What pose to choose for anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

What pose to choose for anal sex?.

Anal sex should bring pleasure to both a man and a woman. And for this you need to prepare correctly, act slowly and carefully and, of course, choose the most advantageous pose. Today we decided to make a selection of the most convenient poses for sensual anal sex for you. Each of them will help to achieve vivid orgasms and get unusual pleasant sensations.

What poses are suitable for anal best

A distinctive feature of anal sex from vaginal is that frictions in this position in the first minutes cannot be sharp, strong or accompanied by too deep penetration. That is, a man must always keep the situation under control, so that if any difficulties arise, stick a member from the anus as soon as possible.

The specifics of the penis comes in: it must be directed at a certain angle. Otherwise, it is easy to cause a partner pain, injure it or cause other complications. In addition, rarely what woman (especially at first) enjoys stimulating only the anus and rectum only. Therefore, it is very important to choose such positions in which he can additionally caress his breasts, hips and most importantly – the clitoris of the partner.

Anal sex, if you approach it correctly, can give great pleasure both in pairs. Yes, sometimes you can’t get an orgasm the first time. But to facilitate the relaxation and expansion of the anus, prepare it for active actions by different sex toys. For example, a small anal plug or beads will not only be an excellent prelude, but also relax a woman, will allow her to enjoy the proximity and evaluate new sensations. And which pose of all is suitable for you – it’s hard to say. Try them all and follow the sensations. There is a high probability that one or two of them will become the most beloved, while others will be an excellent addition not only with vaginal, but also with anal sex.

“Doggi Style”

This is one of the main poses that most women and men like. It is universal, suitable for couples with various preferences and tastes. The woman kneels and elbows on the bed, and the man stands nearby on his knees and enters her from behind. One of the variations of this posture, which also has a large number of fans, is a woman on her knees and elbows (or relies on the bed with hands), and the man stands on the floor.
Both of these options provide The most deep penetration both in the anus and in the vagina. Therefore, they are suitable for different types of sex. This is one of the favorite poses to penetrate the anus in hetero and in the same -sex pairs, as well as for sex three or group. She Suitable for both experienced and absolute beginners In anal.

In addition, its advantages can be considered the following factors:

  • Both partners can control the situation;
  • It is easy for a man to stimulate other erogenous zones of a woman;
  • A woman can independently make movements, set the depth of penetration and the pace of frictions;
  • a magnificent overview of the entire female body and visual pleasure from contact;
  • Easy to use toys.

When using Doggi Style in anal sex, you need to be as careful as possible. This position opens up wide opportunities for a man and a woman. The selection of the angle of entry, speed, depth depends entirely on partners. And improper preparation for such sex or too active partner actions can lead to unpleasant consequences., What pose to choose for anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

Security guard

This is an amazing pose for anal sex, which also Suitable for almost everyone. At the first time, penetration in this position will be a little more complicated than in Doggi Style, but with experience you will love her for convenience and amazing sensations from intimacy. Taking this situation is simple: a woman stands with a man with his back, and he hugs her from behind. At the same time, a woman leans on him, and he can calmly kiss her on the lips and neck, caress his shoulders, chest and hips, bite the skin, and also reach the clitoris. To introduce a member was more convenient, a woman should spread her legs a little.

This position is suitable for games in the bedroom, in the shower and other places where you can have sex. Yes, even going to the balcony will become a romantic adventure if you decide to indulge in caresses in this pose. It is suitable for partners of different complexions, tastes and views on sex. It will be inconvenient only if a woman is much lower than a man.

And if the partner herself wants to actively participate in the movement, then it is enough just to find a support in front of him, for example, rest on the wall. In addition, it is convenient to use sex toys in the “guard” pose.

On the chair

This position is suitable for both beginners and already experienced partners who love anal. For sex best Choose a bar stool. But, of course, you can use other options. The woman sits facing the back of the chair, holds on to her. Her buttocks hang a little, which makes it possible to alleviate the penetration of a man who comes from behind.

An additional plus of this position – a girl can actively participate in frictions, regulate the depth and speed of the penis, change the angle. And it is convenient for a man to stimulate other erogenous zones of his partner, for example, a clitoris or breast. The bar stool is stable, so you can not worry that you will fall. If you use other options, then make sure that there is an additional support for the woman’s hands, and the design itself does not collapse at the most inopportune moment. Also note that it is convenient to play role -playing games in this position. A woman with high heels and in beautiful underwear will look very sexy and seductive., What pose to choose for anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

Like a frog

This is another easy and convenient position that is suitable for partners with different complexion and tastes. It can be used for vaginal and oral sex. This is one of the varieties of Doggi Style, but it has several significant differences. A woman in this pose stands on the bed on her knees and lies on her chest. A man at this time stands behind her on one knee, and holds the second leg bent.

Among the main advantages of the pose, it is worth noting the following:

  • a woman practically does not get tired;
  • A man opens up an excellent review and the ability to stimulate almost all the erogenous zones of the partner, hold her by the hips, shoulders or hair;
  • Both partners have a good support, which means that there is no risk to fall and injure.

