Pathogens: how they work, what are | Intimate cosmetics

Pathogens: how they work, what are.

, Pathogens: how they work, what are | Intimate cosmetics
Once upon a time there was a legend (or maybe now it is now) about female pathogen, Like, I added a girl – and she is all. I agree immediately, and is ready to surrender to you right on this table, next to the glass. It went from a joke, where, remember, one drop to the herd. Similar legends about a drop from which you climb on the walls, so you want to fuck – for the most part folk art and the result of the fantasies of the boys in Pubertat. No drop, no one to a herd. But there really is a meaning in pathogens. And there is a profit too. They just need to be selected correctly. Let’s talk about exciting funds for women and men.

How the causative agent acts

There are exciting drugs for girls, for men, There is mutual action.
In the form of release, they are divided into: drops, pills, Sprays And Creams for excitement, stimulating Luburbicants, and elixirs And additives For a steady raising of libido, they are accepted by the course.
There is also Exciting chewing gum And Exciting chocolate.
This is for aesthetes)

The principle of action of pathogens of different types is approximately the same.
They stimulate the body and essentially reproduce the natural physiological process of excitement.

  • Breathing is more frequent
  • Pupils expand
  • Blood rushes to a small pelvis
  • Below becomes hungry and hot

It doesn’t matter if you think about sex, the desire starts itself.
When suddenly once – and I wanted to trry. The body requires.

Here, of course, it must be understood that this is not some particularly wild desire that cannot be curbed.
But the causative agent accepted in the disposal of the situation may well go to sex faster and recall what passion is.

The action of absolutely any pathogen – individually.
One friend or girlfriend may come up, you are completely different.
The body reacts to something instantly and strongly, to something-less than I would like.
You just need to find your.
Therefore, just try personally and select a tool that is suitable for you.

Any type causative agents do not cause addiction. Do not be afraid that you will smear a tube of cream on yourself, or eat a tablet (you Red or Blue, By the way?), and then you can’t live without it.
They just make life brighter, but sex, you know, – wow! – one, second, third, only then smoke.
Although you always get used to good)

Types of pathogens

Exciting drops

, Pathogens: how they work, what are | Intimate cosmetics
Come with different active substances. But the most famous are the same Spanish fly In all kinds of options, Aphrodisiac Kantaridin, hood from very fucking… Sorry, from very loving bugs.
There are no flies themselves there, pure tincture.
Can be taken personally, before a date (a conventional dose of 15-20 drops), or you can quietly add a partner into a dark drink, so inconspicuous.
In coffee, stake, glass of wine.

Exciting drops are usually suitable for both partners, they raise the fighting spirit to a man, the girl is more relaxed.
No, she will not begin to rush to everything that moves even from a whole bottle of drops (besides You can’t accept a lot of them!), but if the atmosphere has intimacy, then the girl will definitely become more accommodating. And with the right behavior of a man, he will want sex much faster and will be more relaxed.
Therefore, do not try such drops on a bench in a crowded park, but at a romantic dinner – quite.
And if you still do not forget about Candles with pheromones And Special chocolate – It is unlikely that a girl will be able to think about something else, except for pleasure.
But about exciting chocolate – just below.

Exciting pills

More often they are made for men, the second name – Tablets to increase potency.
Accept to show themselves in all its glory.

Everything, again, must be tried.
But a correctly selected tablet for an erection is enough for the whole night of love Without sleep, you also want in the morning.

True, drops and tablets have adverse reaction – They are strong Raise pressure.
Therefore, firstly, their Do not take hypertension, And secondly, their You can not interfere with large doses of alcohol.

A glass of wine – you can, a bottle of cognac with a span fly – no longer, the next morning the head will hurt and the heart will pop up.
So if your dates are very funny, it is better to select other means.
Especially if you are already a couple, and No need to imperceptibly Pour elixirs to each other, or Secretly drink pills to increase erection.

Exciting cream

Here is the biggest selection.
Usually divided into male and female (although there are also mutual ones, say, Spanish from Eropharm).
Safe, effective, most often Produced in Europe, Many have been produced for a long time, tested by time, stably popular.

