Lingam and Yoni massage: What is the difference?

Lingam and Yoni massage: What is the difference?.

Massage usually serves to relax and improve well -being. This also applies to erotic massage, which can be skillfully used to increase excitement. Intimate massage is a good start of acquaintance with sensory moments and excellent preparation for passionate sex. In addition, you can explore the body of the partner’s body centimeter in a centimeter and touch the most intimate places.

What is an intimate massage?

Intimate massage is a massage of female and male genital organs. It comes from the Indian tantra, which includes various practices of pleasure and provides a more conscious pleasure. This is a spiritual teaching, which also includes sensory rituals and, thus, can serve to enhance pleasure. Tantric massage covers the whole body, but intimate massage is limited to the genitals of men and women. We are talking about studying the intimate zone.

For men, such massage is called lingam massage, and for women – yoni massage. By the way, intimate massage has nothing to do with stimulation with fingers or hands, because in these sexual practices everything is aimed at achieving an orgasm. Orgasm is not the main point of intimate massage, but this, of course, does not exclude it. Of course, if you want, you can completely surrender to pleasure and continue massage up to orgasm. However, this is not a prerequisite, so you can safely enjoy touch and tenderness. With the help of intimate massage, you can try a completely different side of sexuality and completely relax. You yourself decide whether you want to have sex after that.

By the way, intimate massage is also an ideal way to re -find out each other as part of a long relationship.

Important! During an intimate massage, it is very important that the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable so that you both can relax. Muffled light, pleasant aromas, candles, soft blankets and pillows, as well as calm music create the perfect atmosphere.

Female massage Yoni

If you want to make an erotic massage to a partner, then pamper it with sensual massage yoni. She will receive a completely different experience of female pleasure. On Sanskrit the term "Yoni" means vagina or vulva, the center of pleasure of a woman.

This intimate massage of the vagina is simultaneously intense and tender. In the region of the genital organs of a woman, countless nerve endings pass, so they are so sensitive. During massage, they are very stimulated, so the pleasure is constantly growing. Many women who first experienced such a massage are full of these unusual sensations.

An extensive massage of the whole body is carried out before intimate massage to bring the partner into a state of complete relaxation. In general, at least an hour should be allocated for massage, because the female desire needs to be kindled very slowly. It is best to use warm massage oil and massage the back of the body first, then the front.

Then you can slowly go to the genital area and stimulate the clitoris with delicate pressure. If desired, you can also penetrate the vagina with your finger and stimulate the zone g. By the way, yoni massage also improves your partner’s ability to orgasm.

Male massage of Lingam

Lingam massage is not only a penis, but also testicles, crotch and prostate. During this intimate massage, a partner can develop a special awareness of his masculinity and accumulate a lot of sexual energy.

The main goal is that the partner completely relaxes and enter a state of deep relaxation. At first you massage his whole body, and only after that there comes a massage turn in the intimate area.

During Lingam massage, you can choose one of several techniques or alternate them.

– Pass your hand up and down the penis, as well as along the perineum to the anus.

– Move your fingers up the penis to the head with light pressure.

– Rub the penis of the partner between your palms, as if you want to light a fire.

– Use one hand to stimulate the testicles, and the second – to stimulate the head of the penis, massage in a circular movement.

– Use only thumbs, rubbing the penis up and down.

When you make your partner an intimate massage, try to move on to other parts of the body as soon as the orgasm approaches. This will enhance the pleasure until you decide that the time has come for orgasm.

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