How to make prostate massage at home to a husband

How to make prostate massage at home to a husband.

Intimate health and rich sex life is always a priority for men. Their success in girls and self -esteem depend on this. So that the level of sexual activity does not decrease, you can use different practices, for example, stimulating the prostate gland. Massage prostate at home to a buzz for a buzz, for therapeutic or preventive purposes – a technique that should be owned by every woman.

What is the prostate iron?

The prostate is the iron of internal secretion, which is involved in the mechanism of excitement, urination, the production of sperm, other processes. Its importance in the body of a man is difficult to overestimate, because it is not for nothing that the gland is called “the second heart”. Prostate massage is an easy way to maintain intimate health, go to the next level of trust with his wife, receive bright orgasms and open new facets of sexuality. The prostate gland is located between the bladder and rectum, it resembles a chestnut in shape. This internal organ is easy to find if you enter a finger in the ass by several centimeters. In adolescence, it consists of muscle tissue, as a teenager grows up, it is replaced by glandular. In an adult man, the prostate volume is 25 cm3.

Why do you need prostate massage?

It is practiced to prevent diseases, as part of complex therapy and purely for pleasure. All these types of stimulation can be combined to achieve the maximum effect and provide a bright orgasm. If a woman wants to become the best and unique man in life, she simply must be able to do prostate massage at home. If we talk about stimulation for pleasure, you can combine it with a blowjob, ordinary sex. The prostate gland is rich in nervous endings, so the unforgettable sensations of the man are guaranteed. In what cases the prostate massage is prescribed by the doctor:

  • fast ejaculation;
  • erectile disfunction;
  • difficulties with the conception of a child;
  • prevention of blood stalls in the pelvic organs;
  • prostatitis (not in an acute form, bacterial and non -bacterial etiology);
  • decrease in sexual activity;
  • Permanent pain in the pelvis.


As you can see, prostate massage is a rather useful procedure for health and emotional state. However, it is also impossible to thoughtlessly stimulate the prostate gland. If this is contraindicated to a specific man, ignoring the recommendations of doctors can lead to sad consequences. When you can not massage:

  • prostatitis in an exacerbation stage;
  • the presence of infectious and acute diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • haemorrhoids;
  • tumors, abscesses in the prostate gland;
  • difficulties with urination;
  • cystitis;
  • cracks in the anus.

So as not to harm your health for sure, before the massage, be sure to consult your doctor.

How to do prostate massage to her husband for pleasure

The technique of execution does not differ from the therapeutic procedure. The only difference is that you can get high once a month, and it is advisable to do the prostate massage for medicinal purposes for 10 days.

The problem of most men – they cannot decide on the massage of the prostate. The idea that someone (wife or himself) will insert a finger or, even worse, a stimulator in the anus, leads horror to men and makes him immediately classify himself to the category of gays. However, there is nothing to do with non -traditional orientation prostate massage. Having tried it once, the guy will ask for himself the next time, especially if the partner is skilled.

So, how to make prostate massage to her husband with a finger at home? The first stage is preparation.

Men need:

  • empty the intestines, you can make an enema;
  • an hour before the procedure, do not eat anything;
  • For 5-10 minutes before the massage, drink a cup of water or tea, since the bladder should be filled.
  • A woman should:

  • cut the nails briefly;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly;
  • stock up on anal lubricant, in extreme cases – medical petroleum jelly. No cream or lotion will replace the lubricant, but a man is capable of irritating the walls of the rectum of the rectum.
  • You can also put a latex glove on your hand, if it is more convenient.

The next moment is the choice of massage posture. The most popular are the knee-elbow, on the side with your legs clenched to stomach. In fact, this is individual, so we advise men to try everything to choose the optimal for themselves.

Prostate massage technique:

  • Carefully and slowly enter the index finger into the anus;
  • grind the prostate gland – this is a small tubercle;
  • The first movements should be stroking, then strokes;
  • It is necessary to start massive from the edge to the middle of the gland, from right to left and from top to bottom;
  • The final stage of the massage is the kneading of the prostate, at this time a man may happen orgasm.
  • When exposed, a few drops of secretion are released. If they are almost transparent, everything is fine with health, an unpleasant odor and pus indicate a disease.

    Important: massage should be carefully, slowly and without pressing too much. If the prostate is soft, the movements should be very calm, hard – you can stimulate a little more active. The total duration of manipulation is a few minutes.

    The man himself before prostate massage needs to relax, not strain the pelvis muscle. Otherwise, pain and zero effect from the procedure were provided.

    For unearthly pleasure

    How to do prostate massage at home, so that he really loves such a practice? It is simply unrealistic to persuade many men to persuade the procedure, even if a doctor prescribed it. It will not work to make an adult, so you have to act more cunning. You can watch a movie for adults together, where there are appropriate scenes, our video tutorials “Prostate massage”. There I talk in detail about the technique, I teach what and how to do. Promise your husband to be extremely neat and attentive, stop immediately as soon as he asks for. The task of a good wife is to convince the man once and demonstrate all his skills. Then the next day he himself will ask for a repetition of massage.

    what can you do? The simultaneous stimulation of the prostate gland and a member is an almost win -win option. You can caress the penis with your hands or go to a full -fledged blowjob – choose the most convenient option. Men also like prostate massage with a tongue. This type of stimulation requires the most trusting relationship between husband and wife. In fact, affection with a tongue is only a bonus, all the main actions are performed by a finger, but what incredible sensations a man experiences!

    Even better massage will turn out if you use special sex toys. However, they are recommended to use specifically for pleasure, and for therapeutic purposes, still massage with a finger.

    Among good massages for prostate, Nexus Revo and Rabbit Company Prostate Rabbit are distinguished. These are anatomical anatomical vibrators, designed specifically for prostate massage. They provide easy pressure, usually work in three modes – weak, medium and strong. Use the toy in a minute in each mode. 3 minutes is enough for a full massage.

    Another good product is Duke stimulant. It is produced by the German company Fun Factory. Indisputable advantages-8-speed quality control and 2-year warranty without restrictions. Enter the toy into the anus is 4-5 cm, then to make quick shocks with a small amplitude.

    Want to master various prostate massage techniques? Watch the course “Give a man a bright orgasm”. There is a separate lesson dedicated to the correct and effective stimulation of the prostate gland.


    The benefits of home massage of the prostate are undeniable:

    • improving blood supply;
    • the conclusion of a stagnant secretion along with bacteria;
    • treatment of chronic inflammations;
    • restoration of intimate health;
    • strong high and receiving orgasm.

    However, all these effects are achievable only when a woman is skilled, sensitive. If she does not own or knows the equipment poorly, performs massage incorrectly, can harm a man. To avoid trouble, be sure to watch training videos and courses, make sure there are no contraindications to the procedure. Do not forget about lubrication – one of the main conditions of high -quality stimulation of the prostate. Remember that it is a delicate and sensitive internal organ of a man, so movements should be as accurate as possible, as when massage of the skin around the eyes.

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