How to do erotic massage

How to do erotic massage.

Affectionate touches, stroking erogenous zones, sensory breathing – all this helps to relax, relieve stress, bring a highlight to an intimate life and get a bright orgasm.

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  • How to do erotic massage to a man
  • How to relax yourself and relax the man before the maximum
  • Orgasm in a woman

How to do erotic massage to a man

, How to do erotic massage

Take the following techniques. Massage of these zones will make your partner more than once reach a boiling point. Everything is simple.

  • Start from the chest area. How to learn how to relax? Perform light stroking from the middle of the chest to the sides. Do it slowly and gently.
  • Go to the bottom of the abdomen. Massage to the orgasm of this area of the body is able to increase the sensitivity. Pass your hand with massaging movements on the hips, capturing the inside. With every movement, linger for a couple of seconds.
  • Massage of erogenous zones will activate the energy of a partner, deliver him an unforgettable sensations and immerse him in the atmosphere of complete relaxation. First begin to massage the pubic area, slowly moving to the main points. Do not rush, thereby teasing and warming up the partner’s desire.
  • Do not know how to start caressing a guy? For men, one of the most sensitive areas of the body is the back. Sit on top, but without pressing it, but holding your own weight a little. Perform massive movements using both prolonged and rhythmic touch.

How to relax yourself and relax the man before the maximum

You can increase the level of pleasure from massage with the help of kisses in the neck, whispering affectionate words, touching his body with his hair. Gradually go to massage of other body zones: lower back, buttocks. Ending the ritual of an erotic massage, lie on his back, clinging to his whole body. Spend your fingers on his hands, legs, as if outlining the contour of the body. This will increase the degree of excitability. After such a massage, your partner will receive a bright, emotional orgasm during sex.

An orgasm in a woman – how to prepare her for this with the help of massage

, How to do erotic massage

A few women receive vaginal orgasm. And no matter how much they write about the point G and different techniques for its massaging, the whole secret lies in the head. It all depends on how much the woman is relaxed and distracted from the everyday fuss.

Try erotic massage, not a single woman will refuse it. Plus, you can increase its sensuality and further bring to orgasm during sex.

Before proceeding to the main erogenous points, start from the neck, lips, ears. They are as sensitive as breasts, buttocks and intimate places.

Try with your fingertips to draw on her lips, oval face, neck. Gradually go to breast massage, here you can use not only one fingers, but the whole palm of your hand.

At the end of the massage, spent with barely noticeable movements throughout the body, without touching the highly sensitive zones so as not to cause tickling.

If you are interested in the question of how to relax before sex, then erotic massage is the most effective way to unload both physically and emotionally.

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