Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

How to use intimate balls for vagina and why they are needed.

Vaginal balls are the oldest simulator of intimate muscles, which was known in ancient China, where it was used by the concubines of the emperor. Later it began to be used in Japan and Thailand, bringing the art of owning their female organs to perfection. By the way, such a device also works to improve health – it normalizes the hormonal balance, increases the ability to conception and successful childbirth, pushes men.

If you want to become a wonderful mistress for your man and surpass in this Thai courtesans, and also improve your intimate health, read on. We will tell you why vaginal balls are needed, how to use them correctly, and what results this will achieve.

What is the tone of intimate muscles

Women’s vagina is a hollow fibrous tube of smooth muscles that you cannot control, just like the muscles of the stomach or intestines. However, there is muscle around the vagina – they form a kind of hammock that supports internal organs. Over time, this muscular hammock stretches, the organs sag, the vagina ceases to be so narrow. According to experts, this process begins already from the age of 21, and it has become especially pronounced closer to menopause. Hormonal jumps also affect the muscular tone:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Feeding a child;
  • Taking hormonal drugs;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Miscarriages and abortions.

To measure the tone, intimate balls are not needed – you can buy a special pneumatic simulator or use your fingers. To do this, sit on the edge of a chair or sofa, enter the middle and index finger of the right hand into the vagina. Inside, divorce them in the form of a Latin letter V, then squeeze the muscles so to connect your fingers together. If you can do this, the tone of the vulva is normal. Additionally, the relief of the vagina inside: if it is smooth as the inside of the cheek, a bad tone. It should have a relief that is easily felt even with a finger. However, if you have never engaged in pulling up an MTD, the vagina still cannot remain young – the changes will certainly happen, the question is only in their severity.

Of course, it is worth considering your sensations during intimacy. If it is difficult for you to feel a partner’s member and achieve orgasm, the problem is in the tone. Any vaginal stimulant with proper use allows you to experience incredible sensations even if your man does not differ in the dignity of large sizes.

What are vaginal balls

Vaginal balls are round devices, usually connected by a flexible hitch or threads. These unusual testicles are primarily needed to strengthen MTD (pelvic floor muscles), in parallel they contribute to narrowing the vagina and getting greater pleasure from sex. Yes, this is not a joke – reviews about vaginal balls are literally full of descriptions of the wonderful spontaneous orgasms that a woman experiences when walking with stimulants, and in bed with her husband a complete idyll occurs in general. True, starting the use of vaginal testicles, you need to understand that it will not be possible to achieve such outstanding results immediately, and no one guarantees spontaneous orgasms either. But the fact that you will feel better to feel a husband’s member and notice an increase in your own sensuality is a fact. This will happen in about a couple of weeks of classes.

Depending on what goal you pursue, you should choose different balls for the vagina. But the fact that the balls for the vagina are needed is pure true, otherwise you will soon face unpleasant physiological changes. You can object – many women are engaged in pumping intimate muscles and without simulators. Yes, this is so, but the use of stimulants allows you to achieve results much faster and more efficient. Balls are one of the varieties of stimulants, the most affordable in cost. Watch our video tutorial “How to deal with all the information on the Internet about intimate muscles” to better understand everything about training.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

Thai balls for vagina

Thai intimate balls – a simple design without any modern bells and whistles and capabilities. Two balls of safe smooth material (then we will consider what they are made of) are connected by a thread or used in isolation. It was these testicles that made the emperors for the concubines – with their help they learned to create miracles with their muscles and mastered the art of vaginal frictions. Such devices can also be used, the main thing is not to run into a poor -quality fake.

However, let’s not forget that we live in the modern world where a large number of high -tech materials are available to us, safe for health. Now more and more girls are buying not classic balls for sex, but modern, or generally smart balls on remote control. Such a stimulator for the vagina gives quick results and most importantly is completely safe when used correctly. Think for yourself – you do not cook food in the medieval hearth if you have a sophisticated plate with a display?

Why you can not use jade eggs

Girls who have only learned what a simulator for vaginal muscles is sometimes at extreme measures – since the imperial concubines used a jade egg, which means they urgently need exactly the same! In fact, the purchase of such a simulator for many becomes the beginning of trouble – constant inflammation and infections of the sexual sphere.

The fact is that real jade is now very expensive, especially when it comes not about beads of small pebbles, but about a large whole piece. Unscrupulous Chinese (and not only Chinese) masters are accustomed to replace valuable nephritis with cheap and affordable jadeite. Externally, the egg looks exactly the same, but it has a porous structure that becomes an excellent environment for the development of bacteria. Another inexpensive eggs from “jade” are usually poorly polished, they remain Zazubrins and microscopic excavations that injure the vagina.

