10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model.

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms
How to choose from many condom models? Today there are several hundred types of these products, and they differ not only in size. Color, ribbed, ultra -thin and even luminous are on sale. But which is better to take? We have chosen 10 options that Buy more often than others. These are reliable means of protection that prevent both diseases and pregnancy.

How the 10 best condoms were selected? In several parameters. The list includes those models that people buy more often than others, and often order again, which says that buyers are satisfied. And also according to the reviews of condoms, the more positive ones, the better the product.

1. My condoms.Size

Great line of condoms with individual size. You can choose for a small and huge member. The packaging indicates the size (half of the circle), so you will get an option that will sit perfectly. This is the best solution for those to whom ordinary models crush, rub or interfere with use. Packaging 3 and 10 pieces. Made of high -quality latex, which perfectly performs its protective functions.

Pros of the best condom My.Size:

  • Large selection of sizes.
  • Nice silicone lubricant.
  • Reliable protection.
  • Made in Germany.

Cons of latex products My.Size:

  • Relatively high cost.
  • Do not find in a neighboring pharmacy, you need to order in advance.

2. Condoms Okamoto PURITY

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

Japanese condoms are bought by people regularly. It is worth trying at least once, and it’s hard to refuse them. They are made of high -quality latex, almost without smell, which is very pleasant. The lubricant is present, and its number is pleasing, there is no feeling when it is too much or few. Condoms are almost transparent, almost invisible on the body. And sensations with them do not decrease, which is very important. Convenient packaging 3 and 10 pieces.

Pros of high -quality condom Okamoto PURITY:

  • Almost not felt on the body, do not reduce sensations.
  • Do not have a pronounced smell.
  • Enough lubricant, not sticky.

Cons of Okamoto PURITY:

  • Japanese condoms are in rare stores.
  • Diameter is only for those who are 55 mm and less.

3. The best budget condoms Unilatex Natural Plain

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

An ideal solution for those who want to get reliable protection and save is Unilatex Natural Plain. These are latex things that thousands of people choose in the world. They are bodily with hypoallergenic lubricant. This is a classic model with which it is convenient. At the same time, the cost of packaging is insignificant. And for those who want to save strongly, there is a package of 144 pcs, this is a supply for several months, and the price for 1 pcs is just ridiculous.

The pluses of Unilatex Natural Plain:

  • Packs for 3, 12 and 144 pcs.
  • Low price with good quality.
  • Elastic, for any size.
  • Wall thickness 0.06 mm.

Cons of great condom Unilatex Natural Plain:

  • Modest appearance.
  • Delivery takes 2-5 days.

4. Polyurethane condoms Sagami Original

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

Special material has a minimum thickness – it is 3 times less than that of latex. Wall thickness only 0.02 mm. Therefore, such a product is not felt on the skin. At the same time, similar models are suitable for people who are allergic to latex. The surface is generally hypoallergenic, and lubrication also does not cause reactions. Protection funds are made in Japan, undergo a thorough check, differ in great strength.

Pros of polyurethane condoms:

  • Very thin, almost imperceptible.
  • Packaging 2, 6 and 12 pieces.
  • Interesting individual packaging for each.

Cons of thin condoms Sagami Original:

  • High cost of products.
  • Are found in rare stores. But in Intimshop.ru is always.

5. CONTEX MAGIC BOX condoms. Adventure and entertainment

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

The box with 18 condoms was created for those who want to try something new. This is a set for couples who do not want to miss. Products with different relief and aromas are created for bold experiments. With such a box, you will be able to try the most interesting things from CONTEX. The assortment of this brand is well represented in many stores, but you can not always find ribbed options. And such a box is a discovery for many.

The advantages of a set of excellent condom Magic Box:

  • 18 pieces in a large box.
  • Stylish design, suitable for a gift.
  • The set is cheaper than buying packs of 3 pcs.

Cons of Magic Box from CONTEX:

  • There are no classic products in the set of classic products.
  • Most things with ribs and pimples.
  • Latex can in rare cases cause allergies.

6. Condoms Cautration Wear Wild Rose

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

More and more people are looking for budget condoms, but with excellent properties. This is what the Cautition Wear Wild Rose belongs to this. Thin latex products are not expensive, but at the same time perfectly protect. Transparent in color, with a comfortable tip. In packaging 10 pcs. In terms of their properties are not inferior to famous brands, but there is no overpayment for the brand. More and more people try this option and are satisfied.

The advantages of the best cheap condom Cautration Wear Wild Rose:

  • Accessibility for everyone. The price is excellent.
  • Comply with world quality standards.
  • The size is universal, but it stretches well.

Cons of contraceptives CAUTION Wear Wild Rose:

  • The brand is unfamiliar, it is in doubt, but in vain. The products are of high quality.
  • Bright pink packaging seems to cause people causing.

7. The best color condoms from Vitalis

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

If you are tired of boring options for protection, you can always find something unusual. And Vitalis brand offers colored condoms with a pleasant aroma. You can use them for any kind of sex, even to make a blowjob with them. At the same time they look interesting. In the package 3 products, all different. An option that can be used by established pairs, but on the first date such things can be appropriate.

Pros of flavored color condoms from Vitalis:

  • There are packages of 3 and 12 pieces.
  • The cost is average, the price is not overstated.
  • Undergo a complex verification system, reliable.
  • Created in Germany.

Cons of latex products Vitalis:

  • The wall thickness is 0.07mm. This is a little more than other brands.
  • You can’t guess the taste and color.

8. The best cheap condom Ganzo Classic

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

Another manufacturer of good contraceptives is Ganzo brand. This is the best combination of price and quality. Packaging of 12 pieces costs 20-30%cheaper than products of other brands. At the same time there are a lot of positive reviews. Thanks to Ganzo, you no longer need to spend significant funds on protection. The condom line is wide, but most often they take classic models. They are abundantly lubricated with a silicone lubricant, do not have a “rubber” smell.

Pros of condoms for all Ganzo Classic:

  • Durable, are not torn even with strong tension.
  • Smell of vanilla. Not a bright aroma that does not distract.

Cons of condom Ganzo Classic:

  • Need to be ordered in the online store.

9. Reliable German condoms Masculan

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

Masculan condom brand is known around the world. These are latex protective agents that are not in doubt. You always feel protected with them. They are produced in Germany on the best equipment. An interesting option is a model with ribs and pimples. A special relief massages the body with penetration, gives additional sensations. Choose a pack of three or ten pieces.

Pros of relief tools Masculan:

  • Multi -level quality check in production.
  • Reliable German manufacturer.
  • An interesting combination of ribs and pimples.

Cons of condoms Masculan:

  • Rare in the world.

10. Spring Ultra Strong condoms for anal sex

, 10 best condoms. The pros and cons of each model | Condoms

Protective products with a thickened wall are needed in two cases: with anal sex, to withstand a large load, and with quick ejaculation, to reduce the excitement of a man and slow down it. And in such situations the best solution of Spring Ultra Strong. These are inexpensive and reliable barrier contraceptives with the desired characteristics. An additional portion of lubrication improves sliding. Smooth surface helps to enter even the narrowest hole.

Pros of thickened condoms Spring Ultra Strong:

  • Durable products withstanding a large load.
  • The price is slightly lower than the average.
  • There is no unpleasant odor.

Cons of Spring Ultra Strong:

  • Packaging 3 pcs. There are no big options.

10 best condoms are models that users like. But there are other products that are not inferior to them in quality and reliability. There are a huge selection of good contraceptives in IntimShop.ru. Select and order with delivery.

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