How to put on a condom correctly? | Questions about sexual practices

How to put on a condom correctly?.

, How to put on a condom correctly? | Questions about sexual practices
All sorts of indoor snobs and kitchen skeptics of ki believe that fundamental public issues are "what is primary: being or consciousness?", "who is more talented than Monet or Manet" or "Who is right: Democrats or Republicans"? In fact, the fundamental issues of being is much easier. One of the most fundamental issues of being is how, in the end, to put on this damn condom in the end? The massive ignorance of the answer to this question will bring more diseases and grief than the mass ignorance of the azes of the philosophy of the Enlightenment of the Enlightenment. Mass knowledge of how to protect yourself will be a big step for humanity than the resolution of any abstract dilemma.

What is the charm of properly putting on condoms?

Imagine a beautiful rainbow world. The act of putting on Kondom has ceased to be a five -minute awkwardness and shame and turned into a pleasant prelude. You experience exceptional comfort and pleasure during penetration. The condom does not jump away and does not break in the process. No remorse and fears of infection and unwanted pregnancy after a night of love. The delay in menstruation ceased to be your nightmare. You are passionate, experienced, delightful and reproductively healthy. All this can be achieved if you learn to put on a condom.

How to open a condom and not spoil anything: the triad of divine recommendations

Once: Take a package with condoms and ooking it with a picky look. Do not accept it as a loved one, with all the advantages and disadvantages. Pay attention to the expiration date, the virgin integrity of the packaging and the absence of gaps. And if with something from the listed mess, urgently run to a sex shop for a new batch of contraceptives. Do not risk yourself and your partner. You will get sick, do not bring the Lord!

Two: Open a condom with your hands, and not with a knife, a file, scissors and other hellish devices. It will break, do not give God!

Three: opened by a condom? Put on a dick or sex toy immediately. Open in advance. The lubricant will disappear from the condom ahead of time, God forbid!

How to put on a condom and not to display

Put on a condom before your or partner jade rod (or iron horse) will affect the genitals. The pre-seeded fluid contains dangerous dashing sperm and no less dangerous venereal bastard bastards. Please note that the condom is in the packaging in a sloping state. And roll it up a protruding rib up. And now step by step:

1) Lightly put on a condom on the thumb. Just do not roll it up yet, it’s too early. Condom stuck up a hat with a hat up? So he sticks out the right side.

2) if the hat does not stick out, gently blow into the condom and turn it over with the right side.

3) make sure that sperm is where to drain. At the end of the condom, there should be a place for her.

4) Add a drop of lubricant on a water or silicone base to a condom. This will facilitate the process. The main thing, remember, no oil lubricant! It is able to destroy the structure of the condom.

5) Make sure that the penis that you intend to equip a condom is in full readiness. Put on uniforms only on a fighter who is torn into battle.

6) Pick up your sperm tank with your fingers and roll your fingers with your fingers along the entire length of the penis. Please note that the condom is tightly adjacent and low -sympathic air bubbles are not formed under.

If something went wrong, don’t be greedy. Take another condom!

But how to actually understand that something went wrong?

If the condom presses, gets off, subsides, cracks at the seams, there is too much air in it or the product in other ways begs you for help, pity on it, yourself and your partner. Take a new condom and repeat the procedure.

If the condom does not press and behaves approximately, conduct the last check. Try to do progressive movements along the penis. Does not slip? Beauty, Good Way!

Two important rules in the process

A) in the process periodically, you should pay attention to the behavior of your latex partner. Is he kissing? Whether it slides? A couple of seconds of close attention can save your health.

B) replace the condom when moving from one sexual practice to another. The mucous membrane of the mouth, anus, vulva and vagina can give your cock the same marvelous sensations. But this does not mean that the microflora of these holes will look among themselves. To avoid inflammation and infections, change the condom. The same applies to penetration of different partners in group sex.

How to remove a condom?

All good ends. After an act of love, a member in a condom is time to get out into the light of God. Do not wait for the inglorious end of an erection inside your partner. Immediately after the completion of the sexual act, carefully hold the cond at the base and pull the member out. Then carefully pull the end of the condom.

If you want to be a polite and socially responsible person, carefully tie the end of the condom into the knot and dispose of as a household waste. Do not throw the used condom from the window and play it in snowballs only by mutual agreement.

Rejoice, experiment, have safe sex with pleasure. And let the author’s collection of condoms from IntimShop help you in

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