How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

How to wear a condom correctly?.

On the issue of intimacy, one cannot do without contraception, as this is the only way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. About how to wear a condom correctly, we will tell in this article.

, How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

Rules for storage and use of condoms

Not all young people are carefully about how they are stored and where these contraceptives are acquired. And this is very vain, since when buying an intimate product, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • In what place condoms are released – latex from which they are manufactured, unstable to the heat. Under the influence of direct sunlight, he loses its elastic properties, so the contraceptive becomes unsuitable;
  • The expiration date – if less than two weeks remain before its completion, then refuse to buy;
  • The integrity of the packaging – carefully study the cardboard or individual pack, in which the condom is placed. They cannot have dents, holes or other damage, since latex is damaged from acute objects.

Thus, you need to carefully approach the choice of a protective agent, because your life depends on it. We recommend that you purchase products in pharmacies, as there are the best storage conditions.

, How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

In addition, you need to be responsible for opening the packaging. We have already said that latex is not resistant to sharp objects, so you should not use: scissors, teeth, files and other inventory, they can damage the product. On each wolf there are gear edges from different sides, just pull for one of them.

Open the package only immediately before sex: if you do it before, then the entire water lubricant will disappear, which will complicate the penetration of the penis into the vagina, besides, the girl will hurt. You can only fix the situation with a lubricant.

Store the product only in a dark and cool place. Do not put a condom in the back pocket of trousers. If you are not confident in sexual intercourse, then it is better to put protection in a wallet or a glove compartment of the car, just do not keep it there for a long time.

Step -by -step instructions for men

Now we will tell you how to use a condom, we advise you to strictly follow all the recommendations in order to protect yourself and your partner:

  1. You need to pull the conds before the genitals of partners contacted

The fact is that an excited member produces a pre -ejaculate, diseases can be transmitted with it and there is a slight risk of pregnancy. The condom should also be used during anal and oral sex, because this type of sexual intercourse can also lead to infection infection. The same applies to joint masturbation and use of sex toys. The last rule is due to the fact that some adult toys are made of materials that are dangerous for human genitalia, they can cause inflammation or an allergic reaction.

  1. We determine the outer side

The condom is placed in the wrapper in a rolled state. He has a special reservoir that will collect sperm, he rises a little over the rest. Sometimes it is visually difficult to determine the necessary side, most often the darkness interferes, which means you need to learn how to do this to the touch. To do this, you just need to clamp the tip and feel the rim that should be located outside. If this is not the case, then release the tank and turn it in the opposite direction.

If you put on the product on a member, and it does not roll out, then everything says about the error. You need to remove the condom and repeat the attempt with the new. It is no longer possible to use such a tool, since contact with the urethra also occurred with penetration into the vagina, a man can convey diseases.

  1. Drip a little lubricant inside

, How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

Pre -place a little lubricant in the reservoir of a condom, then it will be easier to put on. Just use a small amount and always a water -based lubricant. Other funds are categorically not suitable, as they can corrode latex.

  1. Direct putting on

Use protection only on an erect member, as this will provide a tight girth and minimizes the risk of random slipping. Next, we follow the instructions:

  • Squeeze the tip of the product very tightly so that air does not get there, otherwise the condom will break during sex;
  • Holding the tank, attach it to the excited head;

, How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

  • Roll up the entire product on the base, pushing the forming air along the way;
  • We observe the same rules when putting on a sex toy.

, How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

    1. Lubricate the condom with a lubricant

    If necessary, you can apply a lubricant to the surface, this will facilitate penetration and improve sensations. Make sure that it is not too much, otherwise the product will accidentally slip. You can use funds with spermicides, they reduce the risk of pregnancy by chance, but at the same time they can increase the likelihood of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

      1. Follow the integrity

      It is necessary not only to know how to put on preferences, but also to monitor its condition during intercourse. To do this, periodically take out the member and evaluate the walls with your hand, as well as the rim: if there are tears, then protection must be urgently replaced.

        1. For each sex – a new product

        When moving from anal to vaginal or oral sex, be sure to change the condom, since the existing E. coli can cause vaginal diseases or oral cavity. The same applies to the change of sex toys from one sexual partner to another.

