Kegel balls and tips on their wearing | Notes about sex

Kegel balls and tips for their wearing.


Kegel balls, balls bin, Ben Wa Balls even orgasm balls, as soon as they are not called.

Their essence is approximately the same, these are small-shaped weights, can also have the shape of a drop, oval, sand clock and something approximately rounded. The main condition for choosing balls is convenience – remember that you should wear them inside, do not go to cheap, Chinese, having seams on the surface or sharp corners.Ben Wa Balls appeared, by the way, since the year 500, the era to stimulate during sex – small, perfectly polished by water, round noble stones.

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Features of Ben Wa Balls

The room of the balls in the vagina stimulates the genitals, the very exercise of Kegel, and from – For the small weight and shape of the balls, they are compressed by muscles almost reflexively, and of course, another small, but important feature is a displaced center of gravity. Vibrations, fashionable electronic control programs from the phone, personal training modes, reminders, calendar of menstruation and a huge number of interesting things are available on sale. In Europe, such balls actively recommend women after 30 years, or in the reducing postpartum period, obstetricians and gynecologists, while mentioning that they not only improve the elasticity of the vaginal STANK, but also help to get rid of urine incontinence.

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So, the benefits of balls – Strengthening sensations during sex, the development of vaginal images, strengthening excitation and sexual attraction, assistance in training on the Kegel system, extension of orgasm, preparation for natural childbirth, restoration after natural birth.

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How to use Ben Wa Balls

A few tips on the proper use of Kegel balls:

  1. Write before their introduction, this is important.
  2. Enter the balls into yourself gradually, one at a time, while adding a little grease to them. Do not overdo it, otherwise they will slip.
  3. Pulling the balls, tighten the muscles of the thighs, then – Intimate muscles. You must feel severity and fullness, the balls seem to be a little pulling you to the bottom.
  4. For effective training, balls should be in you at least 15 minutes a day at first, and then at least 2 hours.
  5. If the ball slings, pull out, rinse with water with antibacterial soap and put it in place.
  6. Start training with small balls, plastic or silicone, then choose heavier – Glass or metal.
  7. Always clean the balls thoroughly, wash with soap, store in hygienic packaging.

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