TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex.

If you were already interested in non -traditional sex and still decided to entrust your precious ass to the partner, then you perfectly understand that this is a completely specific type of pleasure that requires careful preliminary preparation.

In this case, it matters:

  • special hygiene (watch our video tutorial “How to prepare for anal sex”, “purification of the anus”;
  • preliminary sexual arousal;
  • the choice of the right posture;
  • use of a special condom;
  • slow smooth frictions;
  • the presence of a large amount of thick lubrication.

If you do not take care of this in advance, penetration in the ass can not only cause you pain, but also become a real threat to your health. With unprepared rude contact in the anus, cracks may occur, often leading to severe inflammatory diseases and bleeding. To avoid this, watch our video tutorial “Anal sex rules”.

Since, unlike the vagina, the rectum does not distinguish any natural secret, first of all you will have to figure out the choice of proper lubrication. It is she who will make the penetration pleasant and non -traumatic.

Of course, the best cosmetics for anal sex is a special and high-quality lubricant bought in an intimate store on water or silicone. He is able to improve his fingers, toys or a member in your priest and prevent microtrauma. It is worthwhile to beware of cheap fakes from the pharmacy, since not only can they turn into coils when interacting with the mucosa, not provide proper sliding, they can also cause a strong allergy or even a burn.

Even if your boyfriend was very impressed with shots from porn, where a male with a giant member deliberately spits on his piece, after which he immediately puts her in a partner’s ass, we sincerely advise you to refuse such experiments. The saliva of even the most beloved in the world of a man will not be able to protect your delicate ass from cracks and breaks. Therefore, you can safely put an ultimatum to him: or let him buy high -quality lubricant or not the rear intima.

That is, you understood how much special cosmetics are needed for anal sex, which of them are better, you can decide on the basis of our recommendations. Products for every taste will be presented here, and among them you will probably find what will suit you both. With their help, you can feel all the charm of unusual intimacy and learn to get an orgasm of priests with your partner.

What is anal cosmetics

First you have to find out what cosmetics for non -traditional intimacy are and what it happens. This includes the aus to wash the anus and the restorative creams, as well as all kinds of lubricants, allowing to relax and soften the muscles of the priests to make penetration easier.

High -quality cosmetics should have such properties:

  • Do not cause irritation
  • be combined with various condoms
  • maintain humidity throughout sexual contact
  • Provide the perfect sliding
  • have bactericidal characteristics.

. Therefore, they can also be divided by such criteria:

  • cooling – allow to slightly reduce the sensitivity of caresses and make intercourse a longer
  • warming – allow to slightly reduce the squeezing of the sphincter and make affection more sensitive
  • Relaxing – contribute to relaxing the rectal passage, ideal for the prelude
  • painkillers – contain an anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the anus and makes the penetration painless (we will immediately make a reservation, these cannot be used)
  • Taste – safe lubricants, which often have a berry or fruit taste, are especially suitable for lovers of anilingus
  • antibacterial – provide partial disinfection of the rectal passage.

Next, you and I will discuss which lubricant for anal sex is most suitable taking into account his safety and comfort of use. With him, you can enjoy exquisite caresses for your pleasure. Believe me, your partner will appreciate this!

Why are lubrication

As we have already said, the area of the anus is a very delicate and sensitive part of your body. In addition, even at the moment of superpower excitement, natural mucus does not stand out, as it happens in the vagina. Therefore, before immersing in the anus of fingers, toys, and even more so a member, you must definitely use a viscous thick grease. Moreover, the more it will be, the better and safer the penetration will be.

Lack of lubrication can lead to gratings, cracks and even more serious injuries.

Good cosmetics for the anus are especially needed if nature has awarded your partner with a large member, you experiment with a giant vibrator or hand for fisting. There should be a lot of lubricant. It must be used already during preliminary caresses, so as not to grind the delicate skin of the anus.

The same recommendations can also be given to men who practice unconventional sex as a passive partner. If you prepare well and use a large amount of lubrication, you can get an incomparable pleasure from the anus caress.

As well as quite heterosexual men who want to experience orgasm No. 2 – from the second heart of a man, that is, from the prostate. By the way, such an orgasm can be very, very strong, the men who tried it describe it as bliss. Watch our video tutorial on this topic “Prostate massage” to do everything right and with benefit. As for the benefit – such a procedure will help to avoid prostatitis and adenoma to a man, as well as increase his male force several times.

Which lubricant is better

The quality of the lubricant primarily depends on its components. The main lubricants used for caressing priests are three main types.

