What are anal balls for?

What are anal balls for?.

Anal balls are spheres of different diameters connected to one chain. The size of the spheres depends on their location in the chain, the diameter of the balls increases as it approaches the opposite end of the chain. Anal balls are intended for introduction to the anus. In skillful hands, this cunning design can bring great pleasure.

How to deliver pleasure to yourself with anal balls?

The chain is introduced into the anus, on which larger balls are located. The introduction of balls should be gradual and leisurely, the rectum must be used to the extraneous object. Pleasure comes with the gradual withdrawal of anal balls. When one of the balls leaves the anus, it extends the sphincter – the ring muscles that lock the anus. After the ball releases, the sphincter is reduced, and then expands again under the pressure of the next. Alternating expansion and contractions of the sphincter and are a source of pleasure. The ability to achieve orgasm with anal balls has been reliably proven. However, do not count on a fast result. In order to learn how to enjoy using the anal chain, you need to train for a long time.

, What are anal balls for?

Rules for using anal balls

Sexual practices using anal balls require compliance with certain precautions. With the improper use of the anal chain, pain may occur or even injury to the rectum. First of all, it is worth remembering that the anal chain is an individual tool that can not be borrowed to anyone. Various diseases transmitted by sexual and domestic routes are able to persist on the surface of the balls for a long time.

In order to exclude the likelihood of infection with various infections, it is necessary to wash the balls with soap before using them. You can use anal chain only with a lot of lubrication, it is advisable to choose a lubricant with antibacterial properties. Without lubrication, balls will enter well and go through the anus.

In the event of the slightest pain, it is worth suspending your actions. You can resume anal masturbation when the pain passes completely. With strong pain, it makes sense to call an ambulance.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which anal balls are made. Silicone balls are safe for the body and are pleasant to the touch, but they cannot be used with silicone lubricant, it spoils them. It is better not to use balls with a nylon connecting thread. It is hard to wash such a thread, the likelihood of a break is not excluded. Use anal balls fastened with nylon thread without a condom, not worth. Also, the condom can be used to soften sensations. It is worth being very careful using a chain if there is no limiter at its end. A chain that failed in the rectum may have to be taken out in the hospital.

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