Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

Anal plug: how and why use?.

Men have long been interested in anal sex, because during penetration into the anus they experience great pleasure. However, women are available to women, only preliminarily for such an experience, you need to prepare. To do this, in sex shops you can find various toys. In this article we will tell you why an anal plug is needed and how to use it correctly.

, Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

5 reasons to use anal plug

Let’s start with the description of those reasons that confirm the positive aspects of the use of such a toy:

  1. Interaction with the erogenous area around the anus

The place near the anus is one of the most sensitive, as many nerve fibers pass there. If you properly stimulate this zone, then the girl can experience much more pleasure than her man. That is why almost all traffic jams have a stopper at the base. This is done not only to prevent the absorption of the product into the anus, but also for additional stimulation.

  1. Anal sex training

, Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

This statement is very controversial. On the one hand, the stimulator will really accustom the sphincter that there is something in it and soon the girl will feel comfortable. On the other hand, there are special toys to teach such sex that have a different form.

  1. Stimulation of point K

The usual point G is located on the front wall of the vagina, and on the contrary it is a zone K, to which you can get out only through the anus. In addition, unlike the G zone, to is always awakened, so the woman is guaranteed an orgasm. Many lucky ones assure that orgasm from such stimulation is much stronger than from the caress of the clitoris.

  1. The narrowing of the vagina

If you use anal plug during sex, then the walls of the vagina will be narrowed, so both partners will experience much more pleasure.

  1. Double penetration sensations

, Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

Many girls when asked why anal cork is needed, they say that she imitates group sex. Do not hide the fact that some women dream that two men at the same time entered it at the same time, and with such a toy it is quite real. True, real group sex can actually be not so attractive, so sexologists recommend starting with one partner and vibrator.

How to choose your first traffic jam?

You need to be very carefully approaching the choice of your first stimulant. If we can control and reduce the vaginal muscles if necessary, then with anal it will not work. The walls of the anus are compressed and relaxed when the body requires this. If you cause sharp and frequent contractions, you can damage the walls, which will lead to the development of various diseases. Therefore, while choosing your first toy, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. For what purposes do you buy a cork

There are two types of traffic jams:

  • For additional stimulation – such products usually have a rounded shape with a stopper at the base, which is fastened with a thin jumper, which ensures reliable fixation of the product at the entrance to the anal. The jumper is small. Designed to enhance sensations in both partners;
  • To prepare the anus – such products are called “Anal Starters”. Made in the form of a wedge, the jumper is almost absent. This allows the sphincter to get used to the entry of the object and the fullness of the intestine.
  1. Dimensions

, Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

Here you need to proceed from your own preferences, but first it is better to use small -sized products. Attention should be paid to the dimensions of the stopper, its diameter should be larger than that of the jumper, otherwise the toy will be absorbed into the anus. Sometimes a stimulant can be removed independently, but most often you have to contact specialists.

  1. Material

It may seem to many that in this matter the main thing is to know how to use anal traffic, but this is an erroneous opinion. The choice recoups the decisive role, especially for the first time. Therefore, beginners are advised to seriously take the choice of material from which the stimulator is made. Each of them has its own characteristics:

  • Metal – has stiffness and durability, in addition, the severity, which enhances the sensation. It is easy to care for such a product and approach for any lubricant. A big plus is that it allows you to conduct experiments with temperatures, since the metal easily heats up under hot water or cools in the refrigerator. Suitable for experienced users;
  • Medical silicone is very pleasant to the touch of battlagi that do not cause allergies and irritation. For the first we recommend toys from silicone. It is enough to wash them with soapy water, and inside the anus they can be up to six hours;
  • Glass-for sex toys, it is usually borosilicate that does not hit, however, it is not worth it to drop it from a height. The advantage lies in the longest period of use, it is easy to monitor hygiene, as well as interaction with any lubricants.
  1. Additional points

There are many more criteria that are worth paying attention to, but they are additional:

  • functions – there are models with vibration or with the possibility of expansion inside;
  • jewelry – complemented by rhinestones, fur products and the like;
  • Lack of roughness – if for a vaginal vibrator the advantage is pimpes on the surface, then with anal toys everything is completely different;
  • Mandatory processing before and after use – use soap solution, but for a greater guarantee during sex, put on a condom on a stimulant;
  • Lubrication – without it, it is impossible to use the toy, and use the lubricant just for such sex.

 Instructions for use

, Why do you need anal plug and how to apply

Now let’s move on to a specific instructions for the use of anal toy:

  1. Do not eat a lot before sex, if it has already happened, it is better to make an enema, otherwise the partner will be able to discern the whole of your, so to speak, internal, dark world. It is even possible that after that you will have to look for a new partner for sex
    , After all, not everyone is ready for such a sight.
  2. Rinse the toy with soapy solution, however, use a condom, as soap may not kill all bacteria.
  3. Now apply a plentiful amount of lubrication, you can’t get off saliva here. Moreover, find the type of lubricant: if you have a silicone cork, then it cannot be combined with silicone grease. We do not combine latex with the main oil, and it is better to forget about water moisturizers at all, since they slide worse and quickly dry out.
  4. Now the most important point: how to insert an anal plug? We recommend that the girl be done in the first time, as she can control the depth and speed of penetration. Before starting, you need to relax, then taking up the foundation to substitute for the anus and start to slowly introduce. As soon as you feel the tip inside, and you will be comfortable, you can move the toy further.
  5. If a man wants to participate in this process, then we advise you to do massage before starting, since the whole body should be relaxed.

At the end, we want to note that if you plan to leave the plag inside the anus for a long time, then periodically it needs to be removed and lubricated with a lubricant.

Thus, the anal cork will be able to make new sensations to a sex life, most importantly, responsibly approach the choice of the first product and carefully study our instructions for use.

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