So, you have two options – forget about jade eggs forever or buy an instance worth about $ 1,000 in a proven jewelry store. However, this is just a fetish – modern testicular testicles of silicone and plastic can bring you faster results. See our video blog on this topic.

The benefits and harm of vaginal simulators

Before using Ben Wa Balls, you need to decide if you need them. Above, we already wrote about the reasons that provoke a decrease in tone – a rare woman manages to avoid them. Yes, and time is not on your side – if you are more than 21 years old, the vagina has already changed even without the birth of a child. Now let’s see what effect you can get from the testicles if you regularly use them according to our system:

  1. Female health – fertility, postponement of menopause, blooming appearance;
  2. Regular and painless menstruation, the absence of a pronounced PMS;
  3. Prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence;
  4. Prevention of uterine and vagina loss after childbirth;
  5. Rapid restoration of intimate health after childbirth;
  6. Increasing the sensitivity of the genitals of the genitals – bright orgasms, the full girth of a partner member;
  7. Vaginal friction skills and other tricks that are delighted with men!

Interested? Now imagine what kind of surprise you can make your husband when you bring your vagina to a state of almost virgin! This alone will give him amazing orgasms, not to mention all sorts of things that you can

And now about the dangers – you probably heard that any medicine can become a poison if it is used to take it incorrectly or uncontrollably. The situation is the same with classes: too intense training with a large load can provoke even vaginal bleeding! In addition, there is a risk of getting the opposite effect – stretched vagina and sagging muscles. That is why use vaginal Thai massagers strictly according to the instructions, gradually increasing the load. You will find even more reasons to train in the video tutorial on our website “Why train the pelvic floor muscles, watch it right now.


Of course, vaginal balls are not the only simulator of intimate muscles available in the modern market. Any sex shop offers a lot of devices of different types of action for narrowing the vulva and obtaining pulled pelvic bottom muscles. Let’s figure out how the vaginal testicles are qualitatively different from other simulators.

  1. Practicality. To use the device, you do not need an electric network, batteries or other conditions.
  2. Invisibility. You can wear testicles inside and you can do it unnoticed for outsiders, but with other simulators this will not work.
  3. Suitable for beginners. With such a stimulant, you yourself choose a training program and strengthen it as it is ready, following our classes.
  4. Working out all zones. It is believed that only testicles can work out all the zones of the vagina – even those that are not used with violent proximity. This is very useful because the stimulator accelerates stagnation, improves blood circulation.
  5. Simplicity of use. Jade eggs existed three thousand years ago, so there is nothing complicated in these devices. Let your simulator not be made of jade, it is still very easy to use.
  6. Pleasure. If you immediately thought about sex with vaginal balls, we will disappoint you – to let a man’s penis while there is a simulator inside, except that we are talking about anal sex – then the testicles will create an additional bright stimulation. Despite this, round simulators still bring pleasure in the process of classes, especially if you choose a device with a displaced center of gravity. It will gently roll inside, provoking pleasant waves. Some women can even experience an orgasm, especially if they have been engaged in this system for a long time.
  7. Availability. Conventional vaginal eggs are much cheaper than any simulator for intimate muscles, so any woman can afford them. True, making such a purchase is worth only in a trusted sex shop, which can guarantee the quality and safety of the material.


Of course, before using Ben Wa Balls, you need to decide whether they will become the best option for you. Agree, if the balls in the vagina were a panacea from all problems, no one would invent myostimulants and other devices for training MTD.

In fact, there are only one main drawback of the testicles – the duration of training. Mother Chinese and Japanese girls taught how to use jade eggs, and training began at 8-10 years old. And only by years by 16 the girl reached skill that her lord or rich groom could appreciate. Just imagine how much work and time is needed to achieve the class level. Plus testicles do not give feedback – they do not have a display or sensor that would show the power of your compression and your progress in the work.

So, balls are ideal for you if you want to restore intimate muscles after childbirth, get rid of urinary incontinence, and the prevention of women’s sexual diseases. To increase sexuality and intimate skill, they are also suitable, but be ready for constant systemic activities.

If you want to get a quick pronounced result, it is better to choose a modern myostimulator with feedback and the ability to trace the dynamics of classes.

Also, “smart balls” with remote control from a smartphone are well suitable for you – they can work according to a given program with a gradual increase in loads.