  • On fat and oil -based

These products are characterized by mild exposure, perfectly soften the walls of the anus and make sliding unhindered.

However, they have one serious drawback – they destroy latex condoms. If you do not want to deliver problems to yourself and your partner, you should not do non -traditional intimacy without protection. True, now on sale you can also find polyurethane condoms that are combined with fat -based products. At least so the manufacturer claims. If you do not want to bother about this, it is better to just refuse such products.

  • Water based

These funds can be called unconditional leaders mainly due to their low price and soft exposure. They are perfectly combined with condoms, remarkably washed off from the body and bedding, contain a minimum of auxiliary chemical components. Water lubricants often combine additional options, such as an analgesic or disinfectant effect, can have a pleasant taste and smell. Such products often use pairs combining intercourse in the ass with rimming.

  • So, we return to water compositions – these wonderful lubricants also have one very serious drawback – they are absorbed into the skin too quickly and dry out. That is, instead of completely immersed in the process, you will have to constantly be on the alert to add grease in time.

    • Based on silicone
    • This is what you need for cool non -traditional intimacy is one of the latest developments in this area. Such products can be used with condoms and toys. They are distinguished by excellent sliding properties, practically do not dry out and are not absorbed into the skin. That is, silicone lubricants are designed for prolonged use. Using them, you do not have to constantly interrupt during preliminary caresses or frictions. You can catch all the shades of sensations and fully enjoy each other.

    • Such products are suitable for use in water. This is a kind of bonus. With them you can practice unconventional sex in a bath, in a shower or even in a warm pool. Silicon covers the skin and mucous membrane of the anus with a thin layer, providing a slight relaxed sliding.

      However, silicone funds also have their drawbacks. They can get dirty and underwear, and they are also poorly washed off.

      Separately, you need to dwell on tools containing painkillers that affect the sensitivity of the nerve endings. More often they include benzocaine or ice cream.

      Carefully read the instructions, analgesic cosmetics for anal sex should in no case be used!

      A woman (or a man) should feel everything that happens in the anus, it should not be painful, otherwise the risk of injury is great. Plus a decrease in sensitivity can also reduce pleasant sensations from the process itself. You don’t want to go to the proctologist after the night of love?

      So we do not recommend using lubricants with anesthetics.

      How to use anal lubricants

      So that your ardent love act is not overshadowed by some surprises, you need not only to purchase high-quality lubricant, but also to learn how to use it correctly. To do this, use the following recommendations:

      • Pre -conduct a test to an allergic reaction, applying a lubricant to the bend of the elbow and observe if the product is irritated
      • Make sure that the product is compatible with the condom
      • thoroughly wash the anus on the outside and inside with the help of anal shower and water with lemon juice
      • Wipe their genitals dry and ass
      • Apply a lubricant to the rectal hole before performing preliminary stimulation with your fingers
      • Do the same before using beads, Christmas trees, traffic jams or vibrator
      • Before sexual contact, the lubricant needs to be applied in large quantities not only on your anus, but also on a partner member
      • It is better to always keep the tube at hand and add grease as necessary
      • After the finish, it is necessary to wash off the remnants of the product so that they do not cause irritation and do not become a rod of bacteria.

      Is it possible to use a petroleum jelly or something similar

      You probably heard more than once – you love sex in the ass, stock up with vaseline, etc.P. Of course, you can do it, but this does not respect yourself. First of all, Vaseline is a product of oil distillation, therefore it is able to cause severe irritation of the mucous membrane. It’s the same as to spread there with exhausted machine oil or diesel fuel. At the same time and disinfect.

      Someone tries for this purpose children’s massage oils and creams, thick jelly and glycerin mixtures, culinary oils and even banana broken by a blender. Well, these are their priests and their right! In the end, proctologists also want to eat :).

      Let’s hope that you are not ready to use a petroleum jelly for anal sex and that care for your own health is in the first place. Why invent a bike if everything has long been invented? In a pharmacy or a specialized store, you can purchase quite budget funds that will make an unconventional intimate comfortable and safe. At the same time, your priest will not suffer from irritation or injuries.

      Moreover, it is worth abandoning gels and shampoos. Yes, they will facilitate sliding for a while, but all this chemistry will absorb through the walls of the mucosa, and then you will not be able to sit normally for a few more days due to burning and itching.

      Remember once and for all – the lubricant should make penetration comfortable and safe with anal sex. As for all kinds of oils, petroleum jelly and creams, they have a fat base that destroys the already thin walls of the condom. Of course, you with a regular partner can take a chance and try out of unprotected sex, but the fact that he will then be treated for inflammation is a fact.