Male – all types of creams For an erection. For example, wonderful Penis Active,
Desire Maxi-P,Penis XXL from Orion, Largo and t.D.
Rubbed into the barrel 10 minutes before sex. You can apply a quiet one, one, but you can trust your partner’s hands.
The composition most often includes Organic extracts, Calling reinforced surge of blood to the caution of the penis, due to which a fighter It comes to life more powerful And It costs much more.

Bonus cream for potency also A little increases the penis, just for the time of intercourse. He swells, becomes thicker than usual, rises to his full height.
In a word, an ideal thing, if you are a little in shape, but you need to do fireworks.

(Important! Prolongators of sexual intercourse of any type are not related to pathogens, they must be applied to the already raised member.
There the composition includes substances, reducing sensitivity heads that allows Do not finish longer.
Sometimes it is necessary for female happiness.)

By the way, many creams have accumulative effect – With constant use, they can help get rid of small problems with libido., Pathogens: how they work, what are | Intimate cosmetics
Exciting creams for women are For the clitoris or for point g.
Cream for the clitoris, by the way, is a very cool thing. A small amount of massaging movements rubs into the clitoris and labia, Blood from the inside rushes (and this is the main mechanism of excitement), the clitoris swells, at times Its sensitivity intensifies. Touched and finished, well, almost.

Cliter creams are perfect for warming up and masturbation, able accelerate orgasms.
And if after applying you try a member, you will receive Maximum sensations.
Such creams include, for example, Madame Orgasm,
Happy Lady, Cream-orgasm ITCH, The line of funds from System Jo, Or absolutely unmatched Warm from Viamax, with a warming effect.

Creams specifically for point g not so much, but they are.
For example, Gel for point g of soft action, or a wonderful thing from Shunga Rain of Love.
Created for women who can hardly receive Vaginal orgasm. Call and exacerbate Tucks of excitement, and generally make deliciously hot inside.
Application: ten minutes before sex Apply to the point g, call man and just Stunned from sensations. Catch up with a tired man, want to.

Exciting lubricants

Everything is very simple here. Warming lubricants do not have such a strong effect as special creams, but quite add feelings and sensitivity In your sex. At the same time, they will do it slippery.
So if a girl for some reason It is excited for a long time And Not wet enough inside, it makes sense to buy exciting grease, This will help.

They are a mass. Lovegel Crazy, Joydrops, Hot Eroticon and many interesting others.
There is even The lubricant from Hustler, They are They know a lot In sex)
Choose any, try. It will always come in handy!

Another category is the means that you need to drink the course, they increase libido

Designed for those who tired and nothing does not want to.
Enriched with elements lifting Life tone. Take off a feeling of fatigue, bring to life, excite interest in personal life, Do more vigorously, normalize Sexual function.
Such Aphrodisiac You can take both men and girls As active additives.
And they are just Useful for the body as a whole.

Exciting chewing gum and other miracles

, Pathogens: how they work, what are | Intimate cosmetics
Exciting chewing gum
It has a speaking name “Detonator”, fits For both sexes.
Sexual inspiration. Appeared not so long ago, but already Very popular, especially among those who live saturated with life, when after working for a date and night without sleep.
Acts after 5 minutes, The effect lasts up to 5 hours. Very convenient to use, you can always carry with you. Chew the dragee – and you are in shape.
The composition includes tonic and stimulating substances, who not only instantly return to life, but also warm up interest, raise, strengthen and you.
In a word, Great stimulant For sexual feat.

Exciting chocolate
In fact, the most Besteal And cool option. Ideal in the case when it is necessary to give the girl the pathogen so that She did not notice.
Apply as snacks to a glass of champagne at a romantic evening. Small tile present chocolate in which the shock is mixed Dose of aphrodisiacs – And the girl will not even guess what surprise Waiting for her.
Main, Remove the packaging in advance, And so – just tiles, Exciting tiles delicious dessert for love.

And finally. Everyone knows about the exciting lip gloss?

More precisely, For oral sex.
Young woman Paints his lips And Makes a blowjob, exciting substances s shine They get on a member And…

Ah, yes, this is not a porn story, but just Gide for exciting)

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