Why do men like anal sex

Why do men like anal sex.

Studies show that a third of heterosexual couples regularly practice anal sex. This not only makes diversity into intimate life, but improves relationships and helps to strengthen the family.
If your man offers to try anal sex, this does not mean that he does not respect you – On the contrary, this indicates a deep trust that he experiences in relation to you.

Anal sex allows a man to feel as close as possible to his partner, because in a narrower anus his penis will be covered very tightly, and this gives a truly bright sensation. The fact that a woman allows her man «Enter from behind», serves for a man, including evidence that his beloved really trusts him. This gives a feeling of reliability and faith that he can rely on his companion, and the knowledge that she is ready for him for a lot.

Even the most delicate and intelligent men sometimes want to fully show their animal masculinity, to feel that they – Real males. It is known that for men there is a craving for conquests. And anal sex can be akin to conquering – to get into unknown territories and conquer them, to feel that it has power and power. In this case, women’s ass – This is a real treasure, a trophy that a man dreams of possessing and which will cherish. When a woman allows this way «conquer» himself, then the conqueror is proud and joy, and his self -esteem increases.

Another reason for the attractiveness of anal sex – He is akin to sex with a virgin. If you have long been together, but have never had anal sex, then for a man it is extremely seductive fantasy – To survive with you such moments when you, like an innocent girl, will feel shame, be afraid that «Suddenly it hurts», And he will penetrate gently and carefully into a girl’s reverent bosom. This can be an enchanting experience for both partners, which you will remember with great pleasure.

Sometimes it makes sense to turn to anal sex in such a situation when a woman recently gave birth, and all the muscles inside have become weak and lost elasticity. To get more pleasure from sex, a man will strive for a more secluded and narrow place, and do not refuse him this. In addition, over time, after childbirth, the muscles are restored (and it is possible to contribute to this with the help of Kegel’s training), so this does not mean that from now on you will forever have only anal sex.

For men who suffer from problems with potency, anal sex can also be an excellent exit. Inside the muscles of the anus, the member will be very tightly covered, and even if at some point the erection begins to weaken (the probability of which is also reduced due to new exciting and strong sensations), no one will notice this. This will contribute to the fact that a man will feel more confident and are not afraid that something will go wrong as we would like.

In addition, a man can move simply curiosity. If he never practiced anal sex, then, of course, he will want to try! In the end, the scenes of anal sex are constantly demonstrated in porn (and do not pretend that he does not watch him), anal sex is discussed on forums, in magazines, and there is nothing strange in the fact that there is a desire to try to do it.

In the end, nothing kills a relationship like a routine. And boring sex according to the usual scheme kills the very desire to engage in. If a man wants to make diversity, wants to experiment, this means that he values his relationship and is not going to look for new sensations somewhere on the side. It is worth supporting his initiative and together to look for the path with which it will again be able to rekindle the former passion and return the strong sensations to your intimate life.

, Why do men like anal sex

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