substance should not be sticky. Cream, gel or spray should be evenly distributed over the skin and spend it economically.

Secondly, the bottle should be comfortable. In our list, lubricants for anal sex have large tubes that are very economical and small, for those who use the means not often.

Thirdly, the best intimate lubricants for anal should have a pleasant smell or be without it. Do not cause irritation on the skin. And have quality certificates. Only safe means entered the top of the best anal lubricants from

Top 12 lubricants for anal

Anal lubricant "You and me" "Intim Bluz"

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

The best anal lubricant should like users. Intim Bluz receives only positive reviews. This is a delicate gel produced in a dispenser bottle. It has no smell, it is easily applied. Its feature is blue. Lubrication is created for women, but men and men put it into practice. It perfectly softens the anus, makes the introduction painless and pleasant. It completely eliminates discomfort and reduces the risk of infections. The lubrication of “you and me” also differs at an excellent price. You can buy a bottle for funny money. This version of the lubricant is suitable for those who are not ready to overpay, but are looking for something high-quality. Produced in the world.

Aqua water -based lubricant – anal

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

Transparent smell lubricant entered the list of the best anal lubricants due to excellent cost and convenient volume. There are 100 ml of funds in the tube, and it is enough for many experiments. Lubrication is created for a narrow hole, but you can use it for vaginal sex. The product does not leave traces of bedding, does not stick and easily washed off with ordinary water. In texture – medium density, not too dense. The base is water, so as it dries, you can add a little means. The composition includes painkillers, but in order for them to start acting, the lubricant on the skin must be left for 10-15 minutes, and only then proceed to active caresses.

Anal cream-lord ACS

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

The best anal lubricants are often included “ACS”. This is a white lubricant with a delicate menthol aroma. Produced in different volumes. Large bottles with a dispenser, which allows you to more economically spend the cream. The texture of the product is very light, applied without effort. It is analgesic anal lubricant, so you need to apply it in advance. Created a silicone -based remedy. Do not use silicone sex toys. But the two bodies come into contact with her wonderful. It prevents the appearance of cracks in the anus even with very intense movements. After use, you have to wash off with soap or shower gel. But you can try anal in water with her, and the lubricant for such actions is ideal.

Silicone Silicone Gel Site – Anal

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

One of the best lubricants for anal on silicone basis are “Yes”. These are 3 types of lubricants for frequent use. The classic makes sliding light and smooth, relaxes the hole and gently nourishes the skin. The warming enhances sensations. With him, every touch seems more intense. Cooling, on the contrary, refreshes. Lubricants are made based on silicone, but in the composition they have hoods from plants. The smell of each lubricant is light grass. Also in vitamins A and E. They improve the regeneration of the skin, make recovery after sexual experiments quick. The peculiarity of the lubricants “Yes” is that it is not necessary to wash them off after application. They are completely absorbed into the skin.

Anal lubricant Pjur infeelse me! Comfort Water

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

Which anal lubricant is better, you can solve only by trying lubricants from Pjur. This is a quality composition with a jojoba extract. It protects the mucous membranes from damage, suitable even for very intense effects. Use pjur infelase me! Comfort Water can be condom. The composition does not destroy latex, as it is made on water -based. Suitable for sex toys from any materials. And with this composition you can even try fisting. This is a delicate gel that is created for sliding. And you can anesthetize the body with a special spray of the same brand for anal sex. Two products include the perfect result: no pain, no discomfort during anal and after it.

Anal cooling lubricant JO with anal h2o cool analges

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

Aelewoman for anal sex from JO will like newcomers. It makes the penetration very tender, protects the skin. Applied economically, does not dry out. Water -based lubricant in a 60 ml bottle. The packaging is not too bright, does not attract attention. Can be put on a shelf next to another cosmetics, and no one will pay attention. A feature of the best anal lubricant in a special cooling effect. This is very similar to a light tingling tingling, and if sex is without a condom, then both participants in the process feel this effect. Sliding and unusual sensations are the achievement of developers who have created a special formula for the perfect means for intimacy.