        How to put a preset with a mouth

        , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

        A girl can deliver a lot of pleasant sensations to her beloved person if you pull the protection with the lips. Anyone can do this, but you just need training on the banana, so as not to accidentally break latex with your teeth. To do this, follow the following tips:

        • We determine the outer part by the rim, unwind the product slightly and suck the reservoir with the mouth, so the external part will be in the girl’s language;
        • We try to suck deeper the tip of the protection so that it has a sperm space. If you close your lips, then the rim will remain on the surface;
        • The reservoir remains in the tongue, and the mouth rolls the entire product on the base of the penis.

        In the presence of certain skills, a girl can roll out a condom to the ground. Otherwise, we help ourselves with our hands. If you train regularly, then the process can be fast and no less pleasant.

        Only you need to do this very carefully, only the tip should be in the mouth. Otherwise, the cond can fall inside, block the respiratory tract, causing suffocation and death.

        How to use a female condom

        This type of latex contraception is not only for men, but also for their partners. He provides good protection and pleasant sensations during sex, only you need to know how to wear female pentors, and what needs to be taken into account while using.

        , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

          1. What does such protection look like

          The product is presented in the form of a polyurethane or nitrilum bag, which has a flexible ring at the end, sperm will be collected in it. The simultaneous use of female and male products is prohibited, as this will lead to a break in one of them.

            1. Putting on

            Before use, you need to investigate the packaging and expiration date so that everything is correct. Open with a jagged edge. Now we follow the following recommendations:

            • We take a convenient pose, most often it is standing, raising his leg and, resting it on a chair or bed;

            , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

            • Now click the ring at the closed part of the condom with the thumb and forefinger, the opposite end will hang;

            , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

            • with an index finger, start promoting a flexible ring in the vagina. If you used tampons, then the process will be the same. Be careful not to tear the walls of protection;

            , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

            • As soon as you feel the barrier, it means that the cervix has been achieved. Check that the condom does not twist;
            • If you did everything right, then the outer ring will hang from the vaginal hole by about 2-2.5 cm.

            , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

            For anal sex, the wear scheme will be the same, but you can simplify everything. You just need to put a condom immediately on a penis or sex toy, then enter into an anus.

            The rest of the rules are the same as for ordinary condoms.

              1. Emergency measures

              It is worth stopping right there and change the condom if you notice that the following happened:

              • The product jumped out;
              • Member or phallus came by during sex;
              • The outer ring got inside.

              If the ejaculation occurred inside or near the vagina, as well as a few drops from the anus to the crotch, then you can use emergency contraception. You need to do this within a day.

              How to remove and dispose of condom correctly

              Not everything is so simple and with the removal of the product, because it can stay inside the girl. So that this does not happen, after ejaculation, hold protection at the base and take out. It is best to do this while the penis is still solid, since the process will be significantly simplified. And if you still do not have a girl for sex, then find her on a dating site.

              , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

              Some think about whether the condoms used can be used? The answer is guaranteed to be negative. Repeated use threatens with infection of STD or undesirable pregnancy. Thus, after application, you need to immediately dispose of the cond.

              , How to wear a condom – step -by -step instructions

              You need to do this correctly:

              • We tighten the condom, tie the open end into the knot and put everything in a napkin;
              • We place a bundle in the urn;
              • contraception cannot be thrown out in public places and in the windows. You can also wash the toilet, as this will score the sewer.

              What to do if the condom has torn?

              Further use of such a condom is impossible, since it loses all properties. It is recommended to replace it with a new. If you are not confident in a sexual partner, then immediately after that you should sign up for a doctor and conduct a pregnancy test.

              Now you know how to put on a condom and what to do if it accidentally broke. In addition, it is worth remembering the main warnings:

              • Check the integrity of the packaging and expiration date;
              • Do not store a condom in the back pocket for too long, such pressure can ruin it;
              • products of natural origin, for example, from the intestines of animals do not give such an effectiveness. They can prevent pregnancy, but will not protect against sexually transmitted infections;
              • Condromes with smells and tastes are suitable only for oral sex, but not for vaginal;
              • It is worth remembering that the correct use of male means provides up to 98% of protection, while only 75% gives a more negligent circulation;
              • In no case do not use the cond again, even if you only managed to put it on.

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