Edible lubricant: what is it, composition and features of application

Edible lubricant: what is it, composition and features of application.

Emotional, hot, passionate, sensitive – sex can be different and it is beautiful. And the desire to enjoy it and the ability to deliver it to a partner is an ideal combination for a bright intimate life. Take care of pleasant little things that will help to bring variety to this business – buy lubricants for blowjob and cunnilingus! May your bedroom be an edible lubricant.

He is not a novelty in the market, but many have questions about this topic. A tube with a special grease composition is a small secret of perfect sliding during intercourse and a fragrant addition to prelude, blowjob and cunnilingus.

Edible lubricant – aromatic seduction

It is not rare to hear the following from women and men: “Why do I need a lubricant?”,” Fu, I do not like oral affection “,” I have everything in order and without it “,” there will be enough saliva “.

Who prefers the races in the bedroom for short distances is clear. And for lovers to surrender sex, everything is completely different.

Additional lubrication helps to enhance desire and sensations. The oral lubricant makes it possible to feel the body of a partner in a new way. With him affection acquire unknown colors. Blowjob and cunnilingus will not be the same.

An edible lubricant is a taste supplement with the aroma of strawberries, banana, cherry, coconut, exotic fruits.

By consistency, it happens in the form of a gel or jam. It is made on water -based, which makes the lubricant hypoallergenic and safe to swallow.

The only nuance consists in individual sensitivity to aromatic and taste additives. It is enough to apply a little composition from a secret tube to the genital organs of a partner or his erogenous zones to change the perception of oral caresses.

Edible lubricant: properties

Other varieties of lubricants, designed for classic or anal sex, cannot be used as oral.

By the way, the lubricant is able to significantly reduce the harm of anal sex, so the lubricants should be used not only for entertainment, but also to care about health.

Manufacturers offer them not only on water -based, but also oil, silicone. They cannot be consumed inward.

In the process of delivering pleasure to the partner, caressing the erogenous zones, a certain part of the lubricant swallows.

For this reason, there should not be silicone, oils, petroleum jelly. It is also necessary to exclude parabens that are harmful to the health (sawn, butyl, methyl parabens). Mostly there are a lot in cheap tools.

Glycerin in the composition of manufacturers mainly add. Not all users like this. Not always flavor additives can block its sensation.

Here you can advise looking for a lubricant without glycerin or experiment with different brands.

In some tubes, the concentration of additives is higher and stronger the aroma, which allows you to level the taste sensations. The principle of choice of composition is traditional: the fewer components, the better.

Tips for use

Before the start of oral sex, apply 1-2 ml of a lubricant to the intimate parts of the body. Distribute with your hand over the surface.

Then it all depends only on the imagination of partners and their desires. During caresses, you will feel a pleasant aroma and taste.

The process of delivering and receiving pleasure can be changed. If the usual strawberries do not start, and the banana seems banal, try the edible lubricant with the taste of chocolate or alcohol.

This will bring special sensitivity, because these products have always been associated with passionate sex.

A water -based grease with a composition is easily washed off in the shower. They do not leave stains on bedding.

The minus can be quickly drying out, but due to the features of the water base, this is a normal phenomenon. Just add another drop of grease at the right time.

Oral (edible) lubricants – a safe and convenient way to bring diversity to intimate life.

Please note that many manufacturers offer samples of gel lords before buying a full-format version. Experiment, give each other pleasure, and oral affection in your bedroom let them become a good sexual tradition.

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