      A selection of the best anal lubricants from a sexologist

      Most likely, it is not easy for you to navigate and understand which cosmetics for anal sex is better. Therefore, we decided to simplify the task and present the most suitable means in our opinion. Products for anal were selected according to such basic criteria:

      • She shouldn’t be sticky
      • It should be evenly distributed and easily distributed over the skin
      • gel, spray or cream should be as economical as possible
      • The packaging should be convenient to use
      • funds should have a pleasant smell or not smell at all at all
      • The product should not cause irritation
      • it must certainly be certified.

      You can learn more about the first three lubricants from the list more from our video.

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Pjur Back Door Glide

      Want to go on erotic swimming on the waves of anal orgasm? Then you need this high -quality product with a relaxing effect based on silicone. It contains a jojoba and sandalwood extract, which help protect the skin during contact. He creates a thin film that perfectly protects the ass from rubbing and allowing partners to immerse themselves in the abyss of new sensations. Has excellent regenerative properties. Applied immediately before a love game and does not at all reduce the sensitivity. Almost not getting dirty! Remarkably interacts with condoms and other synthetic products. True, dear.

      We recommend! But do not use toys, silicone can damage them.♥♥♥♥

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Wicked Jelle

      A soft and convenient for use tool hybrid (water + silicone) with the optimal consistency will help you plunge into the gamut of sensuality and pleasure. Has remarkable sliding properties and is easily washed off. Thick enough, because you do not have to constantly interrupt. The composition includes aloe extracts and olive leaves that endow the product with nutrient and disinfecting properties. Beneficially affects the sensitive walls of the rectum and quickly restores them after intimual contact. Does not contain harmful glycerin and does not cause allergies. It goes well with latex products. If you need to add grease directly during intimacy, this can be done with one hand

      We recommend, but do not use toys either. ♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Aquaglide anal

      Hypoallergenic soft water -based gel without taste and smell with neutral pH from the most popular Joy Division manufacturer in Europe. Irreplaceable for sensual and insatiable lovers. Real German quality for lovers of long -playing caresses! Perfectly softens sensitive delicate skin, does not leave stains, compatible with latex products. Tested dermatologically and clinically.

      We recommend! You can also use toys with toys.♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex


      Delicate gel cosmetics for non -traditional sex containing jojoba extract. With her you can safely start all heavy). Suitable even for fisting and intense frictions in the ass. Provides a breathtaking sensual sliding. Thanks to water -based, it does not conflict with condoms and toys. Jozhoba perfectly relaxes and nourishes the muscles of the anus, and hyaluronic acid moisturizes and restores tissue. The price is somewhat high, but it is worth it.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      You and me intim bluz

      Awesome delicate gel for anal sex, placed in a comfortable bottle with a dispenser. Its feature is a pleasant blue color. It has no smell, perfectly softens the tissues of the anus, provides a delicate and pleasant reason. Has a disinfectant and light pain relief effect. Despite the fact that it was originally created for women, the product was also chosen by men. The gel is produced in the world and is extremely affordable. Since it is made on water -based, it can be used with latex and rubber products. You will apply once, and you can indulge in a love orgy for an hour.

      We recommend as a budget option. ♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Aqua – ANAL (HOT)

      An excellent universal medium -based lubricant, which is suitable for vaginal and non -traditional pleasures. Contains aloe extract, therefore it moisturizes and restores the mucous membrane well. Sold in a convenient bottle of 100 ml. As it dries and absorb it, it must be periodically added, but it does not dry out quickly. She does not stick, does not leave stains, does not conflict with toys and condoms. After use, the lubricant is easily washed off with clean water. It has an anesthetic effect, therefore it is necessary to apply it 15 minutes before sexual contact or the use of devices.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Bioritm ACC Cremanal

      This is one of the most popular silicone lubricants. It has a fairly light creamy texture and a pleasant menthol aroma, relaxes the muscles well. However, it includes strong painkillers that violate sensitivity, because the product is not worth using.

