Health and pleasure. All on the shelves: prostate massage

Health and pleasure. All on the shelves: prostate massage.

Anal sex with a woman – One of the main sexual male fantasies. When men discuss their sexual adventures and victories with each other, often conversations come down precisely to this type of sexual intercourse.

Megonna of literature is written about the anal sex of the MZH and the tegigabytes of the most diverse video were shot. However, when the male side of the anal topic is touched, not every macho will decide to support the discussion. A man is often ready and much talk about his own penis, as about the center of the universe, however, you just have to move a couple of centimeters further, how the impression of complete terra incognita is created.

Meanwhile, the undeservedly hushed -up theme of the male anus and everything that is connected with it in terms of sexual relations and even more health deserves close attention and serious discussion. This is largely due to male physiology. Indeed, in addition to the anus itself, this issue concerns such a problem organ in the male body as the prostate gland, which women are deprived of. This modest organ (about 4 mm) performs very important functions that are directly related to a healthy state of sperm and bladder.

Over the years, men increase the risk of inflammation of this gland, which can greatly ruin not only the mood, but also life in general. As is known – Prevention of the problem is much cheaper and more effective than the fight against the already ongoing disease. And in this case, with the right approach, the benefit can also be combined with pleasure, no matter how many it sounds unusual. The most effective way of preventing inflammation of the prostate gland, doctors around the world call massage.

We highlight important points from this procedure:

• Blood flow in the gland and around it improves

• In the body, metabolic processes are normalized

• The withdrawal of the stagnant gland secrets removes pathogenic bacteria

• Potency increases

• Sexual attraction is enhanced

• The duration of sexual intercourse increases

• Orgasm becomes more pronounced

But it’s all about the benefits. Where is the pleasure? It is usually assumed that the procedure should be carried out in non -comfortable conditions of clinics and hospitals, strangers in white robes. But do not be upset, because if there are no medical prescriptions for this (already developed illness), then you can easily arrange romantic massage evenings in the married bedroom. Thanks to modern prostate massages, made of safe and hypoallergenic materials with a convenient and often stylish form, an unpleasant medical procedure turns into a fascinating sexual game.


The prostate is often and completely unreasonably called the male point G, so its correct stimulation gives a man great pleasure. Especially if your favorite nurse takes care of the procedures. Dear women, keep in mind, in this case, your hands will be not only an interesting and pleasant variety of sexual relations with your beloved man, but, in the literal sense, his health.


So that everything goes smoothly, pleasant and without unnecessary surprises, you should devote some time to preliminary hygiene procedures.


Like any stimulants, prostate massagers are recommended to be used using lubricants as lubricant, which will make the whole process comfortable and painless.


If there are fears that the penetration of the massager can cause pain, then you can use a special lubricant with an effective anesthetic effect.

Be careful when unpleasant and painful sensations appear during massage, it is best to consult a doctor.

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