All about foot fetish: 8 ways to satisfy desires

All about foot-physha.

, All about foot fetish: 8 ways to satisfy desires

Only at the time of acquaintance do we evaluate a potential partner in an integral way. A person needs only 5 seconds to understand whether sexual contact is possible. Especially often spontaneous and quick choice is made by women. Men are still inclined to include logic. When the primary “sounding” is completed, we concentrate our attention on some parts of the body. Guys excites their chest, girls – broad shoulders. In this article we will tell you all about foot pheny.

What it is

, All about foot fetish: 8 ways to satisfy desires

Fut-Fetish-erotic excitement at the sight of the legs. Actions aimed at sexual satisfaction with the help of feet and fingers. Someone likes just watch. Others are crazy about kisses and licking naked feet. At the same time, pleasure can experience both the giver and the receiving side. The rest adore when they massage their genitals, erogenous zones.

Fetishists like naked feet. There are different options: in sneakers, in shoes, in tight tights and even in latex. The level of excitement depends on the structure of the foot: short or long fingers, legs, shape.

Fantasy of people does not know limits. The aesthetics of the legs are improved by accessories: tattoos, rings, pretty bracelets. There is a whole subculture in which people prefer to do without shoes. They walk barefoot through the streets of cities, visit bars and restaurants, public places. This is called Barefoot.


In the open spaces of the CIS, the topic of sex is still taboo. Therefore, surveys of public opinion almost do not conduct. In the West, the situation is different. There, society receives more and more freedoms every year. Is it good? Hardly. But we have data for evaluation.

Back in 2007, employees of the international journal Nature conducted an entertaining study. They decided to study sexual preferences regarding different fetishes. 94780 people got into the control group. Scientists did not divide them on a sexual basis.

As a result of the survey, it turned out that the vast majority of respondents chose foot-physha as their favorite lesson. There were 47 % of them. The nearest competing practice gained only 9 %. Here are all the results:

, All about foot fetish: 8 ways to satisfy desires

Data did not get to the picture, but only 4 % of the people surveyed noted the passion for the contemplation of the genitals.

The graph shows that Foot-Fetish is the most popular practice among the Western public. I do not think that people in the open spaces of the former USSR differ fundamentally. The psychology of personality is fundamentally unchanged regardless of the ethnic group.

There is nothing strange if you have found a passion for male or female legs. This is a common phenomenon. And not the wildest fetish. After all, there are people who enjoy only at the sight of their own or someone else’s blood.

Porn industry picked up a common trend. The number of photos of naked feet in erotic magazines is growing every year. Filmmakers do not lag behind publishers. Even in innocent films, you can see scenes depicting a foot-physha. There is nothing to say about BDSM. There, this practice is considered one of the main. Especially in the context of the relationship between Madame-Rab.

The reason for the appearance

Sexual scientists are still arguing about where this strange attractive image came from in the human psyche. According to the logic of things, the descendants of the primates of the genus Homo sapiens should pay more attention to each other’s genitals. But the facts talk about the opposite.

Only one person from the world of science cited a logical reason for the popularity of the feet. In the nineties, the neurobiologist of Indian origin, Vileyanur Ramachandran, found out that the zones of the brain responsible for the perception of the legs and genitals are in the neighborhood almost intersect.

Other theorists believe that areas of the brain that control the feet and sexual arousal are located nearby. The rest suggest that the fetish appears during problems and psychological injuries that came for a period of puberty. But it is strange that stress factors during puberty occur in 47 % of people. It’s too much.

The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud used to say that the genitals are similar to legs, so the brain gives a command to excite at the sight of both objects. But why then, in the results of the poll, the fetish on the genitals has only 4 % of respondents? If you believe Freud, then 90 % of objects in the world resemble a penis or vagina. No porn is needed to excite. It is enough to go outside and look at the first tree falling. What is not a phallus with a scrotum, lowered with a head down?

Satisfaction of passion

, All about foot fetish: 8 ways to satisfy desires

Suppose you are a supporter of a foot fluid. But how to satisfy your indefatigable passion? First of all, tell the partner about your preferences. Usually men appreciate the beauty of female legs. The reverse reaction is rare. Therefore, you need to make a compliment and offer to introduce a new practice into an intimate sphere. You are unlikely to get a refusal. We will call the main ways to implement fantasies.

Foot massage

Massage is pleasant by itself. And when it is combined with the object of the fetish, then the pleasure will be limitless. Invite your partner to knead her feet thoroughly. Remove shoes from her, gently massage each finger. Already at this stage you will receive the first dose of adrenaline.

