How to choose a condom size?

How to choose a condom size?.

An important point when acquiring condoms is the choice of suitable size. Correctly chosen by a cond will become a key to not only safe sex, but will also provide both partners with the most comfortable sensations close to natural. Today, manufacturers offer the widest assortment of condoms, among which every man (each!) will be able to choose a product that is perfect for him!

Latex from which the vast majority of condoms are created is very elastic and stretches perfectly. However, with a sufficiently large non -compliance of the size of the condom and penis (in favor of the latter), discomfort may occur.

At the same time, it should basically pay attention not so much to the length of the condom as to its width or girth. A standard condom is considered: 180 x 52 mm (length and width). This size due to the elasticity of the material is perfectly suitable for the overwhelming majority of men. However, in some cases, for greater comfort, the condom size should be selected individually.

If the size of the condom is chosen incorrectly:

Condemum is much more than an erect penis – there is a high probability that it “Lost” during use, which can lead to STD and unwanted pregnancy.

Condom is significantly smaller than a comfortable size – the penis is strongly squeezed, which can lead to: a – discomfort from excessive compression;B – premature ejaculation from additional stimulation with a tight girth of a condom;In – gap of the condom while using.

In order to find out which condom size is suitable for you, you should measure the penis in an erect state. The length of the penis is measured (measured on top of the pubis to the end of the head) and the girth (the circumference of the penis is measured in the widest place). The condoms often indicate the width of the product – this value is equal to half the girth. Although the most effective way to select the size of the condom is still an experienced path.

*Important! Choose condoms yourself – a partner may not know the necessary parameters!

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