How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence? | Questions about intimate health

How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence?.

, How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence? | Questions about intimate health
Ben Wa Balls – a device that helps in the treatment of urinary incontinence in women. The simulator is also a preventive tool recommended by gynecologists. How do balls work, why such a simple device is an excellent medicine? And how to use them correctly for treatment?

Ben Wa Balls – Effective simulator for vaginal muscles. They can be used at any age. Most often this simulator looks like two small balls. Between themselves, they are fastened with a thread or silicone jumper. Sometimes they are sold separately or are in the removable silicone cassette. For ease of use, each simulator has a loop or a “tail”, for which you can pull it to extract it from the vagina.

Why does urine incontinence occur in women

Most often, it is recommended to use Ben Wa Balls in cases where a woman suffers from urinary incontinence. Such a problem can appear:

  • during bearing a child or after childbirth;
  • due to excess weight;
  • at the age of 55-60 years;
  • in the presence of various diseases, for example, urolithiasis, tumor or prolapse of the pelvic organs;
  • features of the structure of the genitals.

Moreover, such a simulator can be used both as a prevention and with existing health problems.

History of the emergence and principle of work of balls for training

Ben Wa Balls are also called Kegel balls. But in fact, the world -famous gynecologist Dr. Kegel Shariki did not invent. They were invented many centuries before him. The first balls (or rather, on the principle of their action resembled them) were used by women of ancient China, India, Japan, Egypt. The purpose of this simulator was to develop sexuality and training to deliver more vivid sensations to their partners.

Dr. Kegel in search of a solution to the problem of urinary incontinence in women after childbirth, the first to use training of intimate muscles. He put into practice exercises for compressing and unclenching the muscles of the vagina, as well as the use of various kinds of balls. He patented his development in the distant 1947. Over time, the balls took more and more diverse forms, began to vary in the sizes and materials of manufacture, a whole system of exercises arose with them.
., How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence? | Questions about intimate health
Further study of women practicing training with balls showed that such a simulator not only helps to get rid of urinary incontinence after childbirth. It increases the level of libido and the brightness of the sensations of both partners during sex. The muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina are gradually increasing, blood circulation in the tissues improves, stagnant processes are eliminated.

In addition, balls are able to diversify an intimate life, to reveal the potential of a woman, they can to regain self -confidence. Surprisingly, such a simulator involves absolutely all intimate muscles, working even the deepest.

The advantage of Ben Wa Balls can be considered their small size and universality of application. You can use them at any age. When wearing, they are not visible and not heard (the exception is only a few models with vibration). Therefore, you can train with balls anywhere and anytime. The only contraindication is open wound surfaces, infections and other damage to the vaginal mucosa.

What are Ben Wa Balls

There are many models of balls. In their appearance, they can be single, double or triple, contacting each other with a thread or silicone jumper or be separate from each other. It happens that they are enclosed in a silicone cassette, which is removed for the convenience of storing and cleansing the simulator.

Ben Wa Balls can be performed From different materials. Metal, silicone and models with vibration are most popular. But there are ceramic, glass, latex balls and products made of stone. They also differ in size and weight: they can have a diameter from 1.5 to 4 cm and weight from 30 to 120 g or more.

There are models, Equipped with vibration. Some of them can be controlled remotely and even from the phone. Such Ben Wa Balls from the simulator turn into an excellent sex toy.

It can differ The surface of the product. It is smooth, pimpled or ribbed. And the shape of the balls can be different. In addition to the usual round, there are simulators in the form of hearts, stars, eggs, cherries, flower buds.

Since over time, any simulators are addictive with regular training, many of our buyers take Ben Wa Balls not separately, but set. It contains several models that give different sensations and load.

How to choose the right Ben Wa Balls when urinary incontinence

To select a suitable model, it is necessary to correctly assess the state of your muscles. But, as a rule, when urinary incontinence, the tone of the intimate muscles is weak. Therefore, experts recommend starting such training with the lightest options.

The first model is better to buy silicone with a displaced center of gravity. Its weight will be 30-40 g, and the diameter-3-3.5 cm. If you have already purchased such a simulator and it seems light to you, buy yourself a product with a lot of weight and smaller diameter. The complex “for advanced users” are Ben Wa Balls made of stone or metal. They are heavy and smooth. An unprepared woman can not even keep such a ball in the vagina.

Gradually increase the complexity of training. To do this, increase their duration, purchase more complex simulators to keep the vaginal muscles. Do not wait for instant results. Over time, you will notice that the muscles are better to control, and urinary incontinence has disappeared.

If you want to buy Ben Wa Balls not only for training, but also for intimate games with a partner (or independent), then look at the models of an unusual texture – with pimples or ribs or buy balls with vibration. Training with them will give you pleasure, they can be used as preliminary caresses before sexual intercourse., How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence? | Questions about intimate health

How to use Ben Wa Balls: Best exercises

So, you bought Ben Wa Balls and first try them. At first it is better to lie on your back gradually to introduce this simulator into the vagina. Try to squeeze and unclench intimate muscles. Then you can try to make such movements in a standing position. Feel the severity and unusual feelings at the same time.