Dress. Let her see how you are excited. If a lady wants to satisfy her boyfriend, he will definitely play along. He will begin to wipe one foot on the other playfully, move his fingers. It may carefully touch the head of the penis.

Continue your lesson until you understand that it’s time to move on to full sex. The erection by then will be at the maximum level.


In Western erotica, this is called tiling. The partner is excited when the foot tickles. Practice is often found in BDSM. The girl is reliably tied so that she could not get away. Then they torment, conducting with a pen or other devices along the feet.

The main thing is not to overdo it. After preliminary caresses, sex should begin, but the continuation may not happen. Strong tickling will reduce the degree of intensity in your second half. We’ll have to start everything again or transfer the session to another time.

Original tikling devices are sold in sex shops. These are sticks with feathers at the end. But you can use improvised means. Malar or watercolor brushes are suitable.


This is the stimulation of the genitals with the help of the feet. Performed with bare legs or in tights. Shoes are better to take off. She can injure the genitals. The woman wrapps in her feet a member of a man, begins to massage the barrel, scrotum, rises to the head.

To make the process as exciting as possible, you should use the lubricant. The lubricant improves slipping. Prevents pain during strong “jerks”. You need to monitor the length of the nails. There is a risk of scratching the head of the partner with the edges of the nail plate.

Girls also love footfight. In this case, the guy can press his foot to the lady’s vagina and stimulate the clitoris with his fingers.


Practice is characteristic of the couples where the girl dominates. But there are opposite cases. Dominant makes his slave lick his legs. The main thing is that both like it. In case of coercion, nothing good will work.

It would be nice to do hygiene before this action. Just go to the shower or take the bathroom. This will improve the overall picture of perception.


Foot care can be done not only in the beauty salon. Home procedures will not give a professional effect, but will allow you to fully enjoy erotic practice. Start with a fragrant and warm foot bath. Ask your partner to help you.

When the feet dry, take a wooden -based pedicure file and clean the skin well from dead cells. The epidermis should remain smooth. Then carefully remove the old nail coating with a file or a special liquid, push the cuticle.

Cover the nail plate with a nude varnish or gel with a saturated tint. To do this, you will have to purchase a lamp with LEDs inside. The result of the procedure will be aesthetic fingers.


Sexy sandals or high -heeled shoes will give plus a hundred points to harmony and beauty of the legs. Men love to look at the feet in stylish shoes. Someone likes brutal boots on a large platform, and someone loves practical sneakers.

It all depends on preferences. You can show the initiative and go to the store yourself. But there is another option. Ask your partner to become your assistant while trying. It will be a real exciting show.

Publicity enhances sensations. This is a great way to realize the fantasy of Madame-Rab.


It happens that a sexual game partner is not nearby. It’s OK. You can reproduce your favorite fantasy in your head. But before that it would be nice to watch a theme movie. The porno-clip will give the desired mood, help to be excited.

Imagine how you take off your shoes from a girl or guy, stroking the feet. Then knead your fingers, press it to your genitals. Slowly tremendous against the foot, feeling each skin bend.

For clarity, you can put a couple of shoes belonging to the partner in front of you. But this is superfluous if fantasy works well.

Worship of the feet

Sexy game. Suitable for couples where a woman dominates. Dress your slave and make you lick your bare feet. Let it do it carefully, working out every millimeter of the skin. Then put his thumb in his mouth, let him suck him. On the one hand, this humiliates, on the other – gives a lot of pleasure from the awareness of his helplessness.

Let him stand in front of you. Press your fingers to the scrotum, play slightly with it. Then make the bottom sink to the floor so that the member lay on the floor, and the hands rest against the hard surface. Press the penis with a foot. Press it, massage.

The main thing is to monitor the reaction of the partner. Strong pain is unlikely to improve the situation if he is not a masochist. At the end of the session, let the slave kneel again. Grab your dick with your feet and move quickly until you get an orgasm.

Perversion or not?

The people are one who deviates from the traditional rules of sex is considered a pervert. Is it so? No. Fut-Fetish is the most common among others. Even the usual passion for genitals is popular 5 times less. As many as 47 % of people cannot be perverted. Therefore, excitement at the sight of the feet – normal phenomenon.

Only inveterate moralists can condemn the fetishists. But their opinion should not be taken into account. Psychologists know that suppression of their own desires sooner or later leads to isolation, mental injuries.

No need to restrain yourself. It is better to find a suitable partner who completely shares your hobby. Together it is easier to realize secret fantasies.

We talked all about foot pheny. Brought the results of the survey, indicated the reasons for the appearance. Gave 8 ways to satisfy passion. If you like the feet, proceed to the embodiment of desires in reality.

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