Whether the men are excited

Whether the men are excited.

The attitude to menstruation has always been quite negative. For many years, women could not even talk about it, but there are cases when the wife hid their presence from her husband! The level of sexual literacy is so low that a man does not know what menstruation is, where they come from, what is needed, and sometimes they did not even hear about their existence. Whether the Men’s menstruation is excited, it would seem that you should not even ask.

Intimate proximity these days are usually absent and menstruation has become a significant argument in favor of a refusal to a man. Sometimes the reason is in a girl, sometimes in a man.

But the situation is the opposite, when the menstruation excites the representative of the stronger sex and act on it like a red rag on a bull!

Do men arise menstruation in terms of psychology?

We’ll talk about the attitude of men to menstruation a little below, but for now I want to find out whether a sexual attraction should arise in a man at the occurrence of “these days”?

Many people really really like it, but someone likes to sniff his underpants, and someone showed their own causes from under the square of passers-by.

From the point of view of instincts and subconscious, critical days are not attractive to men, although excessive disgust signals about problems in relations.

And so, the female body is preparing to fertilize monthly. The saying “to know where to fall, straws would lift”, in this case it is very relevant.

The thing is that during a certain cycle, an endometrium is formed in the girl’s uterus, which later should become the same straw for the egg jumped out of the ovary.

However, if fertilization did not occur, then all this turned out to be unnecessary and cleansing, deliverance, excretion occurs. Everything must start again, maybe the next month is lucky..

There is nothing attractive to men in this process. Yes, the hormonal background jumps, men are able to feel it, but nature has done nothing for the man to react to this as a signal to action.

That is, from a medical point of view, monthly men do not excite and this is not included in their task.

The attitude of men to menstruation: the norm and reasons to think

The attitude to monthly in the relationship indicates the availability or absence of acceptance. Those men who react to the red days of the calendar like bulls on a red rag are usually in a stage of great love and excitement, so female nature beckons so much.

They like not menstruation, not blood, not the smell and not the species, they are excited by the fact that this process is exclusively female.Special psyche, in general.

Disgust occurs in two cases – non -compliance with hygiene and lack of emotional closeness, that very acceptance.

The blood itself, like everything related to discharge during menstruation, does not have a sharply disgusting smell, the problem begins when the process of blood decay starts, that is, after 5-6 hours.

That is, a disregard for hygiene these days can turn into repulsive smells.

Supporting factor Availability of pubic hair. As we know their task, including concentration, strengthening pheromones necessary to attract the opposite sex when it is necessary.

In this case, they contribute to the strengthening of the putrid smell. In such a situation, the partner’s claims will be objective.

But sometimes it happens that the man is annoyed by the very existence of menstruation. He does not want to know anything about gaskets, he will not buy them, the information itself will be disgusting for him, not to mention observing this.

Psychologists claim that this is a serious signal that there is no proximity in a relationship. The adoption of a partner is as it is, especially with its natural nature, one of the key factors of healthy relationships.

Men do not excite menstruation, but they should not cause a sharply negative reaction. If there are no problems with hygiene, then from the side of a man there cannot be even the slightest discontent.

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