How to make an unforgettable erotic massage to your man?

Erotic massage to a man.

, How to make an unforgettable erotic massage to your man?

If you have a desire to diversify an intimate life and please your man with something unusual, then erotic massage is what you need. Without even talking to each other, you can achieve special understanding and all thanks to tender touches.

Anyone can join this intimate game. It is only enough to master the basic techniques of erotic massage and its technique. If you do everything right, then you not only diversify your sex life, but also return harmony to the relationship, rolling them to the bouquet-context of. Believe me, your man will remain delighted and look at you after that in a new way.

Erotic massage: create an atmosphere

For the massage to go at the proper level, both of its participants should be as relaxed as possible. This means that you need to take care of the disposable and pleasant atmosphere. Otherwise, you will not be able to relieve voltage and achieve the desired result. So what you might need to conduct this intimate event?

  1. Buy special massage oil, as well as essential oils. The first will make the procedure much more pleasant, since your palms will be much easier to slide over the body of a man, and the latter will help him relax as much as possible.
  2. If you want immersion in the world of pleasure to be complete, put on sexual underwear. For more playful couples, accessories such as a blindfold on the eyes, feathers, ice cubes, whipped cream, fruits ..
  3. Do not stop your fantasy flight. It is better to add it to relaxing music to tune in to the right wave.
  4. Take care that the room is neither too hot nor too cold. The sweaty male body is not the most convenient material for massage, as, indeed, also chilled from frost.
  5. Instead of a regular bed, it is better to use a soft veil or even sit right on the floor if it is covered with a carpet. If you are afraid that after the massage you puzzle over how to remove fat spots from the surfaces, then you can cover the bed or other surface with a large towel.

Erotic massage technique

Do not forget that erotic massage is not an analogue of the therapeutic, and therefore do not build a bone right, with all your strength, pressing on certain points. Do not take bread from specialists in massage offices, since one wrong movement and your intimate session will continue in the ambulance department.

In such a case as Eromassage, neat and delicate touch are important, first of all, which, however, can be alternated with more intense. In order not to overdo it, observe your man’s reaction. So you will understand what he likes most, and what is best to refuse.

  1. They usually start massage with the hands and feet. The latter are generally considered the very center of sensuality in men. Therefore, no tickling, since she will not only get the mood, but also cause unpleasant sensations. Instead, massage each finger, or even better to add sharpness, kiss them.To relieve voltage in the body and add lightness to it, you can pinch the feet. Also, a massage brush will not interfere to walk over the entire foot, starting from the fingers themselves and ending with the heels.
  2. After such as with the feet it was over, you can go to men’s hips and buttocks. It is permissible to do more active and thorough massage, as the skin allows. Pat them along the buttocks to enhance blood circulation, and also pinch. Contrary to common opinion, men also love similar gestures from women.
  3. Then go to the back. Apply massage oil to it and rub with smooth movements over the entire surface. You should not rush here, as well as. Ten minutes will be more than enough. You can try acupressure, namely: press your fingers on the area from coccyx to neck.
  4. When you finish with your back, ask your man to turn over to massage his stomach. At the same time, try not to touch the genitals. It is better to pay attention to the area in the navel area, it is no less erogenous than the feet. To add more erotica, do your actions not only with fingers, but also with a tongue. Also, do not forget about the chest and nipples.

Performing all these actions and relying on the reaction of your partner on them, you can better know his body. Next time, a similar procedure can already be carried out by it.

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