What do you feel when they are inside

Many girls on the forums write that when they introduce balls into the vagina, they do not feel anything. This means that the size of the device was incorrectly selected-a large diameter is needed for beginners, however, if you have a vulva initially narrow or you have already been engaged in intimate feeding earlier, such testicles will simply be inside without movement and without any benefit. So if you don’t feel anything, you need to take a smaller diameter. With the right selection, you must hold the simulator inside with some effort, without which it simply rolled out.

In general, these round stimulants inside are very felt, especially if the center of gravity is shifted in them. Girls talk about the waves of pleasure inside, about a light trembling and warmth in the lower abdomen. Some even manage to get an orgasm right during training. You do not need to focus on this and make pleasure the criterion of the correctness of the execution – this is rather an individual feature. But if ecstasy appears – fine, this is extra motivation to train.

According to some users, the testicles inside resemble a male member who is slowly moving. Now remember that you can use the simulator even while walking if you want to arrange such a sexual adventure.

What are vaginal balls

What vaginal balls are better, it’s difficult to say – you should choose those that are ideal for you based on your preferences. Therefore, let’s talk about what testicles are in the assortment of modern online stores.

The standard diameter of the simulator is 3.5 cm, it is believed that this is the best option for beginners. If it is too large for you, you can find devices of smaller diameter, up to 1.5 cm. The instruction for vaginal testicles recommends starting from the largest size, but this is all very individual.

The material of the testicles can be very different:

  • Metal;
  • Plastic;
  • Latex;
  • Medical silicone;
  • Glass.

Let us recall again – we do not need stone options, microbes accumulate in them!

The surface of the toys can be smooth or embossed – with waves, antennae and even spikes. Metal Ben Wa Balls are considered the most difficult and effective, girls come to them after long months of class.

Now let’s look at the varieties of round simulators.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist


A single simulator is usually equipped with a strong rope or silicone soft cord, which allows you to pull it out of the vagina if necessary. Experts advise using a single ball with experienced ladies, since keeping it inside is not so easy. If the stimulator is also with a displaced center of gravity, it allows you to effectively train different muscle groups. Unlike a standard ligament of several rounds, a single simulator can be lifted and lowered inside the power of the vaginal muscles. Bright representative of the species – Fun Factory Smartballs Uno. This device is made of velvety silicone, equipped with a recess for convenient introduction inside a finger, and still does not thunder at all when moving.

Most of the round testicles are a flexible hitch of two or three elements. In modern models, testicles can be removed from a silicone holder, change places or more severe complex elements to increase the efficiency of training. This cannot be done in ordinary models – they are simply connected by a strong thread. There are also alleged models in the form of cigers, where elements cannot be changed too.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

With a displaced center of gravity

Stimulants with a displaced center of gravity are essentially a nesting doll, because inside a large external element there is a heavier internal. When moving a woman or exercises, simulators move, which gives additional pleasant sensations and does not allow you to forget about what is inside. Such a stimulant is ideal for girls who are just starting to engage in fitness MTD-firstly, pleasant vibration stimulates the continuing classes and not to throw them, and secondly, such testicles are easier to feel and understand in which part of the vagina they are now located. Pay attention to Joyballs Secret.

If you already know well what vaginal testicles are, and you are ready to switch to a new level of complexity – choose a device with weighting, preferably smooth. It will not have a displaced center, but the round element itself will have a small diameter and significant weight. You will have to make efforts to keep it inside, and this is the optimal indicator of the correctness of training. The weight of such balls can reach even 80-90 grams!

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

With vibration

In porn, vaginal balls are often used as part of the script, but still we categorically do not advise introducing them inside before traditional sex – devices can go so far that only a doctor can get them later. Despite such a ban, round simulators can really give you an unforgettable pleasure – for this, use intimate testicles with vibration. Usually it turns on remotely and allows you to experience incredible experiences from a real vibrator, and this is parallel with a full training! It is worth buying such a stimulant if your main goal is to awaken the erogenous zones of the vagina and increase the pleasure of sex.

By the way, note that in some videos of porn with Ben Wa Balls they turn differently – girls can introduce them into themselves before anal sex or use them for preliminary excitement due to vibration. You can suggest introducing a vibration to even your man, let him make you a delightful prelude. Representatives of the class of vibrating testicles – Love Balls, Dynamic Duo.

