What lubricant is better for anal sex? How to choose anal lubricant.

What lubricant is better for anal sex? How to choose anal lubricant..

, What lubricant is better for anal sex? How to choose anal lubricant.

Anal sex – a piquant lesson that requires careful preparation. When choosing suitable intimate toys, do not forget that a special anal lubricant should be used. Without the use of such a means, a romantic night can turn into a very painful and cruel experiment. But it is after the first unsuccessful experience that many girls refuse anal penetration.

That you can not use anal lubricant? What should not be anal lubricant?

First of all, remember that the following options are unacceptable:

  • Using saliva. This is completely ineffective and unpleasant.
  • Use of shampoos, shower gels, cosmetic cream. Not only useless, but also an unsafe occupation. Chemicals that make up such drugs can cause irritation of the mucous membrane.
  • Use of petroleum jelly. Long -term sexual contact will lead to unpleasant sensations. In addition, Vaselin destroys latex from which most condoms are made.

Is an ordinary lubricant suitable for anal sex?

Many people today are trying not to bother to search for special lubricants for anal sex. They prefer lubricants who are designed for vaginal penetration. However, do not forget that such funds dry out quickly enough. In addition, only anal lubrication is characterized by good healing properties.

, What lubricant is better for anal sex? How to choose anal lubricant.

Varieties of anal lubricants

Depending on the composition, the following types of lubricants are distinguished:

♦Silicon -based lubrication. These are liquid and fairly slippery lubricants that are suitable even for beginners. Suitable not only for anal sex, but also for the use of intimate toys, which contains no silicone. At the same time, silicone lubricants do not wash off too quickly and do not dry out.

♦ Water -based lubricants. The most common variety of lubricants. Such funds are well absorbed and do not cause any unpleasant sensations. Ideal for use with condoms. Water -based lubricants can be used to introduce various sexy toys. It is worth remembering that in the process of anal sex, such a lubricant will periodically need to add. The obvious advantage of water lubricants – Affordable cost.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that lubricants are produced in various types:

  • Sprays. As a rule, these are water -soluble agents without adding fat. Easy to spray. Applied to the anus area and the penis.
  • Gels. Classic lubricants. Presented in a large assortment. Often contain vitamins.
  • Cream. The optimal solution for beginners. Not absorbed too fast. Help to relax the muscles of the sphincter as much as possible. Economically spent.

Additives in anal lubricants

The composition of anal lubricants often includes some special components. Consider the most popular:

  • Menthol. It is necessary to create a pleasant cooling effect. This allows you to get rid of unpleasant sensations. A good option for the first anal experiments.
  • Ground pepper extract, cinnamon. These ingredients create a warming effect, which can significantly enhance sexual desire. Increase blood flow to erogenous zones.
  • Jozhoba extract. Such lubricants provide the necessary relaxation of the anus muscles.
  • Extracts of strawberries, cherries, banana. Berry or fruit aroma will make proximity even more pleasant.

Select a lubricant taking into account personal preferences. It is also important that the experience of anal sex or the advice of a specialist. As a rule, in order to find a good lubricant, you need to try several lubricant options. When choosing a product, be sure to ask your partner’s opinion and find out if he has an allergy to any components.

We wish you successful searches and vivid impressions!

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