After you met a new device, you can start training. The duration of work with the simulator is determined individually. Start with several minutes and extend the work with muscles up to several hours over time. You can walk with them at least all day. It is better to give preference to the first pores to simple exercises proposed by Kegel. And then their complexity can be increased.

Squeeze and unclench the muscles. Increase the frequency and strength of compression. Try to learn how to change your muscles with the position of balls in the vagina. At first it will not work, but over time you will be able to move the simulator. Also try to delay the compression of the balls for up to 10-15 seconds, and then relax the muscles.

Typically, balls are felt inside the body for the first few minutes. And then they are almost not felt. The exception is models with vibration and with a displaced center of gravity – their presence is felt much longer. Even if you do not concentrate on working with the simulator when you move your muscles compress it, preventing it from falling. Therefore, all the time its wearing inside can be called training.

Training for experienced women

Usually, after several weeks of regular use of balls, the problem of urinary incontinence in women leaves. But in addition to eliminating it, the simulator significantly improves the quality of sex, increases the brightness of sensations. Therefore, it makes sense to continue training and increase the degree of load on intimate muscles.

When a woman has already worked enough with the muscles of the vagina, it becomes easy to hold balls. To complicate training, you need to start learning to control these muscles. All of them can conditionally be divided into three parts:

  • Lower – this includes the muscles of the entrance;
  • the middle is the main part of the vagina;
  • upper – this is the area of the cervix.

The exercises that we described above train just the lower part of the vagina. The area of the cervix and the middle part are more complicated to control, since the muscles there are usually not involved. Experienced women should pay attention to them. Here are a few effective exercises:

  • Enter Ben Wa Balls in vagina. Feel them. Tighten the muscles first of the lower part of the vagina, and then try to use the middle and upper. At first it will be difficult to turn out, but regular training will bear fruit.
  • Enter a simulator with one ball into the vagina. Try to raise it with your muscles up. Hold the voltage for a few seconds, and then relax.
  • Enter the simulator in the vagina. Squeeze and unclench the muscle ring around it several times. And then try to push the simulator out. At the same time, work precisely the muscles of the vagina. With caution, do such an exercise if you suffer from hemorrhoids.

One training can consist of 3-10 approaches. Select the duration and degree of complexity of the lesson based on your sensations. Do not try to overload the intimate muscles. Too complex or frequent training can lead to overwork, pain, discomfort. And the degree of complexity of classes build gradually.

And one moment. During the performance of any exercise with Ben Wa Balls, follow your breathing. Try to breathe smoothly, calmly and deep. This will ensure the best flow of oxygen to the cells of all organs, which means it will increase the efficiency of training., How Ben Wa Balls is saved from urine incontinence? | Questions about intimate health

Ben Wa Balls use nuances

In order for Ben Wa Balls to only benefit your body, you must use them correctly:

  • After and before each use, the simulator must be thoroughly washed. The cleaning method depends on the material and type of product. But basically the balls are enough just wash with warm water and soap. Pay special attention to the joints of the material (for example, when the balls are made of different types of silicone or rubber or have a special hole for the loop).
  • Store balls It is necessary in a fabric bag or a special case so that the dust does not fall on them.
  • It is not recommended to use balls for anal sex. Although they have a special loop, such a simulator can cause harm due to the anatomical features of the structure of the rectum and sphincter. Balls can plunge whole, then removing them will be difficult.
  • Before use, it is necessary to relax, well lubricate the vagina with a special lubricant and the balls themselves. This will help to avoid discomfort.
  • During pregnancy And in the first months after childbirth, Ben Wa Balls can only be used after consulting a doctor. It is not recommended to use this simulator for infections and inflammations affecting the reproductive system, as well as for diseases transmitted sexually.

Questions about vaginal balls

Yes, you can do exercises with Ben Wa Balls both for the prevention of muscle tone reduction, and with existing health problems. But you need to remember that a good effect can be obtained only with regular training. Do the exercises every day, then in a few weeks the first positive results will please you.The use of Ben Wa Balls strengthens the muscles of the vagina, increases the sensitivity. Therefore, excitement, getting pleasure from wearing a simulator, as well as strengthening orgasm during intimacy – these are all pleasant side effects. If you feel excitement from using this thing, try to train with it closer in time to the alleged intimacy. This will please you and partner.If the balls bring you discomfort, the point may be that you have incorrectly picked up the model. For example, they have too large diameter or made of low -quality material. But also the matter can be in the anatomical features of your vagina or various diseases, for example, candidiasis brings discomfort even without wearing balls. And here are two options: go to the doctor and undergo an examination or try to buy another model. To exclude an error, you can consult a store consultant.All products presented in our store are made by world famous brands from high -quality materials. Therefore, using such balls is safe for health, if you do everything right. If the loop is still torn, it is necessary to relax and the balls themselves will fall out of the vagina. Either they will be easy to extract. If there are any problems, you must seek medical help.Of course, the balls are designed to return a good tone to the vaginal muscles, which is often lost after childbirth. But you can start training with them only after the doctor allowed you to have sex. Ben Wa Balls, if they are correctly stored and cleaned, cannot damage the state of health of the mother. The term of abstinence from training with balls and sex can be different depending on the individual characteristics of the woman and how her birth has passed. Usually it is at least 4-6 weeks.

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