Erotic foot massage

Erotic foot massage.

Surely, you already know that erotic massage can wake up a sexual desire. Therefore, perhaps, it is worth making it to your partner? So, for example, Massage Stop will make your partner forget about everything in the world and surrender completely in your hands.

This will need:

  • towel;
  • foot bath;
  • soap;
  • essential oils;
  • oil.

What and for what is done:

  • Create a romantic atmosphere indoors. To do this, you can use candles, slow music, etc. Think about massage as a pleasure.
  • Wash the partner’s feet. Before starting, it is important that the partner’s legs are clean, so it is recommended to take a warm foot bath. If desired, you can add essential oils to the bath. Wash your partner’s legs slowly.
  • We treat with oil. Wiping your legs with a towel, apply a plentiful amount of oil or cream to the feet.
  • Give Paradise erotic massage Stop. Spend your hands with your thumb over the entire foot (from the heel to the fingers), pressing slightly. Repeat this movement several times. Then squeeze the heel with your hand and massage this area with your thumb. After that, again switch to sliding movements with a thumb. To achieve a stronger effect, you can also massage the ankle with a thumb and forefinger.
  • If the partner is not afraid of tickling, then you can conduct gently phalanges of fingers along the entire foot. For a variety, you can make your fingers on your legs.
  • At its core, such a massage itself can play the role of a prelude to sex, since the foot is one of the most powerful erogenous zones, both in men and women. Therefore, so that your partner really goes crazy with pleasure, you can lick or easily bite his toes.

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