Types of foot pheny

Types of foot pheny.

, Types of foot pheny

A foot-physhech is called a sexual attraction to the legs, most often feminine, and is a fairly common type of fetish. Foot-physha can be divided into species and be quite different.

1. Trampling (stamping with legs) can quite excite some men. At the same time, the girl should walk on her partner with her feet, and can also stroke his body with her feet, including genitals.

2. Feet Licking (licking of the feet) is often used as preliminary caresses. Some women are excited from this, and the fetishist is even more so.

3. Feet Shiffing (sniffing the feet) can be combined with other types of foot pheny. But it also happens that it is precisely the smell of legs that the man starts up, and preferably not perfectly clean after taking a shower.

4. Foot Job (stimulation of the penis with the feet) is quite common. There are quite a lot of techniques for such stimulation of the genitals, and they are very popular.

5. TOE Licking (licking and sucking toes), which some people dream about secretly, because they are afraid to tell a partner about their desires.

6. Foot Massage (foot massage) is a rather harmless type of foot-physism.

7. Foot Worship (worship of the legs) involves female dominance from which the effects of the legs. For example, a role -playing game in which a man asks for forgiveness, kissing the ladies. Most often, men who have noticed such an inclination were not limited only to this species of foot fluid.

The basics of foot pheny

1. A woman is a dominant. It can be assertive and rough, while the partner is excited more.

2. Prohibition of washing the legs in front of the session. The taste and smell of the body must be present, otherwise the foot-physist will not experience full pleasure. But the measure also needs to be known – you should not walk in the same socks for a week, it will already be too much.

3. Stepsticking of the legs. Fetishists are often welcomed by beautiful legs with a pedicure and jewelry, but it depends on the personal preferences of the legs lover.

, Types of foot pheny

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