Erotic massage for your beloved man – make the night brighter

Learning to do erotic massage.

, Erotic massage for your beloved man – make the night brighter

How to diversify sometimes such a boring personal life sometimes. In this article we will consider how to make a night brighter, and erotic massage will help in this.

This is always worth learning, how good it will relax after a work day, and prepare for good sex. There are a couple of tricks that will help make erotic massage unforgettable. And how is it always pleasant to enjoy and give him to your loved one.

Naturally for this process, you need to prepare properly.

Preparation for erotic massage

  • There should always be a neat manicure. If the girl wanted to master this technique and give pleasure to her man, then of course you have to say goodbye to a very long manicure. All fingertips are involved in this process, and a long and especially sharp manicure will not only not give pleasure, but can harm.
  • It is worth paying attention to the skin of your hands. If you have been digging potatoes in the country all the weekend, then in this case it is worthwhile to do your hands. Hands should be soft and very tender, otherwise the partner is unlikely to receive pleasure.
  • Before starting such a long -awaited massage, you need to warm up your hands. When making erotic massage, you should not forget that hands should always be warm.
  • Do not forget about the cream, it is better to use a special cream for massage for this. Do massage on dry skin is not very pleasant, and there will be little pleasure here.
  • Before the massage, you should take a good shower, and both. Firstly, during massage, dirt can slide, and secondly, erotic massage implies a continuation. It is worth not to forget why it is being done, this can be said a certain prelude.
  • How to massage a man correctly correctly. Of course it is better to find training videos on the Internet, where everything is clearly and clearly explained.

But there are several basic principles how to massage a man:

Starting from top to bottom, very light movements, you can start with your fingertips – stroking. Movements must be done smoothly and with both hands, with different intensity. Very smooth movements, from the coccyx and lower, hands, legs will be very much started and excited.

We go to rubbing. This process should take place in full by hand, the movements should be both rhythmic and smooth, you need to look at the mood of the partner, his body will always tell you how to do the right thing. But you need to remember when rubbing the partner should not freeze.

Then the stage of kneads come. This technique is necessary only with the tips with your finger and circular movements. For inexperienced massage therapists, the area of the cervix, it is better to get around and not touch.

We must not forget about visualization, it is to supplement more erotic massage. Of course, a man will start faster when he saw a girl in beautiful underwear or without him at all in a dressing room. And making a hairstyle and makeup will not hurt either, it is much better than just a tail on the head.

To finish the massage after how the partner was completely excited. And you can already continue further.

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