Which is best to choose: the sexologist advises

Remember that we were talking about the tone of the pelvic floor muscles? The choice of the device depends on it, well, on the purpose of classes. Still take into account age and circumstances – after 30 years and after childbirth, the vast majority of women, the muscles become weak. Let’s look at this question in more detail:

 , Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

When choosing a stimulant, pay attention to its surface – it should not have cracks or burrs that can injure the mucous membrane. The rope or loop should ideally be silicone, because ordinary synthetic threads can rub delicate intimate places.

If for you the use of Ben Wa Balls is not just a game for a couple of days, but a conscious solution, it is better to immediately prepare for an intimate fitness. To do this, buy a set of four testicles of different weights and sizes that you will change as you move in the classroom. Also, do not forget about the lubricant – you can’t use them without lubrication, there is a risk of damaging the mucous membrane. Vibration is not required – it is rather a pleasant addition to pleasure. Let your stimulator be with a displaced center of gravity so that you do not forget about classes. Now we will talk about the most successful versions of this device – perhaps you will immediately look at your favorite.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

Geisha Balls

Geisha Balls – vaginal testicles on soft silicone coupling, allowing you to go all the way from a beginner to an expert. Surprised? The fact is that the manufacturer put as many as four round elements of different weights, from light to heavy: you can combine them by pairs as you want. And when you learn to easily cope with the task, you can generally remove the clutch and wear devices one by one – for example, use only the most difficult.


In addition to ease of use, GEISHA BALLS has other advantages-high quality of the material (safe ABS plastic and silicone), understandable instructions, woven bag for storing the stimulant in the kit. This is a beautiful and functional thing with which it is quite possible to start. If you have chosen this particular simulator, look at the lesson “The Pill Base Muscle System using Geisha Balls”, our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya developed it specifically for women who prefer them.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist


Svakom Nova Ball – a set of three modern stimulants with a displaced center of gravity. They look very stylish – 100% velvety silicone, futuristic design and bright attractive color schemes. There is no flexible coupling here – the elements are, as it were, fought among themselves, but below they have a mandatory soft loop for pulling out. Training with Svakom Nova Ball is a pleasure: you use the most easy stimulant for a month, then medium and finally the most difficult. This is a professional device, one of the best that is currently in the Intimate-Tovar market. On our site there is a special training lesson on the Swak, we recommend that you see it.

, Why do you need Ben Wa Balls and how to use them: a sexologist

Lelo Beads

Luna Beads from the Lelo brand is an excellent option for beginners. A flexible coupling of silicone allows you to accommodate two round elements simultaneously, and there are four of them in the kit – two light and two medium. Luna Beads will make fitness light and enjoyable, but due to relatively large diameter (3.5 cm) it is not suitable for experienced in intimacy and very young girls with a narrow vagina. But women after childbirth will be delighted with their sensations and changes in tone. By the way, Lelo is Lamborghini in the world of intim.

How to use balls to train intimate muscles?

Vaginal balls in the video look promising, but do not rush to put them inward like that – dirty toys can provoke many unpleasant ailments. First, stimulants need to be cleaned and processed – how to do it, we will tell you a little below.

You can only introduce round lubricants into yourself – take any water -based, which you like. If you are prone to allergies and are going to train every day, it is better to take a neutral option without a pronounced smell and taste – for example, AquaGlide. A lubricant is needed for the easy introduction of testicles inside.

In no case do not stuff them too far: if the device goes higher than necessary, the muscles will be compressed under it during class, that is, all efforts will be in vain. The landmark is a rope or loop that must be located outside by analogy with a hygienic tampon. Watch our video tutorial “How to feel the muscles of the pelvic floor” to know exactly your anatomy and the structure of the genitals.

Some girls vaginal balls for something wear almost for days, although it can be dangerous. An extraneous item should not be inside longer than 5-6 hours, otherwise the benefits will turn into harm. Just don’t forget to get the device from yourself after training.

Now let’s move on directly to classes.

Exercises from the instructor

Even if you know how to use vaginal balls correctly, their use should not be uncontrolled – for this there is a special scheme, proven for years and approved by specialists. Just inserting toys inside and compress them is useless – it will not work, and time will be spent. If you use our recommendations, you will achieve quick and persistent results that will delight you and your sexual partner!

To begin with, remember five golden rules:

  1. Training pass 6 days in a row, every 7th day – a day off.
  2. Exercises cannot be performed during menstruation!
  3. After the end of the bleeding, we continue to work out from the day at which we stopped.
  4. When class, we try to squeeze the muscle the leftist Ani, which we know by the delay in urination.
  5. We do difficult exercises after the simple.

Exercises will give you a high -quality and quick study of the muscles of the intimate area, and will also help to completely eliminate stagnation, recover after childbirth, improve the blood supply to the pelvis – here’s another answers to the question of what Ben Wa Balls needs.