Gel-lubricant O`Kay for two

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

A series of lubricants O’Kay is a good solution for different sex. A special anal lubricant is created on a silicone basis. This is a gel that makes sliding smooth and light. Water -based lubricants are also suitable for penetration into the ass. They are quite thick, easily applied and also make movements comfortable. Plus this series is an affordable price. You can buy lubricants for Russian -made anal for a modest amount. There are options for different volumes from 25 ml. You can buy a small tube for a sample before purchasing a large package. The series also includes flavored lubricants, they should be chosen for anal to those who are confused by the smell. The delicate aroma of fruit will cross the natural fragrance of the body. Reviews about the anal lubricants of this company are positive.

Anal lubricant Anal Lube – Natural Lubricant Black with a dispenser

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

The legendary lubricant for anal sex has been considered the best for many years. This is the composition produced by the American company Doc Johnson. Anal Lube is a small bottle with a dispenser, inside a delicate gel on a silicone basis. A lubricant has been created for relaxation, its application allows you to relieve stress, which sometimes occurs when the anus is expanded. There are also disinfecting components in the composition, they are useful if sex occurs without a condom. And the lubricant prevents microtrauma, making any movements of neat. And also anesthesias the anus, but does not reduce the sensitivity. Consumed economically, does not require additive. Can be used in the shower or in the bathroom. But you will have to wash off the rest with soap.

Lubricant Shunga Toko Silicone

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

Silicone anal lubricant Shunga Toko Silicone is produced in Canada. The ideal velvety and very light texture makes this intimate lubricant for anal to the best slices of hundreds of others. Lubrication allows you to have sex for a very long time without adding a new portion of products. Does not evaporate. The medical silicone seems to envelop the skin, protecting it from any damage. Suitable for experiments in water. Shunga Toko Silicone is a lubricant for different types of caresses. Use it permissible even for massage. You can start stroking from the back, and then get to other places. The safe composition can even be entered into the body, and there will definitely be no irritation. This is not the cheapest remedy, but all our customers are satisfied with the purchase.

Gel-lubricant delight

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

Geli-Lubricants “delight” is produced by the Russian company “Bihythm”. These are high -quality compositions affordable. “Delight” is a series of water -based lubricants for different types of sex. The green version is a “delight” gel with vitamin B5, it is he who is responsible for the regeneration of cells. He does not just change the quality of movements, he cares for the mucosa. You can choose more options with propolis or silver. Incoming components will also feed delicate skin. The universal lubricant is convenient because it is suitable for vaginal and anal sex. Depending on the mood, you can try different caresses. And although there is no analgesic effect, sex with this tool is comfortable. Substances in different volumes are produced. There are small and large tubes in stock.

Viamax Water Glide Gel

, The best lubricant for anal sex | Best lubricant, gel, anal cream

The best anal premium lubricant is Water Glide by Viamax. The composition is available in Sweden, meets all European quality standards. Has a special acidic environment similar to the human body. Not just created for sliding, but very similar to human lubrication, the composition is almost identical. Among the included components there is scarlet faith. You can even swallow lubrication, it is absolutely safe. And you can also apply as a body cream, and it will nourish the skin. You can use this composition on water -based for any caresses, it is suitable for anal. There is no glycerol in the composition, which is very cool. And natural herbs that are used in production are selected with special care. This is an expensive and high -quality product for those who choose only the best solutions for anal sex.

Water -based lubricant Anal Superglide

Another high-quality lubricant for anal sex can be called the best due to high-quality sliding. It is made on water -based, but the sensations are such that movements occur in the oil. The product must be applied immediately before penetration. Can be used with latex, but it is only important that the lubricant does not get inside the latex product, this will cause a breakthrough of protection. Anal Superglide is suitable for use with sex toys. Traffic jams, stimulants, massagers will perfectly enter the body with such a composition. And all this is at an average price. But given that the volume of the tube is 100 ml, it is very profitable.

All lubricants who entered the top of the best anal lubricants can be bought in our store. We are presented with us at an excellent price. Delivery is anonymous and is carried out in any corner of Russia. All funds have quality certificates, suitable for frequent and intensive use. But natural components in the compositions can cause individual intolerance. It is recommended to conduct an allergy test before the first use.

If you still cannot decide which lubricant is better to buy, read the article about how intimate lubricants differ. This is a detailed guide that will tell about all the features of products for smooth sliding during proximity.

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