      We do not recommend ♥

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      “YESFORLOV COMFORT & Performance Anal Lubricant ”

      With these lubricants, you can get a whole gamut of emotions! A whole series, consisting of three -different sprays based on silicone. They include vitamins E and A, extracts from the healing plants of thyme, lavender, rosemary and tea tree. This determines their pleasant grassy aroma. Vitamins nourish the skin, make it elastic and resistant to rubbing. Herbs soothe well and heal the mucous membrane. The peculiarity of the YES lubricants is that they are very easily washed off after use, since their main part is absorbed into the skin. They are like that:

      • classic – relaxes the walls of the anus, improves sliding and nourishes the skin
      • warming – all the same, plus slightly enhances the sensation
      • cooling – allows you to slightly slow down the process and gives a feeling of freshness.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Durex Play Pina Colada

      This gel is intended for those who like to combine oral joys, rimming and anal sex, the product has a pleasant aroma of coconut-ananas and a sweet taste. It can also be used for any intimate caresses and erotic massage. Some users note its slightly sticky texture and the fact that it leaves behind spots, which of course is not too pleasant. Another drawback of it is high fluidity. That is, this cosmetics is not too suitable for constant use, rather as a dessert. Made on water -based, because it can be used with condoms, vibrators and various devices. It is not worth using it for rectal sex. Durers is not at all famous for the good quality of products, they tend to slide.

      We do not recommend ♥

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      ANAL H2O Cool from System Jo

      Jo popular lubricant has a slightly cooling effect. Despite its water base, it does not dry out for a long time and provides a slight sliding for a long time. Thanks to the menthol, the cooling effect is perceived as a slight pleasant tingling effect, which adds to the sensations of novelty. Affordable and generally pleasant. Who likes the chill – just right.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex


      This is also a whole series of lubricants of domestic production. They are also represented by anal products based on water and silicone. They are distinguished by thick gel texture, the composition contains capril-cable, triglyceride, water, higher fatty alcohols, glycerin, propyllabin. This series also includes fruit aromas. All of them are of low price and poor quality.

      We do not recommend ♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Anal Lube Natural from Doc Johnson

      This product from Doc Johnson can be called legendary. It is loved by real masters of anal. Delicate thick silicone -based gel placed in a comfortable bottle with a dispenser. He has a delightful relaxing effect to help relieve tension from the walls of the rectum and make them more elastic. The composition of the gel includes disinfecting components that allow some lovers to practice unprotected penetration. True, this only partially reduces the risk of infection, but does not completely remove it. The composition includes petroleum jelly, so the gel is not compatible with latex. Has a gel and a slightly analgesic effect, but does not reduce the sensitivity of nerve receptors. Economical and convenient to use.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Shunga Toko Silicone

      Incredible intimate cosmetics is produced in Canada. It is distinguished by a delicate and velvety texture, easily applied to the body, not evaporated and is not absorbed, which makes it very economical and convenient to use. With her, it seems that you fall into the arms of the best erotic massage therapists in the world, so touches become tender and sensual. Perfectly protects the skin and mucous membrane from damage even during violent intercourse. Its silicone base allows the use of the product in water. Surely you dreamed of doing this in a jacuzzi or even at heart. The tool cannot be called cheap, but it costs the money spent.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥♥

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex


      Another series of universal lubricants from the Russian brand. All of them improve the quality of sex and delicately care for the mucosa, as the manufacturer promises. Depending on the choice, the product may include various components – silver, propolis, vitamin B5. They help to care for the skin, quickly restore it, lubricants have a water base, which makes them compatible with latex products. Inexpensive option for beginner users, we do not promise a long sliding.

      We recommend ♥♥♥

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Viamax Water Glide

      This is a premium tool made in Sweden. By acidic environment, it fully corresponds to the human body, therefore it does not cause irritation (the manufacturer writes about this). There is an aloe vera and healing herbs, does not contain glycerol. The product is made on water -based and is suitable for any caress except priests, as it quickly dries on the skin and does not provide a long slip.

      We do not recommend ♥


      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex


      This water-based miracle-founder can be called a real discovery. Makes it so pleasant thick texture. It is suitable for any caresses, including a pleasant non -traditional penetration. So, having bought it, you forever say goodbye with discomfort in bed. It provides unhindered sliding and effective protection of the mucosa. Now you can experiment with any toys without worrying about their preservation.

      We recommend ♥♥♥♥♥ anyway

      Many types of cosmetics are sold in small packages. If you have not yet decided on the choice, it is better to take it for a sample. The same can be said about special means that have a specific smell and taste. As soon as you have preferences, you can save by buying volumetric bottles.

      Whether the lubricant is laundered

      In order to have fewer problems with washing and washing after the love orgy, it is better to decide right away – where you are going to do this. Accordingly, you can choose cosmetics based on water or silicone. In extreme cases, it makes sense to protect bedding from getting a means.