Most often, a woman in such a pose takes a passive part, completely indulges in enjoyment. This position is perfect for men who love to be active And to see everything in the process, as well as couples who like to often change poses. You still definitely need to try it to those who like as much as possible Deep penetration.


This pose is considered classic and perfect for the very first anal penetrations. Especially she will like those who practice sex in the room where someone else is sleeping. Both partners lie on their side, the man hugs a woman behind. Both have a bent legs. She lifts one leg, and he slowly introduces the penis inside. Among the advantages of this position, it is worth noting its convenience for couples in which both partners like to keep control of the situation. The introduction of a member in the “spoons” will also be Not deep, What some women really like.

The woman is lying

This position is suitable for both beginners, and for those who have long practiced anal sex. It is a little uncomfortable when a man has a small penis size, since it does not provide deep entry. Do not choose it for the first anal sex, since you need to adopt and have at least a little experience in anal.

Woman lies on the stomach on the bed. The whole body has a support. She lifts the pelvis a little (for this you can use a pillow or hold it by weight). Also, for comfort, you can slightly spread your legs. The man slowly enters the anus from behind. At the same time, he stands on his knees, rests on the bed with elbows or hands.

In this position The leading role belongs to the man. It is he who sets the depth and pace of intercourse, selects a suitable angle. It is convenient for a partner to use various toys and accessories in such a pose, you can caress the back, chest and other erogenous zones, bite and iron a woman., What pose to choose for anal sex? | Questions about anal sex


This is one of the most popular poses for vaginal and anal sex, where a woman is as active as possible, and a man only enjoys his sensations and a great view of a moving partner. He lies on his back on the bed, and she sits facing him on top, bending her legs under herself. This position is more suitable for experienced in anal, since requires dexterity and endurance.

The main advantage of the pose is the rider is a complete Control over the situation belongs to a woman. It will be convenient to look at the partner and caress her, his hands will be absolutely free and he will be able to reach them anywhere. And toys are used in this position is very convenient. The disadvantage of the “rider” is that a woman in this position can not always relax enough and quickly gets tired.

There is another position almost as popular and similar to this pose. This “Ridge on the contrary”, when a man lies the same, and a woman sits on him with her back.

Full control or officer posture

This position requires good experience in anal, but can also be used in inexperienced partners. The main thing in it is a good preparation for sex, a sufficient amount of lubrication, slow penetration and complete confidence in a man. The pose is not suitable for couples in which the partner suffers from excess weight or has weak hands.

A woman lies on her back on the bed, raises her legs on the shoulders of a man. At the same time, the partner is on his knees and rests on his palms. Control in this position is completely belongs to a man, and penetration can be as deep as possible, Additionally stimulated point g. Moreover, a partner can caress the woman’s breast and clitoris, kissing her, bringing her maximum pleasure.


This pose is suitable only for experienced partners. And both must have good endurance. A woman stands in the classic “Doggi Style” with her hands on the bed. And a man occupies a position behind her. He inserts a member into the anus, and then wraps around her pelvis and raises her legs above the floor. A man takes control of the situation completely into his own hands, regulates the angle of introduction of a member, speed and depth of penetration. Unfortunately, he will not be able to stimulate other erogenous zones of a woman in this position., What pose to choose for anal sex? | Questions about anal sex

Questions about poses for anal sex

There are many women who do not like anal sex at all or do not get pleasure from it without additional stimulation of the clitoris. There are others that only anal gives an orgasm. The same applies to poses – it is impossible to give unambiguous recommendations here. For some, indeed, only one main position is suitable, for example, Doggi Style, while others often like to replace one position after another. If you want a variety, then you have several options: try new variations of your favorite pose, add toys for additional stimulation or try new roles and positions, returning at the end of sex to her beloved so that the woman will accurately receive an orgasm. At the same time, it is important to listen to her sensations, do not insist on continuation, if it hurts.The first experience of anal sex rarely brings a woman to orgasm. But over time, many girls note that he brings more and more pleasure, provided that the partner is trusted and properly preparation for intimacy. If you decide to have anal sex for the first time, then use small anal traffic jams to prepare the anus (you can combine with vaginal sex) or other toys. If you choose from poses, then give preference to those in which a woman will have a support, but at the same time can move herself, will feel free. For example, the “spoon” pose and various variations of “Doggi Style” are well suited.If you prefer posts where you are passive, and a man loves only your activity, then it will be difficult to choose a compromise solution. The first thing to do is to talk frankly. And then experiment. Be sure to try the positions where you can be both active, for example, a “guard” or sex on a bar chair. There is one more option – during anal sex, from time to time, change the position so that you and your partner have time to enjoy both you and your partner.If you have no contraindications, then even during pregnancy you can have anal sex. The rules should be observed at the same time the same as before pregnancy. The main thing is to choose the right pose so that there is no pressure on the stomach and excessive load on your body. While the term is small, you can use almost all possible positions. Please note that not in all cases you can do deep penetration – it depends on the anatomical features of the structure of a woman and man. But in the II and III trimester, it is better to have anal sex in the “spoons” pose or standing in the position of “guard”. Some couples until the end of pregnancy are engaged in anal only in Doggi Style. Try what is suitable for you, but be careful. And feel free to seek a doctor’s advice.

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