Which sex toy to choose for the first anal sex? | Questions about sex toys

Which sex toy to choose for the first anal sex?.

, Which sex toy to choose for the first anal sex? | Questions about sex toys
There are many sex toys for anal sex, but with which you should start? Which device to choose for paired experiments, and what is ideal for masturbation? Recommendations for the selection and use of toys for the anus, the best models for sensory experiments.

Why use a sex toy for the first time

The first anal can be the beginning of a large and interesting story, if everything goes painlessly and pleasant. Or it can cause a complete denial of such a type of sex if something goes wrong if it is unpleasant. That is why the first experience should be comfortable and correct.

Modern sex toys help to prepare the anus. They expand the anus gradually, allow you to do this painless and easy. It’s easier to have fun with them than using only a penis. And if you choose for the first experience Correct accessories, even a very bright orgasm may happen.

How can the first anal sex occur

It is important to understand that there are no clear rules, which is anal stimulation and what is not. It is not even necessary to immerse something inside to use such a name. Light touches of the intaculate area is also anal, although it seems to someone not true to someone.

Anal sex is a process not only in pairs. Masturbation is also sex, but only with oneself. Therefore, it is important to understand what actions can take place for the first time. And it can be very different scenarios:

  • Anus’s caresses outside. With the help of hands, tongue or sex toys, you can activate many nerve endings around the hole. The first experiments will not be the brightest, but gradually the sensations will become more intense and desired. This is an opportunity to “wake up” new experiences.
  • External stimulation and immersion of a small object. The anus does not need to be stretched hard, sometimes it is enough to enter a finger or a small anal plug. This will give a feeling of fullness and expansion, which is very pleasant. In this case, there will be no resistance or pain. Often this effect is combined with stimulation and other erogenous zones.
  • ., Which sex toy to choose for the first anal sex? | Questions about sex toys
    .Gradual expansion of the hole and immersion of a large object. You can enter into anus and something more significant in size. But it is not at all necessary to make any movements. For example, a prostate massager, a vibrating anal plug can be immersed in the body, and then you only need to turn on the fluctuations so that it becomes pleasant.
  • Active movements in the anus. Penetration or progressive movements – most often this is called “anal sex”. But this is not the only option, and not everyone has the most beloved. But you can perform movements throughout the act, or only at the end, for example, pull out anal balls.

What will be your anal experience – decide for yourself. This is always more interesting with a partner, it causes more emotions, but it is important that the views on what is happening coincide. If it is scary to try together, you can realize the plan in solitude. This will allow you to understand that pain or discomfort is a sign of erroneous actions. And if everything is done right, it will be nice.

Which sex toy to choose for the first time

Beginners are recommended to buy sex toys with several parameters. They are important in use, they must be taken into account before buying.

  • Diameter. Start with a size of no more than 3 cm. This diameter allows you to adapt, understand your sensations. In this case, there will be no injuries or serious pain in violation of safety precautions. Options with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm are too small, they exist, but are almost not felt inside.
  • Material. Should not be porous so as not to absorb smells and discharge. It is important that it is easy to wash, since you need to clean the toys after each use. A good solution is silicone, it is pleasant to the touch, well -slip. More glass is suitable, metal.
  • Quality. The toy should be safe. Therefore, it is worth buying things from proven brands. They have quality certificates, meet world standards, suitable for frequent use. You need to choose toys in a trusted store so as not to run into a fake that can be dangerous for health.

These three parameters are important when choosing a toy type. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase things in Intimshop.ru, where only the best intimate things from the leading world brands are collected., Which sex toy to choose for the first anal sex? | Questions about sex toys

The most popular anal toys for beginners

Most often for the first time they buy anal plug. Even such a section is – anal traffic jams for beginners. They have a cone -shaped shape, which allows you to introduce it into the body gradually. With light movements it is pushed inside, and then simply left in the body.

But traffic jams are not the only thing that can be used for the first time. Anal balls, anal Christmas trees and special stimulants are still suitable for experiments. You can use even a regular dildo, if you want precisely movements.

How to choose the best model for the first time and how to use – read on.

Anal traffic jams. Types and features of application

The traffic jam is not developed for active movements inside. When it is used, first a gradual expansion of the hole occurs, but then it closes a thin leg of the cork around, and it is very comfortable and convenient. The device is felt inside, it gives light pressure on the walls. But there are no unpleasant emotions.

The cork can have a special relief on the surface, this gives more pleasant sensations when immersed in the body. Ribs, ledges, expansion and narrowing are developed for better massage.