      Of course, if you wish, you can wash everything. It is important how much effort will have to be attached to this. The easiest way is to wash off water -based products. You can get rid of them, just enjoying after sex a joint shower. Such funds do not leave stains on lower and bedding, which is also very pleasant.

      After using products on the silicone, you will feel like a pig, by the way, your partner too. To wash off your lubricant, you will have to use a soft soap or gel for intimate hygiene. If you do not worry about protective measures in advance, after sex you will have to wash bedding and clothes.

      Means, which include oils and fats, also cause no less troubles. They leave poorly spent spots. However, it is generally better not to use them, since they are not at all friends with latex products.

      Creams for anal

      You already know what cosmetics to use for non -traditional sex is undesirable. Of course, we are talking about heavy creams. Almost all creams include oils and fats. Although it is comfortable to engage in non -traditional intimacy with them, but there can be no question of any protection. Do you want your beloved after your tenderness to get severe inflammation and go to the urologist? Of course not. So draw conclusions.

      In addition, the fat layer envelops the cells of the mucosa and does not allow them to breathe freely. Therefore, it is better to stock up on something more suitable.However, if you wish, you can find a cream for anal sex, which is made on the basis of silicone and does not contain fat components. Here we will give several options.

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      Pjur Power

      The manufacturer assures that the gel has sliding and protective properties, deodorizes, anesthesia and kills microbes, perfectly relaxes the muscles of the anus, reduces friction. Well, we tend to trust him. The tool is completely compatible with any synthetic products, including condoms. Cream -shaped (generally more like whipped cream), the consistency allows you to literally dose the right amount by millimeters. With him you can get just an enchanting orgasm of priests.

      , TOP-20 of the best anal lubricants for perfect sex

      HOT ERO ANAL BACKSide Cream

      If you have fear of non -traditional intimacy, it’s time to put an end to this. You can not be afraid with this cream! Thanks to the extracts of St. John’s wort, aloe, soy, olives, barbadensis, the primrose and meadow mint, you can not be afraid of the appearance of microtrauma and subsequent inflammation. The cream gently nourishes the mucous membrane and quickly restores it after sex, provides soft delicate sliding, relaxes the tight muscles of the sphincter. With him, penetration becomes much more pleasant and sensual. Compatible with toys and latex products.

      As you can see, if you rummage in a huge list of products offered today for non-traditional penetration, you can find something yes.

      How not to be mistaken when choosing an anal lubricant brand?

      Let’s hope you already understood a little what cosmetics for anal sex can please your sweet ass. When you try different types of special tools, you can develop your own opinion about them. In the meantime, to make it easier for you to decide, we offer additional landmarks. So that the products are intimate for anal sex to meet the necessary parameters, it is better to look for it from trusted manufacturers. It can be domestic or imported brands. The main thing is that they are confirmed by numerous positive reviews and they could be trusted. So, pay attention to the products of such brands.

      1. Pjur is a German manufacturer, the products cannot be called too cheap, but it is definitely high -quality and convenient to use.
      2. Wicked – a company from the USA, which also specializes in the production of adult films Wicked Pictures, has been helping pairs for more than 20 years, introducing diversity to their sex life.
      3. Joy Division is a German company producing products only from natural components. She can safely entrust her ass.
      4. Shunga – Canadian manufacturer whose products are widely known all over the world. He offers the best anal lubricants.

      Most of the products contain the inscriptions of Extrem, Anaalove, Strong, Ana, Back, Creanal, which just indicate their special composition and purpose. You can also use a product with the inscription Fisting.

      That you can not use with anal sex

      To fully consolidate the topic, we will repeat.

      • Never have anal sex without lubrication or using saliva
        • In any case, to soften the anus and simplify the penetration, you need to use all sorts of cosmetic and culinary oils
          • Do not use fat -based creams for this purpose
            • Never buy cheap products from dubious manufacturers
              • When buying each time, pay attention to the expiration date of the product and the composition
                • If you are the owner of too sensitive skin, choose transparent gels without smell and taste, which includes a minimum of ingredients
                  • If irritation has appeared, murder cosmetics with warm water with a soft detergent and take an antihistamine drug
                    • If some intimate products causes you excess dryness of the walls of the rectum, replace the one that contains hyaluronic acid
                      • Do not use lubrication on silicone with sex toys
                        • In no case do not take lubricants with an analgesic effect.
                        • These recommendations will allow you to enjoy the process at 100% and give your partner unforgettable intimate moments.

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