How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

Instructions for masturbation phallimitator.

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

Sexhop toys are able to make new shades into the gamut of erotic sensations. Over time, traditional sex is annoying. Girls and guys begin to look for devices that cause a powerful orgasm. Everything is clear with the vibrator. It is enough to attach it to the erogenous zone. The rest of the work will be done by the inner motor. Control with a static dildo is much more difficult. We will talk about how to use the phallimitator to achieve the maximum effect.

Proper preparation

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

Before the main action you need to prepare. The dildo effect is based on sliding and friction. If you do this for dry, the result will be deplorable: from skin irritation to miniature abrasions in the most delicate areas of the skin. Therefore, you should use a lubricant. These are the views:

  1. Water based. Leaves no traces, normally interacts with silicone and other materials. It dries quickly.
  2. On a silicone basis. Destroys condoms and other latex products. Can ruin the phalloimitator. Leaves traces.
  3. On a fat basis. Liquid is suitable only for massage. Some species cause the development of fungal infection.

The best option is the first. The remaining gel is easy to wash off with ordinary running water. Lubricant provides good sliding. True, you have to come to terms with a big expense. But for savings, you can replace pharmacy compositions with improvised means.

Do not forget about personal hygiene. Before the session it is better to take a bath or go to the shower. Gel will wash off all harmful microbes from the skin. They will not get into the vagina when the phallus is introduced inward.

Stimulation techniques

All that can be done with the dildo is to enter the vagina or anus inside. For more sophisticated games with erogenous zones, you will need a vibrator. Therefore, we limit ourselves to two, maximum three holes.

Deep penetration

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

For women who like it. The principle is to stick the phalloimitator as deeply as possible with strong tremors. Dildo’s head should touch the cervix. Then the sensations will be pleasant. Speed is not important. The main thing is a clear rhythm.

It is better to take a toy of hard materials like glass, plastic or metal. Silicone device is quite soft. He bends, so he will not be able to provide hard penetration. This method is sufficiently traumatic. You need to use a lot of lubrication. It will be better to choose a dildo with a texture, and not just smooth. The ribbed surface will provide better stimulation.

Short tremors

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

The target for our toy should be point g. This is a site on the front wall of the vagina, which is located at a depth of 2-4 centimeters from the entrance. Its stimulation allows you to massage the “female prostate”. So scientists call Bartholin glands. Their ducts are on the sides, just below the urethra. They release a muddy liquid similar to sperm.

Than so good stimulation of the point g? A similar type of masturbation is capable of causing squirt or jet orgasm. The main thing is to overcome the psychological block. Because before the finale there is a feeling that the girl will now empty the bladder. Technically it is. But in fact, the composition of the liquid is not the same as the urine. Details here.


, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

It often happens that you do not have time to build. But this technique deserves attention. Instead of direct input of the dildo inside, you need to do this, swinging the end in one direction or the other. The head of the phalloimitator has pressure on the back and front wall of the vagina when you pull it out and put it back.

The technique does not work well with dildo from hard material. But for silicone soft toys is perfect perfectly. Just clamp the free end with your fingers and alternately tilt forward and backward.


, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

If reciprocating movements no longer excite consciousness, you can go to rotation. Just enter the dildo in the vagina to point G and scroll. Recall once again how to find this mysterious point. Run your finger along the front wall of the vagina. You will feel the “rough” skin with the texture. This place is the accumulation of nerve endings. Can only be felt in an excited state.

To perform the technique, you will need a symmetric phallimitator. If the toy repeats the anatomical structure of the penis, the head will cling and strongly press on the mucous membrane. This is not pleasant everyone. Therefore, it is better to take Twister with spiral lines along the entire length.

Field of filling

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

Many women like it when Dildo fills the vagina. While the device stimulates the nerve endings inside, with your hand you can massage the clitoris. It is important that the head of the toy concerns point A. It is located next to the cervix. Gynecologists believe that in this place one of the parts of the clitoral apparatus comes close to the surface.

Let us explain in more detail. Clitoris head – only the upper and smallest part. What is hidden inside, consists of two legs and two glands, which encircle the upper side of the vagina. Therefore, the introduction of a dildo allows you to indirectly stimulate the clitoris on the other side, while the fingers slide down the head. It turns out two -sided masturbation.

Anal stimulation

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

There are a lot of nerve endings around the anal opening. Therefore, anus with full responsibility can be called an erogenous zone. The introduction of the phallus allows you to stimulate the rectum. In this case, the dildo affects the back wall of the vagina. To provide a decent level of hygiene, you can put an enema. It is advisable to perform the procedure at least a couple of times.

The toy inside the anus can be rotated, pushed inside and pull out again. It all depends on desires and imagination. It must be remembered that the phallimitator cannot be put in the vagina after anal pleasures. Otherwise, fecal bacteria will cause the appearance of an inflammatory process. Spectrum of problems wide: from thrush to urethritis. Therefore, before changing the holes of the dildo, it is necessary to wash under running water and disinfected.

Double penetration

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

In addition to the dildo, you can use anal plug. Then both holes will be filled. It remains only to engage in the stimulation of the clitoris. A free hand is useful for other manipulations: introduction and pulling out toys, scrolling. It is better to choose a plug with a wide limiter. Otherwise, in a fit of passion there is a risk that it will slip into the rectum past the sphincters and will remain inside.

Two toys affect all erogenous zones. Points G and A fall into the stimulation zone. The pressure is easy to regulate. It is enough to introduce a phalloimitator deeper or pull it out.

Nothing prevents the artificial phallus in the mouth. At the same time, it can be imagined that you are blowing a blowjob to a partner.


We talked about all the nuances of using the dildo. But it is better to see a hundred times than read. Therefore, we have chosen a video for you in which the author describes the process of choosing a suitable toy. From the video you will find out why on an artificial member of the scrotum and what size will be perfect.

Dildo on Sasosk

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

If you are facing the choice of what to take: the phallus with or without, feel free to choose the first option. The toy can be reliably connected to a smooth surface. Example of use:

  • Kneel back to the mirror.
  • Fix the toy at the vagina level.
  • Lubricate the device with a lubricant.
  • Take care of hot masturbation.

Dildo can be pressed to the laminate and other flooring. Then you can arrange sex in the position “Woman from above”. The toy withstands a large load and remains in place. To the “corrugated” surfaces to glue the phalloimitator will not work.

Here are a video with visual examples of use:

Double phallus

, How to use phalloimitator: 7 masturbation techniques

Toys are designed to simultaneously stimulate the vagina and anus. You can use devices for a joint game with a partner or partner. There are two design options:

  1. Double. Two dildo on one vertical axis.
  2. Double -sided. Horizontal toy with two heads.

The first is ideal for single masturbation. The second is for joint. It is easy to use phalloimitators. Just put them in the most sensitive holes. Do not forget about lubrication.

It is easy to use the phallimitator. Just go to the shower, spread the toy with a lubricant. During masturbation, you can use any of the 7 techniques that are in our article. You can not pull the dildo out of the anus and immediately insert into the vagina. First you should disinfect the device: wash and wipe with an antiseptic. There are devices on the suction cup and double. The latter are suitable for joint pleasure.

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