How to choose Ben Wa Balls for beginners | Exercises with balls

How to choose Ben Wa Balls: Simple Tips.

, How to choose Ben Wa Balls for beginners | Exercises with balls
There are dozens of types of Ben Wa Balls. The effectiveness of training with them depends on the correct selection of the model for a woman. How to understand – which simulator is needed? How to determine the level of development of your muscles? And what is the essence of classes with the simulator of Kegel?

How are the simulators for the muscles of the pelvic floor

Silents of intimate muscles are known for many millennia. But only in the middle of the 20th century Arnold Kegel began to study their study. With Ben Wa Balls, he began to treat urine incontinence in women. It turned out that this is an excellent tool that can be used not only to get rid of the disease, but also for the prevention. And after regular training, the subjects increase the sensitivity, The number of orgasms is growing, received during sex.

Women’s vagina is a muscle organ. There are 4 muscle groups. Ring at the entrance to the bosom and to the anus. Rectus muscles inside the organ. And another muscle group in the cervix area. Each of these parts can be strengthened, but only for this you will not need ordinary training in the gym, but special, with special simulators.

How to find out the level of development of your muscles?

Training with Ben Wa Balls is useful to any woman. The blood flow to the pelvic organs prevents the occurrence of stagnation. But just how to choose the right simulator? Weight and diameter can be different. There are simple ways to understand what exactly is worth buying. Perform two exercises to evaluate your training.

  • 1. Squeeze the muscles at the vaginal input as strong as possible. Relax them and then squeeze them again. Feel this area. And then squeeze the muscles of the anus. And relax several times and strain. You felt that these are two different areas, and you can reduce them independently of each other? If so, buy a small diameter simulator. If not, take the option for beginners.
  • 2. Lie on your back, bend your knees. Try to make a movement as if you are pushing something from the vagina. At the same time, do not strain the press or the muscles of the buttocks. The muscles located at the cervix are involved in this movement. Not everyone feels them and not at once. If it doesn’t work at all, choose a simulator for beginners.

With ordinary movements, the vaginal muscles are not active. It is impossible to pump them by swimming or aerobics. That is why they are often not sensitive. Only those ladies who often experience orgasms know about their existence. After all, it is at the moment of proximity that they set in motion. If there are no orgasms at all, then this area can always be inactive.

How to choose Ben Wa Balls

There are general recommendations for choosing a pelvic floor muscle simulator. For not giving birth to women, balls are needed with a diameter of 2-3 cm. If you take more, then they will not give the desired load. The bosom of the young lady is narrow, it easily holds this size without tension. And even in a standing position, they will not fall out of the body. That is why you need to buy an option with a hitch, but with a small diameter and weighing 50-70 g.

After childbirth, the vagina stretches. And to return the tone, Ben Wa Balls are used. You can start training only after coordination with a gynecologist. This is not earlier than 3 months after the appearance of the baby. And you can take more balls here. If before there were no classes with such simulators, then the option is 3-4 cm-this is your case. Weight is sufficient-30-50 g.

After a certain number of classes, perform exercises with light balls becomes very simple. And then you need to increase the load. Firstly, it is worth taking the models harder, and secondly, less in size. And you can also remove the clutch. For advanced users, perfect balls are metal. Diameter 1 cm and weight of more than 100 g – this is the best solution. They will last for many years, and to learn how to manage with them will not be easy.

Features of vaginal muscle training

All classes with Ben Wa Balls are based on tension and relaxation of vaginal muscles. With their help, you first need to squeeze the balls, then move up and down or hold inside when they strive to jump out. The level of load depends on the accepted pose. Part of the exercises are done lying down, part standing.

To obtain good result, It is recommended to find a special complexing complex, and follow the recommendations of the coach. Ben Wa Balls Video is presented on a large quantity on the network. And say that some system is more effective, so far it is impossible.

But in order to get results, you will have to deal with at least 3 times a week. And the duration of each workout is at least 30 minutes. Additionally, you can still wear balls inside the body to keep the muscles in good shape. This will help strengthen them faster. But it is important not just to forget them in the body, but to regularly “squeeze” the pelvic area.

Training rules with Ben Wa Balls

The quality of training depends on proper preparation. It is important to pay attention to the cleansing of the simulator. Ben Wa Balls is recommended to wash after use and before immersion in the body. They should not be stored in a dirty or dusty place. Since the device is in contact with a delicate mucosa, it is important to remove all bacteria from the surface. Therefore, special wedgers are used for cleaning, and comfortable bags are used for storage.

The immersion of balls into the body should occur with the lubricant. Lubrication moisturizes the body, improves sliding. This prevents the occurrence of microtrauma. If a water -based lubricant is used, in the process of class it may be necessary to add the composition. It evaporates, and with long training, you need new portions.

In the body of Ben Wa Balls can be from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the material. You can not leave them in the vagina for the whole day or all night. After training, it is recommended to take a shower to remove the remains of the lubricant and its own discharge.

What to pay attention to when choosing Ben Wa Balls?

When buying Ben Wa Balls, you need to take into account some nuances. For example, a hitch and a loop can be from another material than the balls themselves. In cheap models they are sometimes made from a regular cord. Such material is very difficult to wash, such balls need to be disinfected each time, and then dry for a long time. The coupling should be easily cleaned. Ideally, if it is covered with rubber, silicone, like the main toy.A variety of protrusions on balls – this is also an extra detail. If they are created from materials of two colors, bacteria can accumulate between the constituent elements. This is found in options with a low price. Famous manufacturers even make multicolor products so that it is easy to care for them.

Ben Wa Balls should not have taste or smell. High -quality materials are neutral. That is why it is recommended to buy Kegel simulators only in trusted stores. Options from world -famous companies pass dozens of safety tests.

In addition to Ben Wa Balls to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, mechanical and pneumatic simulators help. They are developed by doctors, sold only in specialized pharmacies or on sites. Their effectiveness may be higher, but, except for the simulator, you will also need to purchase a program of classes, consultation with specialists. Ben Wa Balls can be ordered today, and get the result after 3 weeks of use.

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