The cork allows you to get used to objects in the anus. The body resistance is held, which can be for the first time. The feeling that “I want to go to the toilet” gradually passes. And then you can already go to other toys for more active actions.

Anal traffic jams with vibration

The traffic jam with vibration gives more emotions. Turn on fluctuations simply, while excitation waves will appear throughout the body. The more speeds and modes, the more fascinating the adventure.

In addition to vibration, rotation, electrical stimulation, and the effect of rimming may be present. All of them are useful and exciting. And can cause more orgasms than active movements in the anus.

You can combine vibration in the anus with masturbation or vaginal sex. The sensations will be three -dimensional, they will definitely be remembered.

Anal crystals

Anal plug with a beautiful crystal at the base is Body decoration. But this is the opportunity to feel fullness and severity. You can choose a heavy or easy cork to regulate your sensations.

Crystals today are flat and voluminous. They may look like a three -dimensional heart or rose. A drawing or inscription may be hidden in the stone. For example, there are models with zodiac signs. And this is convenient, because such sex toys are very often presented as a gift.

Anal tails

The tail for the anus is suitable for the first time. It allows turn into someone, become a new character. And although it is just an anal plug, it does not change physical sensations, but affects the mood. In seconds, you can become a bunny, lioness, cat or unicorn.

The anal tail happens with a smooth or fluffy fur, with natural or artificial. The cork is made of glass, metal, silicone.

Anal stimulants

Designed for progressive movements, for tangible frictions. Used for masturbation or before immersing the penis into the body to prepare it.

The main feature of the models is The presence of a convenient limiter. It does not allow to enter too deep so that the sex device does not get in the body. Most often the limiter also serves as a pen to direct movements.

The more pronounced relief on the surface, the tangible the massage of the sphincters. And the tougher the toy, the more intense each movement. Therefore, beginners are recommended toys with medium flexibility, they are better adjusted to the body.

Anal balls

Anal balls are suitable for the first anal sex. This is a flexible chain with several links. They can be of different or the same size. They are immersed in the body gradually, and then removed in one movement.

It is ideal to start taking balls a couple of moments before orgasm. And then the sensations will be even brighter at the time of the peak. But in order to learn this, you will have to practice, it is difficult to catch the right moment. But such a skill will give a lot of unusual sensations, will cause a real delight At the partner.

Anal Christmas trees

Anal Christmas tree is a series of links on a stiff coupling. It can be introduced and get out many times. It is important before use to make an enema so that the process is hygienic.

The Christmas tree is good Massifies the anus. Moreover, it is small in size. Stimulation is felt bright, but without severe stretching. With a sufficient amount of grease, the process is very pleasant for both women and men.

Prostate massagers

There are sex toys only for men. These are prostate massagers. They massage the iron, which causes very pleasant sensations. At the same time, they also perform another important function – they help in the prevention of prostatitis. With regular use of the massager, the probability of inflammation is reduced.

Prostate massage in a hospital is not a very pleasant procedure, but at home everything is quite the opposite. If you tune in and relax, then the process will be very pleasant and bright. The sex toy with vibration is ideal for this. It is simply introduced into the body, include the desired regime and enjoy what is happening.

A small diameter massager, immersion in the body is very simple. With a sufficient amount of lubrication, do it simply and without outside help. But the use of such a device can be part of the erotic game, And this should not be avoided.

Questions about anal toys for the first time

Pain is a sign that something is done wrong. For example, a person is very in a hurry, makes sharp movements. At the same time, the anus does not expand gradually, but increases sharply, and this hurts. And at the same time, anal cracks may arise that heal for a long time. Another possible reason is a lack of lubrication. It protects the skin, improves sliding, it should be a lot.

There should be no pain for the first time or subsequent. And if it is, it is important to stop, and then continue smoothly and with an additional portion of the lubricant.Many fears associated with anal are not justified. Doctors claim that anal sex does not harm health if objects up to 5 cm in diameter are introduced into the body. A similar size is characteristic of discharge, such an extension is natural and not dangerous. Even if you use anal sex every day, there will be no incontinence.

What can cause negative consequences? Frequent use of fisting. This is the introduction of huge items. Harms the presence of cracks and gaps, you need to prevent their appearance, and if they are, it is important to monitor their healing and do not practice anal until everything heals.The desire for anal caresses is not always a desire to introduce a penis inward. Maybe you just should insert a cork, and then have vaginal sex? The nerve endings around the anus will be involved in the process, and this may be enough. Or use a vibrating plug, this will cause even more excitement, but there will be no pain or discomfort.

Anus stimulation is not only an immersion of a penis inward. You can act differently, and at the same time get no less pleasant sensations.

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