If you want to engage very seriously and get outstanding results, watch the video tutorial “21-day system of training of intimate muscles”. In it, our sexologist gives unique exercises that can transform your body in 3 weeks, make it much younger, healthy and sexy! Below we will give a program designed for 7 days – it will allow you to try classes and see tangible results.

7 – daily training system

Day 1

  • Before training-warm-up: before the introduction of toys for 2-3 minutes, we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina.
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wear of eggs on this day is half an hour.
  • Squeeze and unclench the muscles for 1 minute every 15 minutes. Total compress 2 times
  • Day 2

  • Before training-warm-up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 1 hour.
  • Squeeze and unclench the muscles for 1 minute every 15 minutes. Total 4 times
  • Day 3

  • Before training-warm-up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • We train only at home on this day!
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 2 hours. We do exercises once a half hour.
  • First time: compress and unclench the muscles for 2 minutes.
  • The second is the fourth time: every half hour for 2-3 minutes we squeeze, we squeeze the muscles with a delay of 5 seconds (clamped for 5 seconds, then relaxed for 5 seconds, and so we repeat 2-3 minutes). Total 4 times.
  • Day 4

  • Before training-warm-up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 3 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 2-3 minutes, compress, we are delayed the muscles with a delay of 5 seconds. Total 6 times.
  • Day 5

  • Before training-a warm-up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 4 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 2-3 minutes, compress, we are delayed the muscles with a delay of 10 seconds. Total 8 times.
  • Day 6

  • Before training-a warm-up (for 2-3 minutes we compress and unclench the muscles of the vagina)
  • The total duration of wearing toys on this day is 5 hours.
  • Every half an hour, for 3 minutes, we compress, we are exhausting muscles with a delay of 10 seconds. Total 10 times.
  • Day 7 – weekend. NECESSARILY!

    To achieve good results, do 3-4 approaches per day, performing the exercise 10-20 times. Continuation of the training system and more complex types of training you will find in the video course “Training and development of intimate muscles” on our website.

    Do not neglect the rest – like the muscles of the whole body, MTD must be restored so that there are no sprains and microtraumas. One day a week is completely enough.

    How to care for Ben Wa Balls?

    The photo Ben Wa Balls shows that these are ordinary sex toys, only functional. Like other toys, they necessarily require proper care, which will help them last longer, and you can maintain your intimate health.

    So, before using the device, it must be washed with warm water with liquid soap, then dried and treated with a special spray for sex toys (it is sold in any sex shop). If you do not want to spend money on it or it just ends, take Miramistin or chlorhexidine – these products do not irritate the mucous membranes, so you do not need to wash off them. After using toys, be sure to repeat the same procedure. It is better to store them in a fabric cover or box that are protected from straight rays, dust and high temperatures. By the way, due to small size and independence from the mains, balls can be easily taken with you on the road to use on a trip or business trip.

    Remember – the lubricant must be on water -based, especially if you bought a silicone stimulator. Silicon is solid conflict with liquid, so silicone -based lubricants are categorically not suitable.

    Good alternative – simulators of intimate muscles

    We have already talked about the only minus of spherical stimulants – the duration of classes. Before choosing Ben Wa Balls, think about whether you are ready for harsh discipline? If you need the result “at yesterday” or you are generally not tuned to many months of daily classes, it makes sense to choose an alternative option – a special simulator. They are several varieties:

    1. Pneumatic (pump -out) – you squeeze the rubber pear with a vagina, the compression force is displayed on the sensor.
    2. Laser – the principle is the same, but the result shows a laser beam on the wall or floor;
    3. Smart balls – only the form connects them with the heroes of our article, in fact it is a technological gadget that is controlled from the phone and supports different operating modes.
    4. Cargo – a wand with a sphere at the end, in which a weight is placed.
    5. Pulsator with electric impulses – stimulates the muscles of the pelvis, awakens erogenous zones.
    6. Kegel apparatus is not recommended, the system is already outdated.
    7. Muranivsky apparatus – categorically not recommended.
    8. K -Goal is an excellent pelvic bottom tissue stimulator, which is an advanced version of older pumping models. We recommend.

    Of course, even with high -tech devices you will have to make efforts, without it anywhere. However, female health, flowering appearance and incredible sexuality are worth a little work. Whatever you choose, be sure to follow the training system and gradually move from simple to complex. By the way, for working with simulators, we also have a separate system of classes – look for it in our specialized article.

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